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    Le droit européen garantit les mêmes droits dans toute l’Union européenne lors d’un achat en ligne.

    L’expédition et la livraison : le commerçant doit livrer une commande dans un délai de 30 jours, sauf accord contraire avec le client .

    Toutefois Fanatec commet une erreur en indiquant au client lors de la commande et sur le site : Ships within 4-7 days..

    Certains anciens clients ne peuvent plus payer par PayPal ce qui leurs permet d'éviter les réclamations auprès de PayPal. 

    Il faut arrêter de nous prendre pour des cons avec le Black Friday, Le COVID, Guerre en UKRAINE et maintenant des problèmes logistique et après ca sera neige, la chaleur ?

    Tout simplement ils n'avaient pas assez de stock, et utilise notre argent pour de la trésorerie.

    Même si vous avez payez par CB visa ou Mastercard une réclamation est possible auprès de votre banque ou du service VISA ou Mastercard.

    Comment justifier des délais aussi longs pour répondre aux emails et expédier les commandes ? Ce n'est pas AMAZON ou CDISCOUNT en volume de commandes qui eux sont plus réactifs !

    Je suis d'accord personne ne vous oblige à commander chez eux, mais la roue tourne et si rien ne change on verra d'ici quelques années.

    Vu les délais de traitement (emails et commandes) ils ont le temps de bouquiner le Droit européen de la consommation.

  • Fanatec is not a small company - they act like schoolboys playing at business in their parents garden which is probably why you think this. But you are wrong - as a sim gear manufacturer that are well established and one of the market leaders.

    Fanatec have been in business since the late 1990's, they have almost a quarter of the sim racing wheel business, about the same share as Logitech and only just behind Thrustmaster. They had EURO 27 million sales last month alone!

    I've no idea if you already knew this or were just thinking out load - but they are not a small operation. People are justified in being constantly let down by their shambolic practices. They should be operating much more professionally than they are.

  • Yet ive had the Completely shipped for 7 days? since day 2 of ordering it ive had it, ordered 23rd

  • And if so why did my warranties start?

  • @james @thomas jackermeier

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

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    Now the Fanatec website is down. I guess they Chance some things. BF is over so they are no further reason why the site is going down because of traffic. Can somebody confirm that?

    edit: the was some traffic issues I guess. Site is online again.

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    What reputable company in 2023 takes more than 5 days to ship an item that it is on stock? Outsource your shipping to Amazon in US or get another logistics partner that can ship your items in 1-2days. I'm in US ordered on 11.26 one item that was is stock, I didn't see any message anywhere stating that it will take over 7 days to ship the item. This is the 1st and last time I'm ordering from this scam company, German mentality my eesss.

  • My $1500 order (#1834470) from 11/24 is still stuck in limbo presumably due to the APM, V2.5x, Buttons bug. I ordered the Clubsport DD+ today in part to beat any potential price increase now that the DD has gone up, and in part to show Fanatec that I'm a good customer (I also own the full GT DD Pro setup) and maybe they could be nice and process my other order. Purely coincidentally just after I ordered the DD+ my $250 order from 11/22 (QR2 Pro and Type C QR2 Base) was issued a Fedex label. Not that Fanatec notified me or updated the tracking on my order, rather I have an account with Fedex so I got a notification from them as soon as the label was created.

  • The sim racing hardware industry as a whole is tiny when compared to the e-commerce industry or electronics industry or many other industries as a whole. Even when compared to other companies selling niche products Fanatec is comparatively small. Take home espresso machines for instance, home espresso making is for sure a niche hobby, however the home espresso making industry as a whole brings in far far more revenue than the sim racing industry as a whole and the leading home espresso machine company is exponentially larger than Fanatec. We are talking about a niche within a niche when it comes to sim racing and sim racing hardware and Fanatec is just a part of that industry.

    Comparing Fanatec to Logitech's sim racing division is disingenuous. Logitech is a 15 billion dollar company that sells way more than sim racing hardware. Sim racing hardware is just a portion of their company and makes up a small portion of the products they sell. Fanatec only sells sim racing hardware, that's it. Logitech is a 15 billion dollar market cap company while fanatecs parent company endor ag is a roughly 90 million dollar market cap company. Endor ag runs off a revenue of roughly 100 million for the year (based on this year so far) and their profit margins are often very small. They also spend insane money on development to get their products to the level of quality they are. Right now their 9 month ebitda is negative, for all of 2021 they had a 3.75% margin, 2022 happened to be a very good year but 2023 isn't looking as strong (apart from a very good black friday week). These numbers are tiny when compared to the types of companies they are up against outside of the very specific sim racing industry. It may seem like 27 million is a lot of revenue, but profit margins are what matters. Also, in all of Q3 their revenue was 23 million, so obviously this black Friday was absolutely huge for them. They are doing more work due to black friday week than they have done in the previous entire quarter. 3 months worth of sales in one week!

    With massive companies like Amazon, best buy, Walmart etc offering incredibly fast shipping and processing times and having abundant staff the consumer has come to expect a standard of service that is just unrealistic for comparatively smaller companies such as Fanatec.

    Fanatec may be large in the world of sim racing, but the entire sim racing world is a pimple on an ants bottom when compared to the majority of other industries in the world. Even when compared strictly to the gaming industry sim racing and even more so high end sim racing hardware is just a small part of the industry as a whole. So even a large sim racing company is still very very small in the grand scheme of things.

    90 miion market cap may sound like a lot, but if you start looking at their profit margins and how much of their overall revenue is dedicated to payroll you would likely find that it isn't always as simple as hire more staff. Fanatec has a negative EBITDA over the past 9 months, we'll see how they round out the year after this big black Friday but right now they don't have spare money to dump into more staff. It simply isn't an option.

  • Ants have bottoms? Who knew 🤣

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    hello @James

    I ordered the Black Friday '23 F1 LE Wheel + APM Bundle on Nov 22. It was shown as "Available Now" at the time.

    However after I placed the order, in the order section of my account, the wheel side QR2 that is part of that bundle showed as Dec 15. so does that mean that the order has to wait until then even tho the wheel was listed as "Available Now"?

    I'm confused as I'd have happily ordered the wheel without QR2 for now but there was no option to do so. Seems like the wheel should have been listed as available on Dec 15.

  • @James

    Orders with red box in progress for more than a week, items all are available to ship, when will it be changed to completely shipped? Thanks

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  • @james @thomas jackermeier 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • Happy for you that Fanatec service meets your expectations, given their market share. Seems you are more easily pleased than many.

  • It's not about the length of the answer, it even made me post a few characters, but if I try to quote James, it tells me it must be approved.

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    Guys chill out we got incredible deals u can't even get for used Fanatec gear.....

    3 Month ago I ordered Moza gear they let me hang for 3 months, then I canceled my order from them, now I'm quite happy I did this.

    Edit: And atm we have so much snow in our region what we didn't have for 15 years. And Fanatec is not far from my location. So that probably adds some delay as well.

  • Dear Fanatec,

    Please respect and do answer.

    I read all the comments. Just answer people - you will do yourself a favor - you will increase trust, upsales, recommendations to friends, NPS of Fanatec.

    My order is the oldest - 17th of November - 15 days ago...

    Order value - €2600 with top Podium items.

    Order status - UNKNOWN despite marking "Completely shipped".

    Shipment - no tracking number either on desktop or on mobile.

    I wrote an email on the 24th of November - no response...


    Take care of Customers - RESPOND QUICKLY to people you put in limbo.

    Thank you!

  • The European Commission provides a platform for settlements of disputes.

    You can visit the platform here:

  • are you okay or do you want to get reported for spam?

  • I just want an answers for this problem like a lot of people too and I have to repost it again and again because nobody from the staff reacts to them.

    so I send messages to every possible way to get an answer for this problem but they ignore it for weeks. So i have to repost it all the time till they answer to it.

  • Fanatec company has the most pathetic and dismissive attitude towards its customers. I placed an order on November 24th and haven't received any response regarding the fulfillment date till today, despite the product being in stock on the day of purchase.

    It's simply a mockery - these people are just laughing at us right in our faces. It's a shame that due to the treatment by a few arrogant individuals, a company known for its good products is becoming less credible.

    I'm simply saddened by being ignored as a customer. For 4 days, no one has even replied to my messages. There are no words.

  • @james @thomas jackermeier 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • I finally received my articles with a little patience

  • I’m just as excited as the rest of you to get my gear; but making excuses for a company that has been in business for a quarter century (in a world where the average Joe running a one man startup can easily establish more reliable distribution channels [FBA?] and build a site that has HONEST order progress) suggests the commenters defending are shills or staff.

    Customers shouldn’t have to dig through forum posts for order updates.

    Warranties shouldn’t start until the products are in the hands of the customers.

    Fraudulently listing something “available” after your own system snitched on you that the items are on backorder until over a week out is not acceptable

    Either way guys… Complaining in their closed garden won’t do nearly as much good as putting them on blast via their public social media profiles. Complain on X, FB, IG, etc so that potential customers know what shady techniques these folks use.

  • going through the same issues! the fact that FANATEC is supposed to be one of the leaders in sim racing their system sucks!. hey JAMES maybe start updating everyone instead of posting a generic comment to get customers off your backs. time to step your game up FANATEC very unacceptable.

  • let him live, man, is he as frustrated as hundreds, thousands? other users, it's sad that the person has already added several dozen comments and still hasn't received a response, like most of us, he paid for the product, so he has the right to expect an answer, and you should no longer be such a guardian of law and order on the forum of this inappropriate company.

  • At this point I hope you're the very last who receive the order. U act like an 8-year-old.

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