Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 2



  • Ordered 26.12. Had pre-order date, but that bundle is in stock for some time now... and still "The order is in process". But still in 10 working day window, so I still hope, that today or tomorrow they will ship products.

    Fanatec, please process this order this week and I will be happy. 😊

  • edited December 2023

    I ordered on 21.11 and still nothing. You write that orders from days 25-26 are already being processed. so what about my order?

    You wrote that orders up to 10 working days - it has already passed. What the hell?

    You do not respond to any messages

    my order no: 1810921

    When can I expect the shipment?

  • It just doesn't match what you're saying.

    if I ordered something from you on November 30th and on the 22nd.

    According to your statement, the order from the 22nd should arrive first.

    I thought wrong, the stupid stickers were ordered today on the 30th.

    The equipment for the stickers ordered on the 22nd will definitely arrive at some point. but it just doesn't fit with swm what you publish here

  • I don't know about this post, it says they finished exporting order from Nov 24th and are working on 25-26th but how about my orders from 22nd and 23rd? they show completely shipped but no tracking number, funny that the order from 24th is indeed shipped and with the carrier but that was my least important order. Please improve on the updates because they are making little sense to me.

  • Please don't tell me my $3k order will be on hold and none of the other 15 items will be shipped till Jan 17th just for the one qr2 that I ordered. This an absolute Mental Torture.

  • Ordered 24th no sign of anny movement. still " Completely shipped"

  • You are right. Also you should read what it says when something its on pre-order. They wont ship anything till everything its in stock. However, they wont ship in a single package. That logic or shipment delivery its a mess, everybody could agree that.

  • Like a lot of people. Tomorrow will be your 10 business day window. It should sent to delivery partner soon, but you have to add the delivery partner delivery time too.

  • If you are lucky enough 22-23 orders are in the delivery partner hands. A lot of people get their orders before the tracking numbers shown on website.

  • Fanatec sont des gros menteur.

    Ma commande 24 novembre 2023 20:32:00


    toujours en completement expédiée depuis le 27/11.

    pas de suivi ups

    pas de mail


  • My order is from Nov 24th. Order # 1837579. If all of these have been dispatched, why do I not have any kind of communication on status? It has been "completely shipped" since the 27th and I understand that it doesn't mean it actually shipped, but why do I still not have anything in terms of tracking number and such? Especially because you start the warranty once its being processed by the warehouse. I should not be losing several days of warranty due to logistics issues

  • Hi @James!

    a sanity check on your note:

    I was told a PO is handed over to warehouse once confirmed so items can be shipped. I am assuming the warehouse then check whether they can ship items right away (if they have them in stock) or they need parts from your manufacturing site (s) to fulfill the order.

    If my assumption is correct, the issue is all about confirming and flagging orders as "completely shipped" but in reality they are seated at warehouse waiting for physical parts. As per your last note, manufacturing site (s) just addressed the demand for orders confirmed by 11/24. Correct?

    One last question: Is it okay to assume that all "completely shipped" orders will be honored by Fanatec, or is there a risk of having them cancelled for any reason (i.e. not enough material to build a part)?

  • Guess all I can do is wait till they check my order "case by case", who knoes when.

    Ordered on Nov 24, no pre-ordered items, still RED BOX "in process"

    I chose to go with the overpriced QR2 pro just so I don't need to wait for the pre-order on the regular ones, and I spend extra on shipping doing seperate orders for pre-order item stuff just to not be stuck in this situation... turns out it most likely will be processed on the same day as the pre-order items.

    oh well... can't win the game.

  • Is there a way to cancel my two orders i made on the 24th? Honestly i just want my money back at this point.

  • Order placed on 18th november.

    "Completely shipped"

    No tracking number, nothing :)

    So 14 bussines days and they have not sent it yet.

  • Apart from insulting other members

    I see you can count other people's money just as well.

    and now I am sure what kind of person you are......

    1. As i said before, you are still on 9th of delay delivering process.
    2. They have problem of showing delivering track number since a lot of time ago. You can get your order before it shows on the website.
    3. The warranty starts the day that you get your order at home.

    All of these points are explain in every blog o forum since weeks ago.

  • If you haven't the cancel button no. You can send an email and wait patiently.

  • finally everything arrived complete! I keep my fingers crossed for everyone else.

  • ordered on 24.11 late afternoon, order number 1835* , found UPS tracking information by reference, status "Shipment Ready for UPS"

  • One of the rules of forum/blog its posting in english. You can use a translator. No excuses.

    1. Liars? I guess not, but they have a really bad communication. However you aren't capable of reading alerts or posts that they did.
    2. Completely shipped means that is sent to their warehouse, not to client. The have to sent to their delivery partner first. Your order its inside the 10 days of delivering delay, So you wont get tracking number or you could get your order before it shown.
  • Same here. I have two of these orders made on the 24th, both with the V2.5X and APM, both with a red box “in progress”. $746 and $676 respectively, my card has already been charged and there is no way to cancel these orders. It’s been two weeks since these orders were made, and we still don’t have a clear answer. Are they going to cancel? Or remove the APM and $225 discount? Or charge us for the APM? Or process the orders as they are? I really don’t get why it’s taken them this long without any decision on the issue.

  • Here I explain some of the problems (🟥 included)

    If you haven't the cancel button you should send an email requesting the money back, but as i explain in the link above they have or had a lot of emails to read (weeks).

  • Thanks for the update.

    Just curious why you guys would rather drag the hell out of support & warehouse staff (while pissing off customers) than modernize distribution.

    As myself and others have mentioned FBA with their robotic sorters & packers can greatly lighten the load of your warehouses. 60k orders isn’t 💩 to them. They probably see that every minute of every day. But it’s downright brutal on a human only order puller staff who could never be expected to keep up.

    I would suggest running a poll to see if it’s worth looking into and what percentage of customers would be willing to pay the ~17% more to have their goods in 48hrs or less, but there is no obvious risk to you all to give it a shot anyway. It is not like doing so would prevent leaving current channels in place.

    Is someone in charge just a stubborn petty Amazon hater who would rather make you all look asinine than admit they were wrong?

    Or are you all uncomfortable with the longer return window and risk associated with allowing reviews and being pitted against your competitors in the unfiltered public arena? If you scared say you scared 😂

    Just asking because getting the account created, your couple dozen or so product listings info populated, and inventory headed to their distribution centers could have been done in the time I have spent crafting replies to these threads full of irate customers.

    How much is someone getting paid to NOT come up with the solutions your customers can see from a mile away? Because I would quite literally do the task of setting up that channel for free right now while waiting on my order if it meant your future customers and staff didn’t have to experience incidents such as this.

    On the real though—- whoever makes these calls should totally be ashamed of their epic fail. I’m not saying they need to resign; but that’s who should be making a statement apologizing and (more importantly) laying out a solution. Because this is the type of 💩 that can ruin a brand or make their big spenders device a plans to launch competitors that can meet customer demand.

    i just really hope you all spend some of that money on getting your house in order.

  • US customer here. Placed my order for all in stock merchandise on November 23. Shows as completely shipped but no tracking numbers on the website or any shipments shown on my FedEx account.

  • I have ordered the 25 novembre number 1844457. I waiting ups tracker but nothing any idea time to be delivered ?

  • They said that they are working on 25th and 26th orders (still inside 10 days of delay delivering process). But as I said before, they have problem of showing delivering track number since a lot of time ago. You can get your order before it shows on the website. Also you have to add the delivery time of their partner.

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