Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • So when will the CSL DD users get the FFB rewrite updates? days/weeks/months or years :)

    Will it be a noticeable change, like what the DD users are getting, or as they are different motors wont feel much different to what we already have?

  • A massive *thank you* to Marcel and the driver/FW team. I'm sure that rewrite wasn't easy.

    This is working great on my end. I hope Thomas give you all some well-deserved time off :)

  • Do I need to remove my attached wheel from the wheel base anytime before I install the new driver or before flashing the wheel base firmwares, or is that not necessary?

    I am currently running driver 381, I assume it is best practice to uninstall the old driver first?


  • Just wanted to say that this firmware is absolutely awesome. Props to the development team.

  • Marcel, was a full rewrite of the code done with this new FW? I remember waiting for the Jolts to be fixed on the ITM screen since day1 and it said it required a full rewrite of the coding. I saw that it's now fixed - was the entire code rewritten from the ground up with this FW?

    I am very glad this has been fixed though. I havent used that screen from the first day because it always happened randomly to me in iRacing and sometimes it could be so sharp that it rips from my hands. Also hugely distracting during online races.

    Thanks again!

  • My process below has been the same for three years now and I have not once had an update issue:

    1. make sure wheelbase is off
    2. uninstall old driver package
    3. reboot
    4. install new driver package
    5. reboot
    6. turn on wheelbase
    7. proceed with firmware updates.

  • Am I just imagining it or has the sensitivity increased when turning into gt7 with the dd pro? I often lose the car now but can catch it again better with the latest firmware 442

  • This is the best update to my DD2 ever. Well done its about bloody time. Thank you. Update went through with no problems at all. The wheel feel is a massive improvment

  • Super update team, wheel feels great and nice to no longer have to worry about ITM screens! It's true it's been a long time coming but I hope this update cools the negativity on here so we can get back to focusing as a community on helping improve the firmware further.

    @maurice As always, your profiles provide the perfect compliment, they really should just be incorporated into Fanalab as a set of startup tuning settings. For people who don't read the forums it'd make it so easy for them to improve the feel and performance of their wheel right out of the box.

  • Have installed the latest driver and fanalab but have not had a chance yet to try it out I did notice when I turned the wheelbase off there was an ever so slight clunk noise that has been there since one of the prior updates a lomg time ago. Is this normal or an issue not fixed with the latest updates?

  • DD2 user

    Updated no issues after removing older versions of Fanalab and Previous driver 381.

    Wow !!

    Best driver and firmware to date . Feels smoother and detailed to me. Tried it in AC and RF2 so far. Put my previous settings back on so will be interesting to try different filters within my settings , like friction and damper since this update.

  • Okay, thanks Maurice

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    Are there noticeable differences with the DD Pro compared to the previous update?

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    It was just game config, everything fine at here.

  • Yes, just had a short Nürnberg ring test but immediately noticable difference at least in ACC. Don't drive others. From the stand still friction to how the overall ffb feeling has changed is just wow. I can go to the limit with better confidence and have a better feel for what the car is doing. I have the CSL DD.

    FFB is quite different from car to car in ACC. Especially the McLaren (which I mostly drive) to the BMW M4 and Honda. So using per car FFB a lot. McLaren does not oscillate at recommended settings but BMW and Honda do, so higher NDP.

    Earlier the in game damper was just not good especially mixed with NDP so have to check that out.

    If Maurice or somebody from Fanatec would tell if the recommended settings will be revisited?

  • I updated to the latest 442 and updated the v3 pedals but then i turned on my base and the control panel disappears an i cant update the base, ive tried with my McLaren v2 rim connected, no rim connected and the Universal hub connected but every time the base is on the control panel goes away. if i turn off the base the control panel can be opened and i can adjust the v3 pedals fine!

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    Anyone having issues with 442 on a CSL DD base?

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    Also i get the error twice when doing the install and or repair.

    Also if i try to go back to 381 it just says "a newer version of FANATEC driver package is already installed" and finishes, i cant roll back.


    • Fixed rare and brief jump of steering wheel position. Most noticeable in iRacing by a rapid steering angle change only visible for ~1 frame. Could be felt as a jolt like sensation. 

    Yes! I thought it was a hardware problem, but wasn't bad enough to start an RMA for (Thankfully it only interfered with my driving only once during ~half a year, when the sudden input spike made me "fall off" the line and run wide in a turn). Now it really seems to be gone, thanks :)

    BTW, the sudden "false" input position readings were just as regular in rFactor2 (sometimes one or more of these every lap), and the "jolts" were much worse in rFactor2, since it has stronger reaction forces to input change. It was also present in other sims (e.g. iRacing and RaceRoom that I drive), but the jolt effect was the worst in rFactor2.

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    This morning I did install from 439 to 442, (I have DD1 + Formula V2.5x and CSL Loadcell kit) Everything works fine except Control panel does not show BLI no more... but can feel the vibe from V2.5x when I push the brake. Do I need rollback to 439 or do you have any solution?

  • Am I the only one with this problem??? Or am I doing something wrong?????

    can someone enlighten me???

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    Yes it looks like you are the only one and I think this might be because of a broken Bootloader of the steering wheel (which would be a hardware issue).

    I would advise you to contact the technical support for a repair.

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    Hello everybody,

    after installing the 442 driver for my DD1, the firmware and motor-firmware updated successfully, but during the centre-calibration the wheel not recordnized. After I couldn´t get out of this mode I turn off the wheel and restart the pc. After pressing the power button of the base, the fan runs with 100% and the base looks like to calibrate an hold at 45° on the right side, the firmware manager starts and I only can flash the firmware again, during the prozess the error "Error: No response from target device." occurs and the update canceled. I have tried it serveral times, but the result was that the base not starting anymore, only when I hold the power button the fan go on and the base go into the calibration and hold at 45° on the right side, but nothing more happen.

    I hope some one can help me to bring the base back to life. That´s the first time I have this kind of issue after an update.

  • It's OK for me. Didn't notice any improvements so far, coming from driver 440.

    Maybe the small jolts are gonne (those 1 frame jumps mentioned on the changelog), but haven't tested too much tbh. I've noticed them from time to time on ACC, but it really didn't bothered me.

    Update was OK, no issues as always for me :)

    I always follow this procedure and never failed, since 2 years and half ago that I've started with a CSW 2.5

    • Uninstall previous driver and reboot.
    • Install new driver and reboot.
    • Detach my wheel from the base (It's an Universal Hub for Xbox with R300 rim) and I also detach my CSL Elite LC USB pedals.
    • Bypass ANY USB HUB in my installation (I use several) and connect the base directly to PC.
    • Also, disconnect ANY OTHER USB device (XBOX game pad, UPS USB, external HDDs). I just keep my logitech keyboard/mouse combo,and always in another mainboard USB Hub. For example, USB3.0 for the wheel base, USB 2.0 for the keboard/mouse. So nothing interferes.
    • Turn ON the wheel base, and WAIT for windows to finish installation.
    • Open Fanatec control panel and update the wheel base. After that, swicth to PC mode and calibrate wheel center.
    • Turn off the wheel base, close fanatec control panel, reconect the Universal HUB to the wheel base.
    • Open fanatec control panel, and update the UHXB. Not so many for this lately, not needed anyway :)
    • Detach RJ12 Pedals, if you are using it (I don't, I prefer the 16bit resolution of the USB box).
    • Connect pedals though USB and update them. Also, try tu use a direct conection to PC, avoid hubs.

    Also, this whole procedure is done with both PC and Wheel base powered by an UPS, just in case you know

    I may feel a bit overcareful what I do, but hey, I really don't want to brick it! a shitty amazon USB HUB or and electrical power cut could really do this toy become a cool door stopper 😀

  • Nice. Can you say me your settings for the Honda?

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    This is intended.

    BLI is now only available with a CSP v3 Pedal set connected to the Base.

    Yes, BLI also lets the vibration motors inside supported ClubSport steering wheel rumble but its mainly a Pedal feature of the ClubSport Pedals v3. BLI is kind of a fake vibration which triggers the vibration motors based on pedal % input ,not on real telemetry data if the tire is actually really locking or slipping. Problem with BLI is that BLI and native in game telemetry based vibrations or FanaLab telemetry based vibrations are not working in parallel. Most of the newer games support the vibration motors natively, hence BLI would not work anyway. And also with FanaLab you get real telemetry based vibration effects as well so in general there is no real need for a fake vibration effect based on pedal % input of BLI.

    BLI will not be made available anymore in the future when you dont have CSP v3 pedals so if you REALLY need that feature for fake vibrations instead of real telemetry vibrations coming natively from the game or via FanaLab, then you would need to stay on an older driver forever.

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