CSL DDs shipping early!



  • I live in the Netherlands and just got the mail from UPS, and if everything goes well my package will be delivered tomorrow. It took 2 days after status changed to warehouse processing, so fairly quickly. I quess i'm lucky because the initial delivery date was november 23th.

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    Yes, I think Brexit is one of the reasons. Do UK customers also have to pay an extra vat tax? I hope for the British people everything goes well. I do believe in the long run the Brexit is a good thing and wished my country would leave the EU also

  • We have to pay VAT but it is not an extra Tax, German Tax is removed when we order although we have to pay UPS a small fee for collecting the UK Tax.

  • I've got him! Tonight I'm gonna set every thing up and am quit sure it will be amazing, coming from a G29. I wish everybody the same, and hope all of our patience is worth it. Happy racing time and don't forget to spend some time with your wife! PEACE ;-)

  • alguien sabe si los pedidos previstos para el 9 de diciembre se adelantarán un poco o no?

  • Just received my package. Wheel, quick release, booster pack. But no CSL DD base. Ahhhh. Waiting to hear back from fanatec. I’m gutted.

  • Don't be gutted :) it probably came in 2 separate shipments. you may have 2 tracking numbers under your order page

  • I ordered in October and paid in full. But nothing happened.
    I did not receive the tracking number.

  • I feel you! I waited 1 week and 2 days before I received my tracking number.

  • I don't really understand.
    If the money is lost in advance, it would be good to send it on time.

  • what was the availability date when you ordered it? and what is the order status in your fanatec account showing?

  • If you ordered in October, it probably won't ship till at least December.

    I ordered first half of Sept and was told Nov 29 estimated ship date.

  • I ordered in September and my estimated ship Date was last Friday. However my order ist still in process so I hope it will ship in Monday or Tuesday so it arrives by the end of the week.

    In your Case i would Check my Order. If you ordered in october, it will probably ship around mid-december

  • I ordered it on October 7th.
    It was written on November 12 that it would be available.

  • I ordered in later september with ETA 11/29. I had contacted Fanatec cust service this week on another topic but asked if ETA was still ball park and they said yes, they expect the 11/29 orders to ship on time. That’s 2 weeks away. I’m in US and it’s likely it will still take 4 days or so to actually process the shipping.

  • This is nice.
    I don't even understand if you have the order and it is paid. Then why don’t they meet the business rules that apply to them.

  • What business rules are those? I’m not sure what you are expecting.

  • The current availability date for my CSL DD preorder is Nov 29, 2021 but now I'm expecting a PS-DD to drop on Black Friday. I do not own a PS5 or an XBOX Series X; I may never own these consoles. I am a PC gamer however, I own a PS4 Non-Pro which I will never get PS Plus for, I keep it for single-player first-party exclusives. Also, should PS Now ever become legit this would be good to have for system compatibility reasons and the Xbox licenses seem to be in the wheels. My question is, should I roll the dice and keep my CSL DD preorder until Nov 26th, hoping they don't ship early? I'm frugal, I don't know the cost associated with the PS DD and I would rather not wait until January if I chose to stick with the Xbox version. lulz

  • How quickly do you want the unit would also be a consideration? I'd be surprised if the release date for the csl-dd PS5 is before March.

  • Yeah, the wait is a factor but I think my decision will depend on if the PS DD Pro has any improvements to force feedback and if those improvements cause me to overlook the wheel included in the leaked photo. I'm not a fan of the wheel, I included a Mclaren V2 yoke in my current DD order which I like and the Xbox compatibility may be good if I ever want to sell it down the road. I had considered grabbing a Podium Hub and building a wheel. I'd prefer a two-spoke round wheel for drifting, Fanatec's drifting wheel is nice but I'm concerned about the white Clubsport stitching on the leather. I spotted a similar Luisi leather wheel that is only a bit more $.

  • I'd be surprised if it's any different in spec to the current csl-dd, It'll just be PS5 compatible and possibly with that god awful wheel in the leaks which would put me off straight away, i'd guess the bundle will be the 8nm pack, base, wheel and 2 pedal setup for around 750 euro, close enough to what the current setup would be with the mclaren gt3 or the wrc wheel.

    The current 5nm version is priced around the old csl elite price, the 8nm is less than the csw2.5 was,

    If they release a better spec csl-dd then you can pretty much guarantee it won't be anywhere near the price the current ones are.

    1200 euro for the dd1 at 20nm, if they did something around the 12-14nm range i'd expect it to be around 800 euro for just the base.

  • My speculation as well, I'll be keeping my preorder until I see otherwise. I may pick up a podium hub with (qr2 included ?) at a later date.

  • Cant wait for mine to get here!!!!! It's supposed to ship soon !!!

  • My November 29th ship date is now delayed until January 3rd, have others received this notification?

  • You are not the only one my friend. Just got the notice for my order being delayed until Jan 3rd as well. :-( I now has a sadge.

  • Same here! very disappointed, especially since I just asked Fanatec customer service the other day and was told 11/29 is still on schedule before placing a 2nd order for additional items, now I have those laying around for a few more months.. They had to have known, these changes are not surprises to any company.

  • I'm certain they new when they updated the site showing Jan 3rd for new orders. The best part is they leave their blog post up to tease saying the units are arriving early while most users are stuck with delays and very long waits. It would almost be better if they would not accept orders until they had inventory in stock to ship. when competitors start releasing and actually delivering comparable products they are going to lose a TON of their customer base

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    Also received the email this morning. Tried to contact support to see if this was actually the case or just an error but the site loaded a blank screen when I tried to submit. Hopefully this is not a case of Fanatec overselling a product and not being able to meet demands so it pushed a number of orders with the next batch.

  • looking at the various forums and posts and tweets... I think you hit the nail on the head and that is exactly what they are doing. Instead of having product to ship they are just taking orders and money up front and just fulfilling as they get equipment but don't have near enough to supply everything. Plus if you want you can always do the "Pay more for the black friday deal on the CSL DD PRO" now and get it before people that have been waiting since september

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