Fanatec Driver 440 (BMW M4 GT3 Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • OK ,so if it's a hardware issue it's reoccurring.

    This is a new unit, 1st was replaced for same issue.

  • The Fanatec Wheel Base Motor Firmware can still not be Upgraded from ...

    That bug is at least 4 Years old, and you still have not been able to fix it...

    I tried all the Steps, which only worked for the Wheel Base Firmware(after a few tries).

    PLEASE FIX IT... Your Support is down and i know from expirience (currently employed as a Embeded C++ Developer) that that bug is definitly fixable.

    I have waited 2,5 Months for that Wheelbase and the regular Support is down so i can't even make a RMA.... My only hope was your Beta Driver

    My Setup: CSL DD 8NM Kit (180 Watt)

    Wheel Rim and Pedals are not connected. (Would be McLaren GT3 V2 and Clubsport Universal Hub with ClubSportPedals V3 connected via USB )

  • it is a week later

    I would downgrade this to soon or even soonish

  • A week is nothing. It's been two and a half years with the jolts. Only empty promises and more bugs introduced so you have to disable more and more functions/filters for your base to properly work. So don't get your hopes up.

  • So what you're saying is nothing's changed then...

  • You can still use NDP and will not cause wierd FFB behavior. That's a plus 😄

  • What kind of change can we expect from the Podium DD rewrite?

    Any realistic ETA?

  • a LOT.

    If every change/fix/improvement gets listed in the changelog then expect a HUGE Wall-of-text.

  • If you include the known issues no doubt it will be pages. :-)

    I'm afraid that you would have to be very naive to believe that Fanatec are going to completely eradicate the mess of half baked software updates overnight with this rewrite.

    That said, I'm pleased to see that they are rewriting the codebase but without also improving their ongoing development methodologies it's just going to be more of the same I'm afraid.

  • Let's see your reaction to the Changelog when it's released :)

  • But no ETA? like 1 month? 3 months? 6?

    • Fixed driver causing excessive CPU usage in ACC for some users (thanks a lot for your feedback, especially the one from Ioan, this was super helpful)

    I just have to mention and give feedback on how incredible this improvement is to ACC on my system. The game was always micro stuttering randomly and giving high cpu even on very low settings. Even though I could get higher frames with lower settings it never felt smooth compared to other game/sims.

    I just thought the ACC fanboys were overhyping a badly optimized game and thought i needed a 3090 or some crazy graphics card... I tried so hard to give it fair chance but could never get passed this.

    Very surprised the Fanatec driver was the cause of this. I had the same issue with the CSL Elite before I upgraded to CSL DD Pro on all the previous fanatec drivers and on Windows 10 and 11.

    Now it runs buttery smooth and I could even increase my settings and now it looks amazing and also plays/drives smoothly and feels so much better...

    I feel like this needs to be spread on to the masses because its honestly that much of a game changer, at least for me. Thank you so much for working together to look into this issue I really appreciate it.

    For reference my specs are:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz  3.19 GHz

    32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable)

    Windows 11 Home 21H2

    NVidia RTX 2080 Super

  • No exact ETA but we are not talking about months anymore ;)

  • Phew!!!. Looking forward to the day. :) No date more or less known??

  • Just to be clear. Are we talking about a final release or a beta?

  • Will this new release have a flexible User Interface that allows the control panel to be resized or has the ability to scroll the content?

  • Is this fixed on the ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2.5? There is a misscalculation in the left Joysticks X-Axis. The center position is not the half of all 16 bit value. This causes drift.

  • That would be a hardware issue and you should contact the support.

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    Hey sadly is not. I already sended the Wheel to the support - so I think its some kind of software/driver related, because it worked since three month agp - see the answer from Fanatec below (I translated it to english):

    "...thank you for your patience.

    The technician looked at your steering wheel, could also confirm the behavior, however there is no way to fix this. Comparison tests showed that with other steering wheels the input is the same. Therefore, a replacement would not help, as we cannot change the behavior due to the construction.

    Please let us know if we may return the steering wheel.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards / Kind regards


    (Fanatec Support Team)"

    and I mean, how hard can it be to adjust that value even if its the correct input from that joystick RX = RX + 256; and the job is done!

  • Are you currently running Windows 10 or 11 and what are your Settings on DD Pro and in ACC?

  • I just finished putting my rig together, and even before I plugged my GT DD Pro in the PS5, I figured I should check for any new firmware updates. There were 4 in total: Wheel Base, Wheel Base Motor, Wheel Rim and an update for my McLaren GT3 V2 rim. Everything updated perfectly, except for my GT DD Pro rim.

    When it tries to be updated, I always hear windows' disconnection chime, the firmware updater hangs and after a while I get a message on the OLED screen stating "CAUTION! PLEASE UPDATE THE FIRMWARE!". The first time around, I left it for 15 minutes before deciding to turn off wheel in the hopes it wasn't bricked, and thankfully it seems to be ok, but I still can't update it.

    Tried with drivers 434, 439 and 440 and nothing was different.

    Even weirder is that the Wheel FW as reported directly in the OLED screen is 33. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • I have just tried another computer to no avail, even ensuring I took some extra steps to ensure a fresh as possible install.

    1. Disconnected Wheel and Pedals from the base. Connected the base to the computer.

    2. Manually updated the Motor fw. Completed successfully.

    3. Manually updated the Wheel Base fw. Completed successfully.

    4. Turned off the unit and on again. Still reported "ST WHEEL 33". Driver detected Ran OLED, RevLED and FFB tests. All completed successfully.

    5. Tried updating the wheel twice. No avail. Used two other usb-c cables and ports on the computer. Also did not work.

    It doesn't feel great paying so much money for the equipment, driving to another country to pick it up, only to have such basic functionality not working from pretty much the get go. And now to wait ages for support, which undoubtedly will ask me basic questions, not offer a solution and go radio silent for another few weeks again...

    Funnily enough, I had posted a summary like this one a few minutes ago, but I had to edit it as it had a typo. Fanatec software seems so buggy that not only my edit but the entire post is gone.

  • Do any of you also feel that the FFB on the DD Pro is stronger on the PS5 than on the PC in ACC?

    I have the feeling that the FFB on the PC is much blunter / more rounded and the powerful shocks in sudden shocks remains off and if you turn the FFB for it high to have such forces the tension of the wheel is permanently very high.

    Has anyone also had to make such experiences or has my base a fundamental problem?

    Would be great if someone could help me.

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    That is because PS5 is 1 big Physics and FFB Patch behind the PC (PS5 still is on 1.7.x where PC is already on 1.8.x).

    With 1.8 a LOT has changed in Physics and with latest Patch also the FFB drastically changed but these changes are not available on PS5 yet. Therefore the FFB and basically the whole driving experience is a lot different when you compare PS5 vs PC.

    But btw... Be happy that the new FFB code is not available on PS5 yet because the new FFB feels way worse than the old FFB code...

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    Okay thanks, I almost thought so and can therefore exclude that my DD Pro has a problem. 

    Could not test it on the PS5 against, because I no longer have this.

    Can you tell me your settings in the base, as well as in the game? Or do you have another wheel?

    Are you using Win10 or 11?

  • That is because the recommended FFB settings are not good anymore. DPR 100, NDP OFF, FEI 90, in game damper set for low oscillation and per car FFB settings was the answer for me.

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