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Dear community,

We are very pleased that you accepted our Black Friday offers so well. Thank you! 

Now we'd like to give you an update regarding our turnaround times. Due to the extremely high order volume during our Black Friday event, turnaround times for order processing may take up to ten days, depending on your region. 

Please note, the order status "Completely shipped" in your Fanatec account only signifies that your data was transferred to our warehouse - your tracking data will take longer to appear. We have also fixed the issue that the tracking information wasn't displayed on mobile view. However, please also check your tracking numbers on desktop or desktop view on smartphones. Finally: If your order included pre-order items, it will only ship once everything is in stock.

We'll keep you up to date on this topic here in the forum.

Your Fanatec Team



  • Hi

    Orderd on 21st and still no tracking info order nr 1809189

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    What a mess, maybe it's time to improve that process... and better inform your customers with better statuses on their order.

    Mark items as "Completely shipped" and then still take 10+ business days to actually ship the items. With no guaranty you will receive a mail with your tracking code... Making it impossible to guess when to be at home or when to go to a pickup point.

    No wonder why also support is overload with all kind of requests, because this process is just so unclear as it can be.

    Also still a lot of people receiving their items without ever receiving a tracking number, which should have been solved months ago. All of a sudden a delivery guy at the front door... then hoping you are at home and they ring the door bell, else you have no clue the package is at a pickup point... causing even more requests to support to fix issues with packages that are being returned after 7 days or something... because customers just don't receive a tracking code. If then the items are send much earlier the whole problem will be even worse without tracking. Because if you then would decided after 10 days to check a pickup point your package could already be on it's way back 😕

    Maybe next time first fix your issues and then start some BF deals. Because it's now even worse then it was before... I have no issues with delays or things take longer to ship because of busy days. But at least make sure the info is right and up to date reflecting the real status.

  • I canceled an order on Friday, still haven't received a refund.

    And the orders that suddenly became red squared? Could we have an update?

  • edited November 2023

    I hope nothing will miss from my order.

    I have two orders from friday, one is canceled manually by me and still haven't got the refund (it was an order with the apm + 2.5x + button caps bundle price glitch, I cancelled it manually).

    I made another order but without the APM and it got warehouse processed today. What I found weird that the order also has a QR2 base side (Type-C) in it which wasn't in stock until 15th of dec when I've made the orde, I really hope it won't be missing.

    You should really sort out these issues, the lack of communication, reddit is full of issues and deleted orders (presumably, a lot of that orders has a red square) with that bundle glitch without any communication or option to pay the difference. While other orders with the glitch are warehouse processed, this is madness.

  • Please explain reason for the order with status 'In progress' next to red box.

  • Hello. In 24th I buyed a few products. Your website suggested add apm to my order. I add apm. I think that it is promo with other products. In Monday I checked order status and I get red square to my order. On Reddit I read about price bug. I don’t know that is price bug. After check my status order I want make new order but steering wheel and v3 pedals they had a sold out status. I really wanted to buy a steering wheel v2.5x and pedals v3. If you can continue my order 1831930 without apm or I will pay the differences?

  • Hello James,

    Thank you for this update, we know now that shipping time can take 10 business day...hoping it will be less.

    About orders, I want to ask you a clarification: when the order is "Completely Shipped" status, is there a risk to be cancelled like "in progress" statur or at this point is ok? Because I have Completely Shipped status on my order with green square, so I think everything will be correctly shipped.

    Another question I've already made on BF topic: is there a chance to have availability QR2 wheel-side adaptor before January? I don't want to annoy you with this request, but without this "simple" piece the whole setup is useless as I want to buy new Clubsport DD base.

  • Finally: If your order included pre-order items, it will only ship once everything is in stock.

    Sorry, what exactly does this mean?

    I ordered an CS DD+ including 3 x QR2, which were in stock when I placed my order. I hope you saved the QR2s so that the hole package is ready to ship as soon as the CS DD+ is available?

    If not, what happens, when the QR2 is back in stock in January and the CS DD+ is out of stock then? Will this be a never ending story?

  • Yes please give us an explanation for this. Are these orders indeed cancelled, and if so why are some (me included) getting our credit cards charged for these orders.

  • Maybe you should change the term from "completely shipped" to "send to warehouse".

    Would be much better understandable for the customer.

  • Hi,

    What does it mean if order status is "The order is in process". It was placed and paid on 20th just after offer for v3 and wheel f1 2023 was published. Since then nothing changed.

    I am trying to contact you via multiple channels but is seems it is impossible. It a shame that customer service is at such level...

  • I got the refund, thanks.

    Still hope my actual order will be okay.

  • if possible, please speed up for the pre-oder shippment. My new V3 pedal has arrived but that means nothing without the DD+ . 🤣

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to get in contact with someone from support and phone line's not working, live chat not working, on email nobody answers. I would just want a clarification on my order 1793940 from 17 November for a Podium DD2. I sent an email for canceling that order, then changed my mind and replaied to the email to cancel my cancellation. As I thought that the order will go through I got myself Porsche 911 GT3 Cup bundle. Sometime later I got an email saying that the order is cancelled and I'll receive a refund. No refund and my order is still with status completly shipped. I would like to receive both orders or I would like to know for sure that order 1793940 is cancelled so I can cancel the Porsche wheel also.

    TLDR I don't want order 1793940 cancelled.

    I know this sound and it's very stupid.

  • why you cancel dd2? that thing is great if comes to ffb strength self. when i place a order i not thinked a not single time about canceling

  • Please James answer to the red square 🟥 „in progress“ cases. We’re all afraid of wordless cancelled orders. We just want informations and a way for solution. Please.

    order number (1828318)

  • I have the same problem.

    Order number: 1831807

    And please check this:

    "Dear Fanatec Team,

    on Friday I tried to place an order, unfortunately it was canceled due to an error in your system, but my credit card was charged anyway!!! The order does not appear under my orders either! The amount is 346,65€. Please refund me the money promptly! And please leave my other order, which I placed afterwards, in place.

    Best regards Sebastian"

  • That's why I said it was stupid of me... I got a little side tracked about other deals... Bad decision, now I want to sort it out and see if I have to cancel my other order. The thing is that I'll have to cancel it if I don't here from them as the last offers from November will end tomorrow...

  • Can anyone confirm that their APM, F1 2.5, button bundle order has actually been canceled (as in went from red box in progress to fully canceled)? It would be nice to know if the people claiming their order was canceled truly recieved cancelation notice/have an order marked canceled or if everyone is assuming the red box means it is canceled.

    I know of two people now who did that bundle order and have the green box with the status marked "completely shipped". Just trying to figure out if some people were actually 100% canceled while others got the order or if no one has been fully canceled or if it is dependant upon different laws in different countries or something?

    Some input on this red box matter would be very helpful as I also placed this order having no idea it was not correct (apm got offered at checkout woth bundle discount so I jumped on it) and my order status has been red box in progress since Saturday. Just want to know what the deal is as all the talk about cancelation makes me worried.

  • i hope you get your DD2 because, man, that thing is a monster, it's like who is the boss who is the boss, DD2 is the boss

  • Hello @Seth Cormier,

    I ordered exactly this combination, i.e. APM, F1 V2.5X and Button Bundle, and it was completely canceled. I have the red box in the order. I have not yet received an answer as to whether I can still correct the order or make an additional payment.

  • So the words next to the red box say "canceled"? Also, are you in USA? It is odd because I am learning of people who did the same order amd have it marked completely shipped with green box.

  • These are the order I have ordered with red box in progress status now

  • I can’t see a red box on these pictures. So you didn’t understand his question about it.

  • Ok, we still don't know of the red box and on progress status means canceled though. There is still a chance those orders will be competed, i think it will come down to Fanatec making a decision about what to do.

  • If you can read, there is no cancellation actually. There is a red box with „in progress“. So you post some misinformation which makes somebody unsure. Don’t do that.

  • For my part, I can confirm that I canceled the order twice (once due to my fault, once due to the delivery service) each time the order status changed to red and the description "in progress", then the order status changed to "cancelled", unfortunately.

  • In your case yes, but this doesn’t mean that every red box is a safe cancellation. Just when there is written „cancelled“, then it is a safe cancellation. I guess that the red box means that the order is on hold and must be checked by personal manually. But this is just my opinion. There are still no official informations about that.

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