Fanatec SDK support for Xbox One/Series X/S

Can someone enlight me and tell me what the story is on Fanatec SDK support for Xbox One/Series X/S. We all know the discussion regarding full button support on Xbox and the pointing finger towards MS or game developers. But other manufacturers seem to get their stuff working on Xbox with full button support (Logitech to name one) Does a game manufacturer, lets say Codemasters, need a specific SDK to support a specific Fanatec wheel on Xbox? And if so, does MS have a saying in this or is this something between Fanatec and Codemasters in this example. Just trying to point it out as simple as possible, since none of the involved parties seems to be willing to explain what is realy going on.

Hopefully there is someone out there who can explain in simple English what the nature of this ongoing problem is. Thanks in advance.


  • simple as that, XBOX OS only supports a number of inputs. I highly doubt that Logitech and Thrustmaster have wheels that could potentially support up to 64 inputs on one steering wheel.

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    I don’t think this is true anymore - or certainly Logitech have found a way around it.

    Please see my recent post on the subject:

    In this post I describe that Logitech has been able to get all buttons and functions (rev lights included) of their G923 wheel working on Xbox - there are many more inputs than that of the Xbox controller.

    I’ve also heard from Fanatec that their wheels not being fully supported is a Microsoft issue (and it might well have been) but clearly that is not true anymore especially with the above knowledge.

    Agreed, getting 67 inputs may be a stretch, but there is capability to get more than the number of Xbox controller inputs supported.

    Do you know if Fanatec developing a SDK to increase support? My understanding is Logitech developed one to get the G923 fully supported on Xbox.

  • G923 has 14 buttons... so no wonder all buttons are supported on XBOX then. If revleds are supported by the G923 now there should be no reasoon why Fanatec couldn't do it aswell.

  • And what about keyboard support, which is present on Xbox and supported by Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. Codemasters supports that too. Keyboard keys can been seen as buttons or am I wrong here? If so, could it be possible to program around the lack of inputs on Xbox and simulate keyboard inputs instead of controller inputs?

  • But in the end Microsoft still controls all software on the Xbox. So if Microsoft doesn’t want to spent the time on the improvement of Fanatec support by updating to a newer SDK or what ever needs to happen to improve it, nothing will happen.

    The Logitech is maybe better supported because it has a bigger market share on the Xbox and Microsoft sees more in added support for that. Or it was a lot easier to implement. Or Logitech spent a lot of money to get better support. Microsoft maybe doesn’t see a lot of use for a better Fanatec support because it’s sort of a niche on the Xbox with a very low market share. Or it’s maybe to complex to implement. Or they just don’t want to spent all the time and money to improve it, because they still have higher priority tasks that need to be done first. Who knows...

    Also Fanatec probably already asked multiple times to improve it and maybe even continuously supplies a new SDK or something and/or updated documention so that Microsoft can improve. But if Microsoft keeps saying no, nothing will happen.

    In the end everything is speculation and only Fanatec and Microsoft know the real reasons. If they don’t talk nobody will know why support is not upgraded.

    Xbox is also not like the PC where Fanatec can take control and manage it on there own. For the Xbox they need Microsoft or else it will not be included.

  • I think you are missing the key consideration in your response Sascha: many of us have been told by Fanatec that MS are limiting inputs to the same number as on the standard Xbox controller i.e. this is some “hard limit” that cannot be overcome. 

    And I don’t think it’s right to downplay the big picture to the actual specifics (14 vs 67 inputs): This is big news to anyone who has been given this reasoning as an excuse. We can only judge on the information provided -  If something is nuanced then Fanatec should provide the proper reasoning, not some halfway explanation.

    When you boil it down, it is irrelevant whether it is 1 or 100 extra buttons/dials/revlights above this MS “hard limit” that Logitech have gotten working. All that matters is Logitech have been able to overcome this “hard limit” Fanatec are seemingly unable/unwilling to overcome.

    If we flip your comment about the G923 only having 14 buttons: in addition to the already supported inputs, are you saying Formula v2 Xbox users don’t want a few more buttons, a dial and revleds to work, if the remaining inputs on the wheel do not? i.e. all or nothing (at the standard Xbox limit)? I think you could bet your house safe in the knowledge that existing Fanatec Xbox users would 100% bite your hand off to get the same level of button/dial/revleds supported as the G923, compared to what we get now.

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    It’s been said somewhere on the codemaster forum that there is no Fanatec Xbox SDK, and currently the wheels are being supported via the standard MS issued SDK which is limited to... (you guessed it) standard Xbox controller inputs. It never even occurred to me that this was a possibility. Maybe it is correct (my linked post has had no responses to confirm or deny this).

    With Logitech achieving what they did, what is clear now is MS may not limit inputs (up to a point) if the wheel manufacturer develops an SDK which is then approved. Leads me on to my next point, IF Fanatec had created the SDK and it’s in the approval cycle, why wouldn’t Fanatec just say “MS haven’t approved our SDK”, rather than giving the “MS limits inputs” line? Also if it’s in the approval cycle, I’m sure there are agreements which dictate timeframes.

    Something doesn’t quite add up.

    As you rightly say, we are all speculating. But that is what will happen unless Fanatec talk. They should be honest about what the problem is and what they intend to do about it - it’s long overdue (we are their customers at the end of the day). In the meantime, we can certainly ask the questions to Fanatec to get some movement on this in any case - some have done already (like me), but not in enough numbers to make an impact.

  • It would be really nice if Fanatec could give us some information about this point. 

    I bought a base that supports Xbox and Playstation, I'm considering replacing my xbox one, a clear answer from Fanatec would allow me to make my choice. 

  • Absolutely agree.  I am in the same position (as I think many indeed are).

    However, I do not think Fanatec will come forward without some prodding.

    Key to this is enough people questioning Fanatec on the following;

    • Previous statements issued by Fanatec on the subject point to MS limiting inputs to that of Xbox controller - does this hold true even if Fanatec develop their own SDK?
    • Logitech G923 has managed to get more inputs supported on Xbox than the standard Xbox controller (as well as rev lights and a dial) - if MS do limit inputs to the same number as on the Xbox controller, how were they able to get all of the features supported (including the rev lights)?
    • Logitech developed a SDK to support the G923 on Xbox. Can Fanatec confirm if they have developed Xbox SDK’s for their wheels, and if so, what is the reason they do not work?
    • Now that Logitech have been able to make it work, what can and will you do to follow suit?

    Given this a relatively recent development, many users to do not know about the Logitech advancements (and therefore potential for Fanatec), so not enough people have asked Fanatec about it - I encourage you to ask!

    If anything, the response (or non-response) might help clarify in your mind the appetite for getting the issue sorted. Then maybe you will have the answers you need to make your decision.

    P.S. Apologies if some of my posts are repetitive (and long). I’m not sure which of my posts you’ve read so am trying to get the information out there to as many people as I can.

    P.P.S. I would also encourage you to spread this news to other effected users. They should know what has been achieved. We need more people to increase the volume to Fanatec!

  • But is there any info that confirms Logitech made an SDK?

    Maybe it was just a bag of money and some documention, the rest was done by Microsoft.

    But yes Fanatec should have more information. But maybe they are not allowed to tell anything because of signed NDA’s linked to Xbox support.

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    Regarding the Logitech SDK, see here, in the screenshot and link to the codemaster forum:

    That might not be “categoric” proof, but how else could it be achieved? I’m not an expert, but I see all their console stuff the same way as stuff generally works on PC;

    • The hardware manufacturer creates the driver
    • Game devs can use these to make hardware work with their games

    In essence, that’s a SDK right - unless I’m missing something?

    Obviously Logitech are a bigger player, so have more clout, and that could be a possibility.

    Regarding the NDA, I’d assume most software processes relating to 3rd party console hardware are similar (hardware manufacturer creates SDK, jumps through some hoops, pays some money, game console maker approves SDK), so nothing “really” to hide, but fair point - legal agreements and all that.

    Thinking about it a bit more, if there is a NDA, Fanatec have probably come close to “crossing the line” (and done MS a disservice) by saying it’s MS’ fault, particularly if it is incumbent on Fanatec to produce the SDK to get their fully products working.

    Perhaps we’ll never know the truth, but I do believe it’s still worth trying to find it.

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