CSL DDs shipping early!



  • It's nice to know that the situation is going through progress, and I'm honestly happy for all of you waiting ...all of you PC & Xbox users of course.

    I am still waiting for any sort of announcement or update about the Playstation version, the 2 weeks from the 13th of July Polyphony announcement are gone, gone by far to be honest.

    Yeah I know, pandemic, global warming, wars, people starving, semiconductor shortages, alien invasions...yes ok I'am aware.....but if we are here ....we are here for a reason, right?.

    I really hope that the Playstation DD offer will be not limited to a GranTurismo bundle, I have the CSL Elite for Playstation since 2017 and I'm wonderfully happy, lived with the P1 rim for years and recently I bought the Formula V2.5X, so it won't be bad to have a new round rim with the QR(whatever)....but it has to be a choice. I also have a super nice CLS Pedal set with loadcell recently upgraded with three dampers, so my interest is on the CSL wheelbase only (boost kit mandatory). in the beginning.

    I have a mixed feeling about the Polyphony partnership, meaning that a missing GT7 release date will drag down any further announcement related to the CSL DD for Playstation....but I'm probably wrong and paranoid about Polyph....well no comment. :)

    I confess I thought about buying the currennt version PC&Xbox only because I'm getting a Series S or X for sure....but hIey....I'd rather prefer to spend the money on extra rims.

    By the way, sorry if my post is out-of-topic but I wanted to express my genuine feeling for all of you in waiting for this first batch...I really feel the excitement and anticipation.

    And I understand that all the effort and resources are now dedicated to manage this CSL DD launch....but at the same time any Playstation-related update announcement will be appreciated......to say the least.

    Happy (sim)racing to everyone!.

  • Hi Dominic,

    Any word on what is happening with this? You said you'd be in touch and I haven't had any contact yet?

    Regards, Joe

  • Hi Joe,

    today I received my CSL DD - ordered in Wave 1 - together with the Table Clamp. I guess all the others will be shipped soon.

    By the way, the wheel base seems REALLY good!

    I had the chance to do a couple of quick laps on F1 2021 and I improved my time by 1 second in Austria, straight out of the box!

  • Well said Alberto!

    It's great to see this product shipped and so many happy people. :)

    Really looking forward to hearing about the release of the PlayStation version. Longest "couple of weeks" ever!!! Haha.

    I'm sure there is something going on in the background regarding annoucements and release, and it will come out when it can. :)

  • First of all - great product and thx for shipping early.

    But ... Fanatec really should consider to provide nuts with spring balls instead of the plain ones and some screws!

  • Hello,

    When is the second and third wave comming? can't wait to play with the new CSL DD.

  • Can I ask why some from wave 2 have recieved their orders?

    I ordered in the afternoon of June 9th and yet those who ordered later than me have in some cases, in the UK, recieved their order.

    My new date says Sep24th, is there any update on expected movement for this product, as its a bit annoying to find others receiving orders.

  • I orderd june 8, and I have have 19 0ct as availability date.

  • I ordered it june 9th (very early in the morning) and I have Oct 19th as date. I wish we all have the 2nd wave Sept. 24th. I waited to ordered the pedals (for the LC) and now I don't if order them now or wait some more time.

    They are delivering first wave orders (or the ones they have all the things the costumer ordered)

  • I should have said June 8th sorry!

  • Received my CSL DD in South Africa today. Wow - really impressive guys & girls.


    I'm lucky enough to have a DD1 and bought the CSL DD for a second Cockpit (like father like sons...). Comparing them side by side - first impression, it's really only the torque difference setting them apart (if you want more than 5/8nm) and the QR on the DD1 is tighter (but really nitpicking here). Really glad you made it Side-Mountable like the DD1- so much neater.

    Thanks for yet a another brilliant product - I'm Fanatic about Fanatec all over again :-)

    Next up - the Bentley GT3 perhaps?

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    #whenShippingWave2 ?

  • I feel the same way ordered June 8th have an order date of September 20th I’m in the US i wish it would come sooner

  • The XBOX One X CSL DD Force feedback is not working on Assetto Corsa Competizion. It seems to be capped at around 20% as compared to Asseto Corsa 1. I used the same settings on AC and it nearly broke my arms. wheel at 85% ACC in game gain 90%. I had to reduce AC gain to 50%!!!! There is a huge issue with Kunos. Please help. it works amazing on AC. The difference is night and day. This is unacceptable.

  • It's a game issue of ACC on console.

    There will be a workaround where you can increase the FFB in the Tuning Menu to 200% to get proper Feedback in that game but the initial issue needs to be fixed by Kunos, not Fanatec so you should raise your voice also in the ACC console Forums

  • I have had my CSL DD for about 3 weeks now. So far I haves used F1 2021 on Xbox X, Hat 5 on Xbox X, Assetto Corsa on Steam. I also have I Racing but haven't gotten into that yet. I only have the 5 nm setup and most likely will not go for the 8 nm boost kit ad I am only able to race one handed as the name implies. So for me 5nm works great. I will post more impressions as I get deeper into the games and Sims. Have fun for those have received their CSL DD and good luck on those that are still waiting on theirs.

    One Handed Racer

    The Name says it all

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    i ordered with the second wave , my ETA is on 24th of sep , any chance it will ship early like wave 1 ?

    cant wait , days feel so longer now

  • I'd be checking again if I was you, a lot of people who had dates of 24th September have been pushed back to November now

  • Not to be negative but i placed my order on June 8th and had an availability date of September 20th but this morning when i checked it now says the date is October 28th pretty frustrated here in the US over it

  • For me it moves from 19th October to 8th October which is quite good

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    true , got an email this morning , now im shifted from 24th sep to 8th October

    really disappointing news but i totaly get it , electric items are hard to finalize nowadays , how they managed to get wave 1 so early is beyond me lol

    on the positive side , im not shifted to Nov. .. yet

  • Yeah, also got moved from 19th October to 8th of October. Do you live in Germany, or Europe and they maybe delay US shipping?

  • I live in France mate so that’s maybe the reason that I got in those who gets moved in the good way because we are very close to Germany. And I think that they are more prioritizing Europe than others, probably because they have more clients coming for EU than US and Asia (and of course the shipping from Germany through Europe is easier than US/Asia).

  • I know stuff happens but perhaps maybe they should put up a new first blog post? It's a bit of a slap in the face to everyone who just had there orders pushed back more than a month just a few days before they were supposed to ship after pre-ordering them three months ago and the first thing you see is "CSL DDs Shipping Early!" I know a lot of this is kinda out of Fanatec's control but it would of been a nice gesture if maybe they tossed in a promo code for 10% off a future order or something with that "Sorry" email to take away some of the sting of waiting a month or who knows how long for these to start shipping again and maybe keep people from possibly canceling there orders.

  • I think they will make a new post this week to inform people of that (or maximum next week because there is SimExpo, they are maybe busy for now) but they won't make a promo code for that because they don't have the control of the semiconductor shortage and an ongoing shipping crisis.

  • I am a new customer from Holland (next to Germany) and placed my order on august 12th. Availabilty date was november 23th, but moved to november 2th. Are all units coming to Fanatec's headquarter in Germany first after leaving the factory ? That would explain why availability date for Europe is sooner.

  • All pre-orders are dispatched as soon as their warehouse receives new units. And from there, they are shipping units to customers.

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  • So mine went from September 24, to November 12th,

    Now this morning I got an email saying it's changed to warehouse processing and will be shipped soon, and a reply to my email I sent friday saying it was a bug in the system that showed November 12th. So I should get it soon depending on customs/import over the channel.

    Happy now.

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