Has your order shipped yet? (USA to USA Orders)

Hi, as many of you know, processing times at the California warehouse are SUPER SLOW. Attempts to get any sort of ETA haven't been successful. As of this morning, I was told, "We were able to solve the issue, and your order should be shipped in a couple of days." BUT their next response to a question was, "Your order is ready to be shipped, and it only depends on the numbers of packages FedEx is picking up per day from our warehouse when it will be shipped." So clearly, the issue isn't SOLVED. FedEx not picking up packages has been the problem for 3 weeks.

If you have an order sitting at the California Warehouse and are waiting for a tracking code, PLEASE let us know here once you've received it, as it will be a clear indicator to others that shipments are starting to move again.




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    Mine is still processing but only ordered on the 6th compared to others.

    Sucks my rig comes tomorrow and was shipped from Seattle via fedex

  • Ordered 1/4 still states "The order has been processed" for status. And Chris, I feel your pain. Rig arrives today from the NETHERLANDS! ordered same day. Sorry to hear you've been waiting 3 weeks. Hopefully this gets cleared up soon.

  • Have two orders. One placed 12/23 and one 12/25. Finally received tracking from Fedex on Sat. Fedex site still only shows label printed, so not sure when orders will actually be picked up. Estimated delivery Fri, but that will depend on them picking up the orders.

  • I got an order confirmation the next day my account say its been deactivated where the f*** is my money...i cant even sing into my fanatec account and cant seem to get a reply from anyone

  • Ordered 1/3 in stock item to Florida: says Order Processed.

    ordered 1/8 in stock item to Florida: says order processed.

    no tracking numbers for either. I’ll update if anything changes.

  • 12/29 order, 12/30 warehouse processing. Heading to NH. I can be patient, but it is frustrating having zero updates other than the email saying that things are delayed. I suspect the coupon is a slap in the face to people who put down quite a bit more money than I did.

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    Ordered on the 30th, had zero updates on my order until I called "technical support" and asked if their sales department would ever answer the phone. The technical support staff was nice enough and attempted to connect me to sales which failed like the other 100 times I called 2-4 PM German time. About a day later my order changed to "in processing" and haven't had an update since. It's been 2 weeks now so I'm obviously getting frustrated and I don't want to be an asshole but I am getting zero information from anyone. I know covid is tough but you've had nearly a year to figure it out.

  • Ordered Dec. 29. Took until Jan 5 or 6 to go to "Warehouse processing" then a day later "order processed." Since then no updates and no tracking number.

  • This is ridiculous. I’ve never seen anything like this and nobody else seems to be having this much of an issue shipping out product. You don’t find out about any of this until AFTER they take your money on a sale.

  • Ordered an in stock item on the 3rd. Has been sitting at order has been processed since the 7th.

  • ordered Dec 30th, been told it has shipped then told it has not shipped. Still waiting stuck on order has been processed with no tracking information.

  • Well, I've received an email from SUDDATH GLOBAL LOGISTICS. The labels are printed; I received tracking codes acknowledged by FedEx with a delivery date of 1/14. Now, waiting to see if they actually leave the warehouse this afternoon. Hopefully, you guys see an email from SUDDATH GLOBAL LOGISTICS as well!

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    My order actually has had the status "your order has been processed" since January 7th. Not "in processing".

  • Got the same email Saturda from SUDDATH, and tracking from Fedex same day. Still just showing Label Printed today on FEDEX site.

  • Ordered Dec 25th. FINALLY got my tracking numbers Saturday (Jan 9th) so I was excited the order was finally coming, but it appears to be more Fanatec smoke and mirrors because FedEx is still showing a delivery date of Pending because the order hasn't been picked up (Jan 12th).

    Blaming FedEx was always smoke and mirrors from the get go, this is about Fanatec not getting the orders ready or misrepresenting their in-stock availability.

  • Same boat as you guys. Dec 26th order date. Dec 28th it was “leaving warehouse” and got tracking on Jan 9th with the 11th being the delivery day. Package still hasn’t been picked up by FedEx. And the blame game continues 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I would feel better if just one person in the USA had received an order that they had placed sometime after 12/20/20. I am in the same boat as most of you - labels printed but Fedex does not have the packages. Maybe I will call SUDDATH GLOBAL LOGISTICS.


  • Still same status. Ordered 12/28 and 12/31. 12/28 Fedex Tracking Labels received but still just printed status. No tracking received for 12/31 order yet. This is a CA to CA shipment, so well see how long it takes. La Mirada to Hayward.

  • Update on my order. Just got an email from FedEx, they picked up and should arrive in the next two days. Glad to put this behind me. Looks like a few of you are starting to get your orders as well 😁🤘🏻

  • Update on my order. Just got an email from FedEx, they picked up and should arrive in the next two days. Glad to put this behind me. Looks like a few of you are starting to get your orders as well 😁🤘🏻

  • Cheers brother! I'm happy someone is going to finally get to enjoy their product! I would also like to know when you placed your order and when you went through the various phases of processing.

  • I ordered on 1/4 and received all my tracking last night and can CONFIRM the packages were picked up by FedEx!! Should be delivered tomorrow. I’m in Florida.

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    Really?! I ordered the 5th of January 1/5 so hopefully, mine isn't too far off from being shipped! Glad to hear things are starting to move along.

  • Hopefully things arrive without issues. Ordered mine 12/28, but tracking status hasn't moved since 1/11. Its for a Formula V2 wheel. Something funky going on when timelines don't match. Must be stocking issues.

  • WTF. I ordered 12/25 and still hasn't been picked up, even though they promised my order was packed up and ready to ship. This is total clownshoes. There is no way whatsoever that my order should be shipping after orders placed weeks after mine, unless they lied about my items being in stock and being packed up.

  • Also, just curious about what you ordered? I purchased an entire v2.5 setup and oddly shipped it all in 6 separate boxes! I mean, it's on the way, so no complaints here, but I'm not sure that's the best way to do it. LOL

    If it helps, I was a REAL thorn in their ass for a week, and FB Chat was the ONLY way I EVER received a response from anyone at Fanatec. No other outlet was successful. Every time they'd tell me to submit a ticket, I'd remind them nobody is answering tickets, and they'd keep talking.

    I'm not sure if this is why my items shipped or I just got lucky. 🤷‍♂️

  • 5 items, also showing 5 boxes. Wheel, Hub, Pedals, Loadcell kit and button stickers. Which again, makes zero sense why they would ship the button stickers separately. It's as if they are just generating shipping labels for every item to show progress. I honestly do not believe all 5 of these items are in stock in their warehouse and were "boxed up ready to ship" weeks ago like they swore was the case in e-mails earlier in the month.

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