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  • Is it me or is the fanatec line of products diminishing at an alarming rate? I was just browsing and saw that they not only no longer carry the CSL play seat but also the wheelstand is gone. Does anyone know if they are going to be coming out with a new wheel stand or play seat other than the 999.00 rensport cockpit? Likewise i see that there are other categories in the products tab that don't have any products in them at all. Is fanatec losing money and on its way out the door is the question I am asking?
    Fanatec is not a major corporation, Inventory is always important to manage in any company but especially in smaller brands like Fanatec. It could also mean they are making way for new and/or updated versions of the product line. I have been a Fanatec client for years and they always have something interesting in the pipeline. No news is good news and they are probably hard at work creating the next must have for us ;)
  • They should bring CSL seat back. Was planning to buy it but before that they ended it.
  • Hey, Seth. I'm sure Joao will appreciate your advice. You know who he is, don't you?  ;)
    No, who is he? Your welcome Joao, anytime :)
  • I use g25 or g27 mode? Where can I find "The sensitivity setting" ? Thank you very much

    Hello, What better setting Fanatec Gt2 Bmw M3 for the PS3 to play GT6 ?
    If you are asking about settings, and what settings are best for GT6, I would say to start here,
    On wheel settings (LED screen):
    SEN = OFF
    FF = 100
    SHO = your choice, only effects rim vibration
    DRI = OFF
    ABS = you choice, only effects pedal vibration
    LIN = OFF or "0" Zero
    DEA = OFF or "0" Zero
    FOR = 100 (should not need to raise this as GT6 has great FFB and the sensitivity setting effects minimum force)
    SPR = OFF
    DPR= OFF
    ACL = OFF (only used for Xbox, I forget if this option shows up on the CSW V1/V2)

    In game settings:
    Use "simulation" mode with Power Steering OFF
    The overall force or strength can be set to your preference, for the version 1 CSW base I like the force at 10 but with the CSW V2 it can be a lower while still giving strong feedback, somewhere between 3 and 8 should be good but really it depends what you like.
    The sensitivity setting should be set between 0-3, anything higher than 3 tends to cause some oscillation

    Hope this helps, if you have any questions or some across any issues either on the hardware or game side of things feel free to ask :) 

  • I just did a google search, how awesome. I've never "talked" to anyone famous before lol. Congratulations on your success in the professional racing world Joao, you are living the dream! One more thing to mention, if you want to map buttons and such, just choose the Logitech G25 option as that is what GT6 sees the CSW as.
  • The "sensitivity" setting can be found before you enter a race. You select "driving options" I believe. This can also be adjusted where the regular FFB settings are in the options menu, if you press start from the main user interface menus the list will appear. I am going to fire up GT6 just to make sure I'm using the right words. Another thing, the sensitivity setting will only be available if you have updated your gt6 game. It wasn't there initially. As for what wheel to choose, it would be the G25.
  • I just went into GT6 to refresh my memory. From the main menu, you can click start>options>steering controller>steering characteristics. Once there you will see the option for "simulation mode" (this option shouldn't effect our wheels but I set it to simulation mode anyways), power steering on or off, the Force Feedback Strength slider, and just below that at the bottom will be Force Feedback Sensitivity slider. I usually adjust my strength and sensitivity just before I enter the race when at the screen that shows the starting grid and race info though. It is faster than going through the main menu. I also like to keep all assists off except for ABS which I sometimes set to 1. There will be a "controller steering sensitivity" slider as well, this isn't supposed to effect steering wheels but I set it to the highest setting anyways.
  • Hey, Seth. I'm sure Joao will appreciate your advice. You know who he is, don't you?  ;)
    No, who is he? Your welcome Joao, anytime :)

    I am a Brazilian driver novate...
    My English is not very good.
    Thank you. Seth and Geddis!!

  • @ Seth,ão_Barbosa
    He is one of my favourite drivers over many years of his career.

  • Dear Trevor and Seth,
    This is an incredible coincidence . I 'm not this pilot.
    I am a virtual Brazilian driver .
    Thank you for all the help .
  • Now that is funny. Incredible coincidence, indeed. :-)

  • Haha, that is crazy lol. Small world.
  • My friends Seth and Trevor , I here again.

    I am very eager to see the toy working on GT6 .

    Yesterday I received the V2 base and the steering wheel BMW GT2 , still missing the pedals.

    I plugged without the pedals. Did not work. Am I doing something wrong ? I use with the latest software updates / fimware / drivers , correct?

    I turn on the PS3 , then the base, the wheel turns from one side to the other, and appears on the display number 142, then turns off . I enter the game, usually navigate the menu.

    Just to test , set up to accelerate and brake on the steering wheel buttons. I entered the track to run and nothing worked. The car was straight .

    I have to press 2 buttons for the PS3 mode , correct? At what time?

    If you can give me step by step from the start I will be very grateful.

    Thank you, you are amazing .

    Big hug

  • Ok, so once you have the base and the PS3 powered on, you have to enter the base into PS3 mode. I do not remember the button presses for the BMW rim but I will look them up. Someone else here may be able to chime in and help as far as which buttons to press on the BMW rim. When in PS3 mode, the light on the base will be white not red.
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    Joao...I think the 2 button combo is in the quick guide that can be downloaded here: You need to press the 2 buttons after the display has shown 142. Then you'll see the BASE power light turn from green to white. Choose the Logitech G25 or G27 profile in GT6 menu and your on to race !!
  • Antoine, thank you very much!!!
  • Yw, enjoy !!
  • Joao...I think the 2 button combo is in the quick guide that can be downloaded here: You need to press the 2 buttons after the display has shown 142. Then you'll see the BASE power light turn from green to white. Choose the Logitech G25 or G27 profile in GT6 menu and your on to race !!
    Thank you very much for providing that info, I was at work earlier so I wasn't able to verify the button combo and reply quickly.
  • Antonie and Seth .
    It worked ! I pressed 2 buttons light changed color and the game recognized the wheel.
    I need to wait to get the pedals.
    Taking advantage of ... I'm not getting leave Sen. In "OFF" mode. Does not appear the "OFF" , only 90-900 or " Aut . " .
    Can you help me again ?
    Sorry for the inconvenience .
    You are amazing .
    Thank you very much!

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    That changed in latest firmware. Aut/automatic is same as depends on the game how you set it. Thrust'll be setting the SEN manually more than you know. Especially with the faster don't wanna turn your wheel 360° to take a hairpin turn. No trouble at all...glad to help if I can
  • Antonie, 
    Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. Big hug
  • Great that you can enjoy your gear mate. Now all you need is a PS4 for upcoming GT Sport and GT7. ;) Again. You're welcome. If you've got more questions...just ask..we're all here to help and others could also learn from things you run into.
  • Sure, my friend . My next investment will be the PS4 . I'm hoping that the GT Sport is compatible with the FANATEC , after all, was a great investment. Very good to have you as counselors .
    Thanks again
  • Well...considering this topic...I think we're in the same boat as with Driveclub. Current wheels not supported. BUT I think there wil be a PS4 hub OR a PS4 CSL rim like current X1 rims by the time GT Sport hits the shelves or not to far after. But knowing this company like I do now...they'll do everything within their power to supply us asap.

  • I also believe in this! Let's wait and hope my friend.

  • Hello . I would stay here again. I connected the pedalv3 the base v2 and can not speed up nor slow down . Any special configuration must be done to play GT6 ?
  • There should not be any special configuration needed. Have you used any other pedal sets with the base? Also, make sure you are in the right port on the back of the base. I once had this issue and found I had plugged into the wrong port  :|

    If that is not the case, I can only suggest making sure the pedals are properly mapped, I don't know if the pedals can be mapped in gt6 but I would check that just to make sure. 
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    Check Seth's option first... Have you chosen the Logitech G25 or 27 profile ?

  • I'm using pedalv3 in basev2 . I connected the RJ12 cable to the output DirectWheel pedal and connected at the entrance Base pedal . When I connect the computer to calibrate it does not respond . Only when I connect the USB cable. If you can verify that the pdalv3 is compatible with GT6 I appreciate , but I think it is compatible and has a problem in the pedal board or base board.
    Yes , I selected the option g25 . thank again my friends.
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