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  • Is there only one quy anwsring 2 to 3 anwser in day?

  • @james

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

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  • for all those who, like me, see their order as completely shipped, I write here what is on the Fanatec website: "**Please note our EU warehouse is currently experiencing processing delays of roughly one week. Your order status may automatically change to Completely Shipped, but has only left our warehouse once you receive tracking information directly from UPS (please check your spam folder if you have not received any email or update in your Fanatec account).**

    we just have to hope we don't wait too long

  • I don‘t get it why the only open question is not answered at all and ignored completely. But, if they state that the turnaround times are up to ten days (no one talking of a working week), for my understandind the very latest on next Monday the orders from last BF have to be processed and on its way.

  • People are receiving their orders without any tracking information , and is really random how they send them out, I read on Facebook on their page on guy commented that him and he's neighbour order exactly the same thing with 1 day apart from each other and the one who order before has not received the product but the one who ordered later did, so they just randomly send out orders without priority given to older orders!

  • the guys are supposed to change their name to FF fast fanatec ;)

  • Hi, I orderd on 27/11 and now appear that QR 2 base side type C will avalible on 17 january! when i ordered was avalible on december... Does that mean I won't receive my order until January 17?

  • "Finally: If your order included pre-order items, it will only ship once everything is in stock."

    That is a statement that is not true at all. Received one of 3 orders today. 3 times postage is nice too. I'm sitting on hot coals here men. Make sure the goods come out. 😩

  • @james 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • I'v ordered on 24.11, has Qr2 wheel side in it with original availability 3rd january -> today it was shifted aslo 17th january.

    I have also the "red square" problem, so maybe i just cancell the order (which currently would be also tricky, as i dont have a cancell button ) and order everything from asetek. Originally i planned to be a fanatec customer, but i think fanatec didnt want me.

  • hello everyone

    I placed my order on 11/22/23 and three days ago it shows as completely shipped and everything I purchased was available for shipping in 4-7 business days. Today is the ninth business day and I still do not have the tracking number or correct information about when my order will be shipped and on top of that the most embarrassing thing of all is that the shipping payment comes out of our pocket and the company does not respond or only gives priorities at convenience.

    I hope everyone's purchases arrive soon.

  • The scale of this problem, considering the number of people, is huge, if they cannot cope with the number of orders, they have added fuel to the fire with sales on BF. They should stop accepting new orders until the outstanding issues are resolved or work 24/7. This is just a bad customer's thought. What is important is that more and more customers' money is credited to the company's account... disgusting.

  • I ordered the same thing as you apart from the wheel I ordered the 21st still nothing to date asking us to be patient that's all it says to believe that it's a robot

  • @james 

    Why did you ignore all the customers with the red box „in progress“ questions? You have read them and don’t answer to them for more than a week. Why? I wrote you a pm a few days ago and you ignore them too. What do you have to hide for us?

    how long should we wait for answers?

  • I canceled the order and made another without QR2... Hope this send soon and return my money for the first order

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    Why do orders that have tracking sit for days in the warehouse...

    Does USPS need to build a bridge to the warehouse to pick it up?

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    it seems to be exceptional but I received a response within the day... but still no response to my next question and when I see with what difficulty you process orders and questions from your customers, ultimately I hope that this was not an unfounded response only intended to make me wait and that when you finally process my order you are not going to tell me that all the items are not in stock.

  • Thanks for the reply. Look forward to resolving this issue. I understand there may be delays in shipping however my main concern is the confirmation of the order being processed.

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    Is anyone elses comments needing to be approved prior to posting?

    Edit, nevermind it was fue to length of comment

  • I understood why Fanatec made the status “Completely shipped” for all our orders on Black Friday and before.

    This was done specifically so that we, the customers, could not cancel the order and demand the money back. And we were forced to wait. I believe that this is a deliberate deception of customers!

  • Ok, I think people should take a small step back here and consider what they are really getting mad over. Yes, having an order take a long time to process or ship is annoying and could be an inconvenience. However, at the end of the day it is just a bit of extra time and we are talking about luxury items we purchased for fun not life saving medication or something.

    Getting a little upset and asking for an update is ok, even requesting some sort of good faith gesture is acceptable. But some people are going too far with bashing Fanatec and acting as if Fanatec has personally attacked them. Fanatec is still a relatively small company and with this year having the heaviest black friday discounts I have ever seen Fanatec offer I am sure they have a huge workload. For those who did place regular black friday orders they are getting the best deals in Fanatec's history.

  • For those of you who have orders marked as "completely shipped" with a green box but no tracking number or updates, just hang tight, I'm sure the orders will ship soon enough.

    For those who ordered the qr2 and are now experiencing delays into January, I get that it is disappointing but sometimes products go on back order and take longer than expected. Maybe Fanatec will offer the option to cancel for those who decide they do not want to wait.

    For those who ordered the black friday apm bundle discount and have the red box "in progress" status (like myself). Hopefully Fanatec will come to a final decision on what to do about these orders soon. I know it is frustrating to be in limbo not knowing what will happen to our orders but at this point there really isn't much we can do but wait and see. I would love to see Fanatec honor these orders given all of the confusion and the fact that we will be unable to get any black friday items if the orders cancel, but we have no idea how many of these orders were placed and how large the financial impact would be on Fanatec if they did honor all of them.

  • I do agree that Fanatec could be more transparent about each of our situations and what the expected outcomes will be. It is frustrating to have silence and no solid answers. I just don't believe that it justifies such aggressive behavior towards Fanatec as a company. Could they have done better with these situations? yes, but is this a life or death situation? No.

    Sorry, had to do multiple posts due to length

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    hello friends I found something on Facebook to see where and the order but I am not sure of the info I am not it is if the info is related to the fanatec warehouse or if it is the real info from where and the package try that for me if the info is true I lost a package it tells me that it is delivered even though I received no package and everything else and one in the store I'm not there, that's where

  • Ordered on November 23rd.

    This evening (December 1) a tracking number appeared in the order in the Fanatec account. There were no letters about this. The estimated delivery time on the UPS website is December 5th. Order to Krakow (Poland)

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