Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 2

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Dear community,

we would like to give you another update on the current status of processing the 60,000 orders placed during Black Friday week (17. - 27.11). We have just gone through exporting the orders from November 24th and are currently working on the orders from November 25th and 26th. So, we still expect a delay of up to 10 working days. However, we are aiming to process most Black Friday orders and return to day-to-day business possibly by the end of next week. Please note that the processing time does not include the shipping time with UPS or FedEx.

If your order is still "in process", this is because your order had a pre-order date. However, there are also cases where we have to review orders that are still "in process" on a case-by-case basis. You will receive further information on this subject shortly.

We thank you for your patience during this time.

Your Fanatec Team



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    So If my Order Shows "shipped completely", it might be on its way in near Future ?

    Order 1842612 on 24.11.2023

  • Hi,

    I ordered CSL DD READY2RACE MCLAREN ELITE BUNDLE (8 NM) on November 23. My payment went through but the order creation failed . I have no order number registered on my fanatec account.

    I have sent an email regarding this, but i'm afraid i'm not included in whatever system you have, since i have no order number.

    Hopefully you can confirm that i will get what i paid for.


    Jon Kristian

  • My order has been sat in the warehouse for a week with a UPS label created and a serial number assigned to it in the My Products page of my account.

    What's stopping you from giving that package over to UPS?

  • I ordered on the 24th and received the notification that the status got changed to "completely shipped" on the 26th where would my order fall into?

  • Can we get something like this update every week? i do highly think that would calm some people.

  • Hello. I ordered on the 17th and got a tracking number on the 22nd. Does this mean my order is lost? I

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    What happened to my order made on the 22nd? Still no tracking number. If you are upto and through the 24th?!

  • Thanks for the info James, 60.000 orders is insane, im sure you guys are doing everything you can to make sure everyone gets what they want.

  • You say another 10 working days delay (2 weeks) then you mention "aiming to process most Black Friday orders and return to day-to-day business possibly by the end of next week"

    Seriously!!!! I made an order for a black Friday offer (Clubsport 2.5X Wheel Rim) on November 25, order status shows "Completely shipped" & received the invoice by email with no tracking number with Fedex Ground. I am leaving the US before end of next week and will not be able to pick up my order seems. What the heck!!!!

    This is becoming urgent for me, not to play, just for the fact I stupidly made the order from the US shop thinking I will take it along with me before I leave US

    I appreciate expediting order #1849417

    Thank you

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    Lets see

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    Thanks for the new info, happy to see I was right about the 60k+ orders.


    Question, I placed a second order with duplicates of the items on offer on November 27th, because the order I placed on Friday ended up with the red box and I thought it was cancelled, now that it seems that order will not be cancelled. , but I will be contacted to resolve the problem, will I cancel the order of the 27th? So you have one less order and I won't have to return the items?

  • Thank you very much for this update.

    However, my order from November 24 has still not been shipped.

    That is encouraging without being completely reassuring.

  • @James what do you mean by you've gone through exporting orders from 24th November? My order is from 24th of November and still has "Completely shipped" status but no tracking number. I think people want to know when the orders are being shipped, not processed, because I see that a lot of people from 24th and even before have the same status as me and no tracking number.

  • This is exactly what we needed to see, thank you for this update (and I got my tracking number LFG!!!!!!!!)

  • Patrik GerhatPatrik Gerhat Member
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    Thank you for the update, both my orders were made before the date on which you are at now, but they were not shipped. They were ordered and paid 17.11 and 24.11. 2023. Could you please check them?

  • that's a lie. My order placed on the 24th still hasn't received any tracking number. You just increase the frustration of your customers

    Order number: 1836022

  • Order Number 1796142 from 18 Nov 2023 Order Status Completly shipped Status Open

    No Tracking Number

    You say you Work on Orders from 25 and 26th, What happened to the orders of November 18th ?

  • How will the delay affect the pre-order of the DD+

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hi Jon, we’re sorry that your payment went through, but you didn't receive a confirmation on your order. We have now forwarded your concern to our Customer Care Team and they’ll take care of your concern.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • Hi there,

    Ordered CS DD, McLaren wheel and QR2 on 27/10, delayed until 21/11. Been labeled as completely shipped ever since and no update.

    Any chance I could get an update please James as you're saying items ordered passed my date are being sent?

    Emailed a couple of times but yet to get a response.


  • I don't have a tracking number for my order from 24th.

    Although I don't think the QR2 base side was in stock, but there is no preorder date and the state is completely shipped (warehouse processed).

  • Order number 1793605 from November 17th, I have recived an Email that my Parcel would be shipped on November 28th and even I recieved an Invoice but no tracking number no further information about my order, please send my items. Even the people who order on November 27th they have recived their parcels. this case will not help to recover your reputation so many people are upset.

  • i also ordered qr2 but for me it said available from 17th of january i have the usb c variant, for me also when ordering it said available and after it changed to available from 17th of january so i think it will come at the end of january. If you have the m type i dont know about that one

  • Hello.

    "We have just gone through exporting the orders from November 24th"

    My order from November 24th (1828001) still does not have a tracking number.


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    Good morning,

    I placed the order on 11/24 at 7:08 pm with all the products in stock and I still do not have the UPS tracking number, I live in Spain

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    USB-C variant for me as well. I think the preorder date at the site was dec 15 at the time I made the order, but I'm afraid that my order will lose in the system because of some kind of an error (no preorder date and completely shipped state).

  • Yeah same here, and ups doesn’t take it from the warehouse even when check by reference I don’t get one

  • Bestellung Nr. 1831656: besteht die Möglichkeit, den QR2 auf den teueren QR2 zu ändern, da dieser verfügbar ist?

    danke Michael

  • Hi James,

    So if you guys are already processing orders from the 25th onwards, what about those of us who have orders made on the 24th with the red box and status “in progress”? I have two of these orders and have no idea if these are still going to be processed or not. I hope you could enlighten us further on the matter once and for all.

  • They say that they are "exporting" the orders for November 24 but I placed my order on November 22 and until today I have not received any information or the tracking number and on top of that I am reading that people are receiving packages without tracking and the company They do not respond to emails or calls and it is frustrating not being able to get information about my order

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