Fanatec Driver 440 (BMW M4 GT3 Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    No official Fanatec rep ever said anything about end of this week.

    That was only me, a non-payed-freetime-Fanatec-Betatester and not a Fanatec rep, who gave a status update because I know how desperate the community wants this update - without knowing at that point that nobody at Fanatec is working at the end of this week. The internal builds looked good that they could be ready at the end of this week and they most likely would be ready if someone would have worked today.

    Also my exact words were "maybe its a good idea to check the forum at the end of this week or early next week" so even those words were not specific to only and exclusively end of this week but always also had early next week in mind.

    And trust me, you can expect the firmware within the next 6 months so no need to look elsewhere :)

    But anyway. Dont expect even the slightest hint of whats going on behind the scenes with any even rough date anymore from me. When the date passes, and even by a few days, you just get attacked in this forum. As a private non-Fanatec-rep person, I dont want to deal with this toxic mood anymore.

    So I wont reply to this anymore - its now coming when its coming. Not this week, not next week, not very soon, not soon - it just comes when it comes.

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    and they still say that the almanha is the engine of europe!!!

    fanatec will come to Portugal because here there is responsability and competence

  • eh but if you think so you are rude .... according to some🤦‍♂️

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    Seems to me like there's plenty of reason to look elsewhere if this is the response I get to criticism of Fanatec, and not you. I was pretty specific about that. You chose to make this about you. In fact, you only partially quoted my message to make what I wrote look more targeted.

    But fine, quote me, and use the one post I have made as an example of an "attack".

    Honestly I think you've just made the decision for me.

  • I think this is wise. Whether it is intentional by you or a misunderstanding by users - either way, there is often a belief on this forum that you occasionally speak on behalf of Fanatec.

    I think it is better that any announcements on the content and timing of Fanatec developments only come from official staff. They are keen enough to inform us of hardware months and in some cases years before it is released. I think users would be equally or more interested in hearing when they will actually be able to reliably use the hardware they already own.

    Tempers are already frayed - this rewrite has supposedly been in development for over two years, which is quite frankly unbelievable. Teasing an imminent release and making assurances that it will solve user issues is foolish. It doesn't help, it just builds frustration, we already see this happening as the wait continues and it may get worse when pressure testing by users reveals new issues that have been missed by the dev team in their marathon coding session.

    I'm also hoping that the rewrite also introduces better release management and change control. This mess of introducing new bugs into the release stream is the most frustrating thing for me. It's been amateur hour stuff up until now and needs better managed.

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    I did not partially quoted your message to make what you wrote look more targeted. I quoted your message how it was when I replied to it before you edited your message. Edits of a message do not get updated in a quote. A quote always shows the message how it was at exactly the time when the quote is being made and to which someone directly answers and you can not even manually change the quote so its not possible to intentionally quote only a part of a message to let something look out of context.

    So the message you see quoted is exactly your original message from 08:02pm before any edits which you made on 08:10pm. And of course that message only targeted at me, not at Fanatec.

    Your edits from 08:10pm indeed target more towards Fanatec in general, sure. But those edits were not available when I originally replied to your message at 08:07pm.

  • That message was always targeted at Fanatec, but continue to stuff words in my mouth. I've posted a total of four times in this forum and three of those have been in this unpleasant interaction. If you want to imagine some kind of a personal conflict from that I think that reflects on you, or rather how Fanatec has misused you in this regard. The fact that the only person providing meaningful support or development updates is an unpaid volunteer is absolutely unacceptable and reflects very poorly on Fanatec. If Fanatec does not intend to provide official support through their own official support forum they should shut it down.

    I have no more patience for Fanatec. The total lack of care shown by this multimillion euro corporation is staggering. I wonder if Fanatec's corporate partners like SRO are aware of the total lack of customer relations, and years of broken promises?

  • You called out Maurice in your first sentence, and again in your third sentence. You did NOT make sure that your message was 'targeted at Fanatec' so don't try and divert blame and make it look like you're the victim. Own what you typed.

  • I specifically didn't mention Maurice because I didn't go dig up the post(s) referencing a release by the end of this week. Nor was I certain they were even made by the same person, which I now know. But make up whatever narrative you want.

    Since you seem to want to make it personal, what is your stake in this? What in my 5 total comments on this forum would lead you to tell me to give it a rest? Am I not allowed to criticism a highly successful international corporation for totally unacceptable customer support and relations?

    Go ahead, tell me where I am off base. I seem to have really struck a nerve here.

  • I think we should all calm down again and enjoy our weekends now...

  • Your tone left a lot to be desired. You referenced Maurice by the plain fact you expected a release this week - "Why even mention the end of this week when you know it's a holiday?" Who else are you referencing????????

    You're fed up and so is everyone else.

    You want a refund because of "false advertising" then go complain in the correct forum, you're not going to make any head way in the driver forum, you're just going to make yourself feel better because you vented.

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    Go ahead Sean, continue to tell me the intent behind my own words. Imagining names which aren't there. What do you get out of defending Fanatec?

    Looking at the type of language you use, imagining that I must be trying to be a "victim" says a ton about your mindset and the way you engage with people. People can post criticism without anyone having to be a victim, but you chose to frame it that way, and turned it on me.

    I'm done engaging with you. It's clear you've invented some personal conflict with me, and I will not be a party to it. I came here today because I had seen several posts referencing the update being "days away" and "end of the week". Instead we get another excuse from someone who should not have to be having these interactions in the first place. If Maurice is truly an unpaid volunteer it is unfathomable that Fanatec continue to use him as frontline support. Millions in revenue and they can't employ a proper support staff, and instead take advantage of the kindness and commitment of a single person. That's just awful.

    The simple fact is that you get faster support for Fanatec products on competitor's discord servers than you do from Fanatec. They should be deeply embarrassed by that. It is completely inexcusable.

    And Sean, don't condescend to me about my "tone". You have no authority over me, and frankly I have been far more respectful to everyone than you have to me at this point.

  • Ok Nathan.

    Hope you feel better getting all that out of your system.

    Good luck with your new sim racing hardware, and you should be able to sell your Fanatec stuff for decent $$ on ebay too.

  • While i understand your frustration please calm down and enjoy the weekend! Maurice is replying to you impatient brat in his free time and you are just insulting him because you cant use your toy..

    And just for your "engine of europa" reference, check out this statistic.


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    England does not belong to the European Union, oh boy,

    As for the rest, they don't even deserve an answer.

  • Gotta love how even the slightest criticism of Fanatec gets the likes of Bob and Sean out here to make everything personal.

  • Please do that and buy something else. 🤣

    In one year you'll buy Fanatec again anyway.

  • Can we stop the drama, please?

  • I doubt it. This has been going on for too long. You can't sell products with broken software/firmware and not fix it for years. Just introduce more and more bugs and then they tell you to use less settings for FFB to work properly. Who cares about UI if base is not working properly. Fanatec doesn't give a fuck, no wonder people are pissed.

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    Is this ok driver/firmware for CSW 2.0? Everything works as should and no notable problems? (Consoles/pc)

    Still using firmware 679 and driver which had that firmware, and almost everything work as they should.

  • Off topic posts should be removed to an other thread by moderators.

    I think by Monday - Tuesday everyone will calm down.

  • I see my post removed .. or moved to other thread? Couldn't find it with search, so i guess - it was silently removed.

    Even though it was annoying issue that i experienced in these drivers aswell few times, including race today, thus finally decided to report.

    And if post about got removed instead of commented on, probably Fanatec's or their moderators official state - "won't fix", and all the future firmware/driver versions expected to be plagued forever, as not allowed to be reported. Thus users, which are getting worse experience then could have been due said glitch with fanalab/firmware/drivers .. we are on our own. And if "won't fix", then only solution i can imagine, is to hunt down drivers of half a year ago, prior addition of this .. "enchantment" that brings nothing but brought frequent problems to me, is to downgrade everything and hold to old versions as long as possible, missing all fixes/improvements that are not related to it :(

  • Yes this driver and included Firmware 690 is fine in a CSW v2.

  • Nobody deleted your previous post.

    This forum Software is a bit... "Special"...

    When someone edits his message too often in a short period of time then for some reason the Frau protections of the forum Software get activated and the message gets deleted automatically...

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