Fanatec Driver 402 (before 399) incl. new Firmware Manager for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)

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Fanatec Driver 402 Release Candidate

Before this thread was about driver 399 which got replaced by 401

New Firmware Manager

Short video demonstrating the new Firmware Manager

Changelog since 381


  • New Firmware Manager guiding the user through all firmware updates step by step including instructions and functions to calibrate wheel center, shifter and more. Driver property page now only has one update button which opens the Firmware manager.
  • Firmware Manager can save your Tuning Menu settings and restore them automatically after the update if you want to
  • New function to inform the user if a new steering wheel is attached which the currently installed base firmware doesn't know and can't support. If it is shown the user has to download the most recent driver from the steering wheels download page and update the firmware.
    • Pop-up message on the drivers property page
    • Wheels with 7-segment display will show a blinking "Upd" 
    • Wheels with small OLED display will show "CAUTION Please update the Firmware!"
    • Bases or wheels with big OLED display will show "CAUTION Steering Wheel not supported! Please update the Firmware!"

ClubSport Pedals V3

  • Improved smoothness of the load cell / brake pedal signal. Pedals need to be plugged in via USB for the firmware update. Never connect pedals via USB and RJ12 at the same time! In case you want to compare old and new or revert to the old one -> change Firmware Manager to manual update, open the Updater and then use the 3 dots to select version 1.30.

Podium DD Wheel Base

  • [LIN] FFB Linearity Tuning Menu Setting now set to ON by default.

CSL E Wheel Base 1.1

  • Fixed: Endstop on left/CCW side comes bit later than on the right/CW side

Button Module Endurance

  • Now will show all pop-up messages like the Podium DD display. For example: Torque Key warning, shifter/center calibration instruction and more

McLaren GT3

  • Fixed: Driver does not recognize initial State of 1-12-MPSs after restart if MPS Mode is set to PULSE


  • Fixed missing motor firmware version for CSL E WB 1.1
  • Fixed pedal vibration buttons missing
  • Implemented Generic Wheel pop-up

Firmware versions included

  • CS Pedals V3 : v1.31 (NEW)
  • CSW V1 Base : v684 (NEW)
  • CSW V2 Base : v684 (NEW)
  • CSW V2.5 Base : v684 (NEW)
  • CSL E Base (1.1) : v684 (NEW)
  • CSL E Base PS4 : v684 (NEW)
  • P DD Base : v684 (NEW)
  • P DD WQR : v6
  • CSL/CSW Motor : v22
  • DD1 Motor : v40
  • DD2 Motor : v40
  • McLaren GT3 : v32 (NEW)
  • McLaren GT3 V2 : v40 (NEW)
  • Formula V2   : v40 (NEW)
  • Podium Hub : v5 (NEW)
  • Podium BME : v17 (NEW)

Known Issues 

  • After the driver installation or firmware update, it is possible that the wheel base is not shown in the device list anymore. If this is the case, launch the driver installation again and run the repair function.
  • Podium wheel base jolts can happen on ITM or analysis screens of the wheel base display. A workaround is to use the default screen with “Fanatec” logo while driving. Last year we could solve the jolts which happened also on the default screen, we will now work on the remaining jolts but I can't give a timeline or promise a date yet.
  • If the Podium DD is put into COMP mode for the first time after driver installation a restart might be needed so the property page can get opened without an error message as the DD is then detected as a new device.
  • BME on Xbox: Guide button acts as long press even when pressed briefly.

Download (only if you've read everything above!)

Please also take a look at the PDF instructions if you have questions or issues, there is a whole trouble shooting section! The ChangeLog.txt included also summarizes previous updates which are not listed above. Note: the instructions PDF is still showing the old way to update firmware.

Link to compatible FanaLab version:

How to report issues:

If you report a driver or firmware issue, please make cross checks:

  1. Update driver and FW separately to isolate an issue and find out if its caused by driver OR firmware.
  2. Which driver OR firmware does show the issue
  3. Which driver OR firmware does not show the issue
  4. Check if you can reproduce the issue again if you go back to the version which seems to have cause the issue
  5. Post the answers gathered from the questions above + a short description of the issue including the following information:
  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): ...
  • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): ....
  • Driver Version: ....
  • Base FW Version: ....
  • Motor FW Version: ....
  • Wheel FW Version: ....
  • FanaLab Version: ....
  • With driver related issues collect log files and zip them from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs



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