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  • As I said before, they have problem of showing delivering track number since a lot of time ago. If you are lucky you will get next week (depending of the delivery time of their partner).

  • Thank you for the update. I hope you guys learned that the way you did black friday this year made zero sense if you were already having shipping delays. I had to place 4 different orders on different days in fear they would sell out...

  • I dont Understand Why , i ordered a fanatec v3 Pedals on the 24 November and still dont have a tracking number From UPS. That’s not a problem I understand, u have a lot of order , but the thing that I don’t unterstans is, why a lot of people that made the order for the same v3 pedals ,1 or 2 days after me already received the pedals ?

    thats such a shame , how do you work out there , there is not a order queue ? , there is nothing.

  • Hi James,

    Made an order to Portugal of the DD2 with a qr2 on the first day of the black friday, the 17th november, order 1793685 and it's still just saying "completely shipped". How is it possible that you're going to ship orders from 25 and 26 if older orders are still not sent? When should I expect the shipping? This last update kind of scared me, I was silent, waiting because I knew it should take some time, but now I'm worried that older orders will go before mine...


  • Fanatec have made minimal investment in their business - current ERP systems don't allow them to utilise FBA. They are in the process of implementing a new ERP that they claim will be operational by the end of Q1 next year so FBA will then be viable.

    I have my doubts that they will go down that route though - Fanatec management is idiosyncratic, putting it politely. Customers are getting pissed off but they are still ordering. Until that changes there is no real driver for Fanatec to invest in improvements. They don't care if their customers are unhappy. Makes no difference to Fanatec when the customer gets their products - they have their money already - why spend it on fixing their mess. Easier to keep burying your head to avoid the reality.

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    thats is happening, how I say before , some friends of mine made the same order that I made 1 or 2 day after me , they already received it and I’m still waiting . They made a big big mess , it’s so frustrating.

    P:s I live in Germany and they live in Italy , fanatec is a German company shipping from Germany . 🤣

  • As they said 2 weeks ago:

    Due to the extremely high order volume during our Black Friday event, turnaround times for order processing may take up to ten days, depending on your region.

    Your order is in the 9th day of these 10 days of delay.

    And if you search enough, a lot of people got their order before getting their track number.

    Also, some orders are pending to validate manually or waiting for pre-order items. They have a queue but it doesn't mean that are delivering in the same order.

  • I see brand new in the box dd2 for sale online in europe, it only means that some BF dd2 were already delivered...

  • My order from 11/23 is supposed to be here tomorrow. It's r330 wheel with v2 hub and free QR1. Still waiting on QR2 ordered 11/26 and V3i pedals with performance kit ordered 11/28. I'm sure everything will be good to go this time next week. They are right on par with their claim of 10 business days delay so I'll have to be patient.

  • James if you read this I ordered a shifter and it was returned to sender due to incorrect export paperwork.

    have not had any response from yourselves so if you can look at order No 1802161 and see if this can get shipped out again I would be grateful

    thank you,

  • Still waiting on my order from OCTOBER 15th 1767765. Shows completely shipped. No tracking info. No communication, comments ignored, emails taking weeks to respond with no helpful information. When should I expect this to arrive??

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    Ordered on 24.11 but no tracking number. It also says open when I go on status. order 1840019


  • This would be great but extremely unlikely as Fedex always report packages assigned to my address and i currently only have the Nov 24Th order on my package list, the worse is i will have a Rim without a Hub.

  • Gleiches Thema: am 24.11 bestellt. Keine Infos, Keine kommunikation. Am Telefon geht niemand ran, Live Chat auch niemand. Sendungsverfolgungsnummer habe ich auch nicht...

    1828378 Bestellnummer

  • I created my order on the 24th, got confirmed and invoiced on the 29th, and I'm still waiting for a tracking number. Just a little confused and concerned now that you're telling us you're done exporting 24th ones. Appreciate the difficulty you're all going through, but this blog post has made me worried sorry!

    Order number: 1835544

  • If you search a little bit you can fin that today its the 9 of 10 days of the delay of your order (also you have to add the delivery partner time). Also if you have a preorder item you will have to wait for that item. And you can get your items without any track number too. Be patient. Without any more information i cannot say more.

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    One of the rules of forum/blog its posting in English. You can use a translator. No excuses.

    1. Today its the 9 of your 10 delay order days. Also you have to add the delivering time of their partner.
    2. You can get your order without any update more or tracking number
    3. They have a mail backlog of weeks. Let them focus on process orders and mails, not same posts that said the same again and again.
  • Hey all, I live in the US, hope this helps anybody out there. I placed an order on Black Friday 24th. my order has a green completely shipped status with Fed-Ex Ground with no tracking #. So I went on the Fed-ex web site this morning and placed my order # in track my reference number tracking bar. And Fed-ex sent me an e-mail shortly after with my tracking # status with an Estimated delivery date: Sun, 12/10/2023. This should never have happened with Fanatic. Anyway good luck on getting your tracking numbers.

  • New here, I ordered stuff on the 24th November for BF and the order has been and will be 10 working days on “completely shipped”. I wasn’t in any rush to get the stuff, but this post kinda worries me when it’s said that all orders made then have been sent out 🤦🏽‍♂️

    If they have “all” been sent out, where’s mine and the others who are on the same boat as me without any replies from countless emails, many unanswered phone calls (as lines are closed) and chats that never start as “there’s no available agents at this time”.

    I’ve paid over €1000 and so have many…. We just want answers of what’s going on with our orders that we have paid for!!!

    It doesn’t matter how “busy things are in the background” if we’re not getting answers!!!

    I was so close of not placing an order after reading all the bad feedback ref shipping; should’ve actually paid attention for once on what came up in google and not placed the order.

    Rant over.

  • Can anyone tell me where on the Fanatec website I should be seeing a tracking number when or if I get one

  • Ordered 24/11, 13:37. No pre-order items, specifically took two QR2 Pro for that instead of normal ones. 1828293

  • Login, click on the person icon on the top right, and select orders, if your order is actually shipped, the item will have a serial number and the tracking number, fanatec usually takes few hours to update so if you have your carrier login details, like Fedex or UPS they will email you before fanatec updates.

  • Fanatec
    My order No. 1842508 was also created on 11/24/2023, the status is completely shipped... but still no info or tracking number even though you write that you have already processed the orders from 11/24-25, please when will my order be shipped????

  • Or, you can receive your package without any of that 🤣

  • Uk customer here{#1827 337}.Its no doubt a pretty pointless exercise posting here but I feel obliged to. I also ordered on the 24th and have had a tracking number since last Friday and in that time absolutely ZERO progress has been made. Its just sat there spinning its wheels if you will. That's why the statement about having exported orders from the 24th feels like nonsense, it certainly is in my and plenty other peoples cases here. I appreciate you're all ridiculously busy, I genuinely do but I think at this stage I feel like if my order hasn't moved by tomorrow evening then I'm just going to open a paypal dispute for a refund as getting communications at this point is a futile exercise. Whinge over.

  • It's not true that they don't invest in their business, they are building a new headquarters which will be finished by the middle of next year, which will contain all their company activities, including the warehouse (finally), as well as having spent a lot on marketing (unfortunately) , which led to this mess

  • that is true but anyone willing to sit and wait is not in this forum hahahha.

  • I will be doing the same

  • German

    Vielleicht solltet Ihr mal dafür sorgen, dass Vorbestellungen priorisiert behandelt werden. Wenn meine Vorbestellung aus Oktober den Status “vollständig Versand” hat, aber die Lieferung nicht mehr vor Weihnachten kommt, obwohl das Lieferdatum vor Weihnachten liegt, dann ist das für alle Vorbesteller ein Schlag ins Gesicht. Ich bestelle etwas vor, damit ich es pünktlich bekomme.

    English (My english ist very bad)

    Maybe you should make sure that pre-orders are given priority. If my pre-order from October has the status “fully dispatched” but the delivery no longer arrives before Christmas, even though the delivery date is before Christmas, then that is a slap in the face for everyone who pre-ordered. I pre-order something so I can get it on time.

  • It looks like the orders are lost. It could be that orders were sent out with no tracking. wheels and bases and pedals floating around the world on their own. This is a tangled mess, so many of us spent our hard earned money and we are in limbo

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