CSL DD Shipping ?

so i have the csl DD on order with the boost kit, and when i first put the order in it stated nov 23rd as Availability then after they shipped wave one, my order went to oct 19th, until just now when i checked, it now says nov 2nd as Availability wtf is going on with the orders ? Anyone else had a change of date as this will be the 3rd date change.....

Edit: i just checked the DD on the DD web page and that has now changed to Availability to nov 12th from nov 30th.

was kinda hoping for it before xmas.....ffs



  • Yes, exactly the same here Nov 23rd then Oct 19th now Nov 2nd.

  • Mine just changed from the 23th of November to the 8th

  • For what I've seen on reddit, they've sent a message to people whos preorder has been slightly delayed. The issues they explain are the already known ones (semiconductor shortage, and shipping issues) Given the movement of dates, probably they're trying to combine shipping to ensure that the stuff arrives relatively on time for everybody.

    It's sad, but you can't blame them. You are warned when ordering and you have to explicitely tick a checkbox indicating that you know there might be delays. You are also able to cancel your order at any moment and they'll quickly refund you.

    I know I would feel terrible if my order was delayed (in my case, it has been pushed forward from Nov 23rd to Nov 8th...) but unfortunately this is how the situation is.

    Hang on! And there's still plenty of time until Christmas!

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    It's really disillusioning. My order from the second wave on June 8th was postponed from September 24th to November 12th. So I think the 2nd wave was complete cancelled. This will be a long time without Wheelbase and also 479 less. But actually there are no alternatives out there.

  • I put my order in on June 9th. I believe availability then was October 6th, not 100% sure. It then got moved up to September 20th. I was getting excited to maybe have it by end of next week. This morning I received email stating semi conductor shortage and containers sitting off coast of CA. Now my availability is October 28th.

  • Mine just changed from September 20th to October 28th

  • Just got changed from Sept 20th to Oct 28th. I expect that at the very least fanatec will extend the warranty on the other parts I ordered that are sitting, unused on a shelf.

  • Very sad, my order also went from Sept 20th to Oct 28th.

  • Same here... 2nd wave order with original availability date of Sept. 20, now pushed to Oct. 28th.

  • I contacted support. They said they can't "upgrade" the warranty. But may take that into account if something goes wrong shortly after expiration. What does that mean? Why so vague?

  • Mine's just gone from September 24th to November 12th which sucks considering it was ordered on june 8th, 1st day of wave 2.

  • from november 30th to november 8th. finally some good news. hope it goes down again soon.

  • Considering they were due to be shipped in a week after a 3 month wait, to delay it for another 6 weeks is shocking, they've gotta have known about it before now.

    And now people who ordered it late in wave 2 or in wave 3 have expected dates before people who ordered it the 1st day of wave 1.

    Terrible service, simagic alpha mini dd might be a better option now.

  • I ordered June 8th availability date was September 20th but this morning it was changed to October 28th. I’m in the USA its frustrating to wait all this time for it and now they changed the date with no explanation when a lot of other people have received there’s.

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    This is not the way you treat your customers. Week before shipping they change the delivery date by 6 weeks. Fanatec, you are holding my money for 3 months! I've paid you in advance and got nothing for that, because everyone can order now and get it 12.11. I want my stuff or a discount!

  • I agree with you on that. This is insane when you spend almost a grand you would think you could get your items when you were told or at least an explanation ordered June 8th expected September 20th now changed to October 28th

  • I’ve been putting off placing an order for steering wheel because 1 - I’m undecided on the 2 that are available now that I was looking at. 2 - the one I really want isn’t available until October 6th. Now that my DD is delayed maybe I can order one I really want and hope that doesn’t get pushed back from what it says on website.

  • Thing is, there's people who ordered a few days after wave 2 was released, and their orders are now showing an earlier date than people who ordered straight away.

    I've heard of 1 person being told that there was an issue with his order and he would be contacted by the sales team so we'll see,

    But if people who ordered later do get theirs first then that's abysmal customer service.

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    Same issue here. My son and I ordered on June 8th, 5 minutes apart. Both of our initial delivery dates were September 20th. He got an email saying "congratulations, your CSL DD has arrived early and will be shipping out soon". I was not lucky enough to get that email. His was delivered early August... My delivery date still showed the 20th of September. Now I get the email saying the ESTIMATED shipping date is October 28th. If it actually ships on our around that date it will have been 5 months since the original order was placed. Very disappointed. How can we order the same day, 5 minutes apart, and he gets his 3 months faster than I do?

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    Just checked my order: has always been 19 Oct. now moved to 8 Oct. fingers crossed... 😑 i am in the UK by the way...

    S Woodward # 20 Sep moved to 28 Oct # US

    Where abouts are you M Scott? Is Fanatec split up, in terms of sales, to 4 regions? US, Europe and Australia? Asia?

    P Domzal # 30 Nov moved to 8 Nov # Where are you?

    D Burke # 24 Sep moved to 12 Nov #

    C Lounsbury # 20 Sep moved to 28 Oct #

    D Greening # 20 Sep moved to 28 Oct #

    M Martin # 20 Sep moved to 28 Oct #

    D Sokol # 20 Sep moved to 28 Oct #

    J Stachowiak # 24 Sep moved to 12 Nov #

    M Gonzales # 23 Nov moved to 8 Nov #

    H Broekhoff # 23 Nov moved to 8 Nov #

    L Holmes # 23 Nov moved to 2 Nov #

    L Spinks # 23 Nov moved to 2 Nov #

    What is your location guys? Quite a few of you had the same initial availability dates and all moved to a similar date. Possibly a delay in shipping to that location of the world?

    I do feel for you guys who is now slightly delayed. I am still keeping my hopes up that my date will not changed cos... it will... i always expect delays...

  • UK

    ordered day 1 of wave 2 with order beginning 1278

  • It's not their fault, It's beyond their power... I'm in the same wagon as you guys and it's even worse in my case since my unit have to pass through the US in order to reach Canada. Basically, I probably won't receive my unit before the first or second week of November.

  • I question that statement,

    How is it not their fault or beyond their power that me and other people who ordered on june 8th have had their dates go back to November 12th, which is the same date as if you order it now, where as people who ordered it a few days later in the same country "uk" have dates in October. Something is clearly wrong there.

  • My order went from November 23rd to November 2nd, I am in the Netherlands (wave 3) but I agree that it’s weird that people that ordered in wave 2 would end up after the 2-11. However I did only order the 5nm power supply but idk if that would change anything.

  • I live in Sweden, Ordered August 30th. Was wandering why availability in US was way before EU since Fanatec is located in Germany... maybe they have a factory in US as well? Was looking on twitter,yt etc yesterday and today morning. A LOT of people cancelled their orders and going Alfa Mini and a LOT are thinking about it as well. I personally will wait cause of the whole ecosystem.

  • I’m uk and mine was nov 23rd then it went to oct 19th then yesterday morning it went to nov 2nd so my date has changes 3 times and i should have been in the first wave or at least second wave....

  • When did you order it,

    I ordered june 8th for an expected date of 24th September, which has now changed to 12th November.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    Why US may have availability earlier? Logistics? They have to ship fixed numbers of units to fill a certain space within shipping containers? Some cancel and so orders gets push earlier?

    Please name me a perfect system. Maybe if you have a company managed by 1 person who controls manufacturing, marketing, sales and admin. 🤣...

    2 person within a company in the same role will work differently.

    So when company A says we need 200 units and factory B says we can only supply 100? Company A will say can you do 150? Factory B says maybe, most probably... So company A takes in orders for 130, 150 or 100? Keeping in mind you are in a business with an ongoing concern.

    If the company accepts orders for 130, then, couple of months later, factory B says they can only supply 110, which order does company push back.

    We are not going into why factory B can only supply 110 by dateline as opposed to 150 ok, remember AZ and EU with vaccines and some EU minister calling for harsh action regarding non supply of numbers, when no one in the EU is taking the vaccine? I wonder how much of the delivered vaccine is actually wasted...

    So with a shortfall of 20 orders, who gets theirs as agreed? By order date? By someone who complains about delays or by customers who ordered previously or have a bigger order? By someone who knows someone working within Fanatec???

    There are other choices out there. This is how the world moves. We are all different. We have to unfortunately accept it, some will complain, but essentially just make your own move. But just be ready for delays and not up to expectation. Everything else possibly is a bonus.

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