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  • That is normal, I am also in germany got ane email saying it was being processed, then nothing. No email from UPS or fanatec regarding shipping. Take your order number and go to UPS and "Track by reference", there you have to mess around with Target Country and Post Code. (It worked for me when i put the target country as Germany and left the post code blank, other people need to enter in both.

    Hope this helps!

  • What I don't understand: According to the order confirmation, the goods are reserved for you until payment is confirmed. There really are thousands of canceled orders, why is the v2.5x in question no longer available? There should actually be a huge overstock. I think we are being extremely screwed here...

  • Thank you. I know the trick with the UPS reference number. Unfortunately no matching results for me...

  • Order confirmed means the warehouse got it, not that it has been sent out sadly. Very confusing!

    I believe they recently changed logistic supplier or warehouse or something so their a bit all over. Fanatec has a reputation for great products but aweful service sadly.

    Just a waiting game for us now...

  • Fanatec invented a new sales system.

    First, they take a lot of orders without thinking about inventory.

    Next, the company ships only those orders that are likely to be profitable.

    Finally, the company cancels orders that are not in stock and those that are not profitable.

    (Or, leave the order for a long time and let the customer cancel it spontaneously.)

    A truly revolutionary invention!

  • I ordered the csl 8nm bwm bundle on 4.12., got completely shipped at once, no ups track number still.

    But i entered the order number in the ups reference and picked croatia but without entering the postal code and i got this:

    This could be some other delivery but the fact that it's 5 packages all on the same day gives me hope.

    Could be tuesday.

    Thanks fo the tip!

  • Yeah it is tricky to know but hope you get it soon! :)

    Sometimes u can filter by country and it will just show your order (for me it did at least)

  • Has anyone who ordered on the 24th not received it yet? I'm from Spain and I still haven't heard anything about the order... a disaster!

    I was hoping to receive it this week but it seems that it will be a long time, any example like mine?

  • Unfortunately, yes. Also ordered on the 24th, everything in stock, but still no more information and no tracking (also not with reference)..

    Hopefully it will arrive one of these days. I'm sick of waiting and more sick of the non-communication by Fanatec.

  • 95% of people who ordered the 24th haven't received their order, it seems the most confusing day for fanatec, since they are shipping orders made before and after the 24

  • Same for me, all in stock and not even a tracking number. Fully shipped on 25th which, according to them, means the order was sent to the warehouse.

    Then, what's the hold up? Backlog? Not really because orders from December were already delivered. Newer orders are shipped in about 5 days. How can you whine about backlog in this situations?

    This is just abuse to inflate their turnover.

    I'm thinking of opening an ECC complaint. This is not acceptable. The delivery lead time was estimated to 10 days. I've sent 2 emails to ask for an update of the lead time as instructed by the consumer protection, but with no reply. Maybe this is for the better, it will support my claim.

    I now invested so much time in this, I don't really fancy just a charge back and order somewhere else. Whatever I do, my chances of getting anything before holidays are not encouraging.

    Would've I known at the moment of sending the order or reasonable time after, that there will be one month or more delays, it would have been a different situation.

    I'll fill the claim by end of the week, it will take some time but they'll end up paying the court fees and damages.

    It's not much it seems, especially for a company with their profits, but the more people do this will sum to bigger values and maybe put an end to this practices.

    People see these complaints, I've seen the ones from before, you think it's just an isolated situation.

    But it is not, this is a practice, it repeats itself and they actually show no respect for their customers and couldn't care less about the inconveniences created.

    Once they get your money (and they do this quite fast, no issues there) you are locked with no reasonable way to communicate or sort any small or big issue except the more extreme ways, like charge backs, disputes or consumer claims.

    Which, let's face it, they have no real impact for them. They already got your money in their November turnover.

    I assume based on existing feedback around, this extends to warranty issues and other support needed along the way too.

  • Good morning,

    I understand that this event could have overwhelmed you but it's becoming unbearable.

    Still no news about my order placed on 11/24/2023. The status "completely shipped" doesn't change frome the beginning.

    All equipment was in stock. No tracking number.

    It's becomming unacceptable to wait so long ! Thank uou for bringing me good news quickly.

  • Mine from 17.11.2023 was still not delivered but atleast i have got tracking number this week...

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    Hello, same for me, I´m also from Spain, and same situation....... Ordered on 24th

    I tried to mail and to call, they cancelled the hotline due to the high volume of work, you can hear that message recorded if you call them from 14h to 16h

    I hope reveive news A.S,A.P , This lack of communication is´nt good for all of us

    I hope also Fanatec will solve this situation As quick as reasonable

  • Ordered about the same. hopefully it comes fast.

    what country are u in ?

  • Good morning, looks like my order from DEC 4th for the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base with boost kit + CSL Pedals are on the way with 3 different tracking# and planned arrival is today and tomorrow.

    BUT my order from 24th NOV ( BF deal) ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2.5 X is still not shipped :D

    Now at least we can look at the beautiful base while not playing :D

    I can only hope that one of the 3 boxes contains the steering wheel also ..... but seeing the mess I doubt

  • and yes, I got the tracking# where I see the orders.

    I live in the Netherland

  • I’m in the UK, placed order on 19th November then marked as ‘completely shipped’ on the 28th November. I’ve had no shipping confirmation or correspondence despite attempts to contact Fanatec. I understand delays happen but spending circa £1k and not even knowing when your purchase is going to arrive is infuriating. Anyone else in the UK?

  • Im in the UK... ordered on 29th Nov, knowing about the possible delays, but hoping that it would arrive just in time for Xmas. Nothing yet!

  • Hannes JunkerHannes Junker Member
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    I´ve ordered the CSL dd R2R kit on 6th December (Germany) and got my tracking number just about an hour ago.

    The order changed to "Completely shipped" on the 7th.

    Somehow one package is delayed, I hope its not the base (which is currently out of stock)

  • Dear Fanatec Team,

    Unfortunately, I have still not received any feedback on my orders. What is the status here?

    Order numbers:



    Please get in touch with me! The orders should become Christmas presents!!!!

    Thank you and best regards,


  • Hi guys,

    I made my order the 20th and mysteriously returned to sender without being picked up from ups (ups told me because fanatec did not provide export paper) what do I have to wait that now is passed nearly a month and no sign of them?

    on the order page is completely shipped.

    on UPS delivered on 29th Nov at the back door

    now they are processing the order from 24th Nov

    when will they fix the mess with the one they never handled to ups but result complete?

    I am covered by PayPal in case I want to have a refund but I would like to have what I bought

    Ps: would be really interesting to know what would happen if all of us after 15d of waiting would have withdrawn and asked for refund....

  • Ich schliesse mich an, ich warte bis Dienstag dann gehe ich auch zum anwalt.

    komme aus der Schweiz.

    Fanatec wixer

  • Same here mate. Ordered on Nov 24th, CSL DD 5nm+CSL pedals+QR1+2.5X, completely shipped and no tracking number, nothing on UPS. Shipping to Spain.

  • Cancelled my DD1/QR2/BMW package on 11/12 and received refund on 13/11 (Paypall).

    Requested for a return of my other BF buy (shifter & V2 pedals), no feedback yet but we'll see (not in a rush since I was <14 days, so initiated on time).

    In the meanwhile, I ordered SC2 with GSI wheel and took delivery yesterday...they shipped DHL Express for free (all orders) so customers would have their packages before Christmas. Due to all the current & previous issues with Fanatec, I'm glad I have no more money in their ecosystem and could not bear the idea ever needing service / after sales on their products.

    I do hope all of you receive their orders asap and those that don't get compensated in a correct way .

    Also, I want to wish you all happy the end it's just gaming and more important things in life should get priority.

    Fanatec, how cheap your products may lost the last business credit you had with this BF.

    Your customers deserve better.

  • Ich habe am 23.11.2023 bestellt und noch nichts angekommen

  • Oh sorry and a bit late - forgot to mention, I'm from Germany.

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    I just got conformation my delivery is out for next Wednesday 20 dec. Ordered on Dec 5th said shipped on the 6th. R2R bundle 8nm. I live in Ireland.

  • Order: 1830775

    If the problem is the v2.5x steering wheel, I would like to change to another steering wheel.

    Let Fanatec propose a solution rather than canceling... they will take on the repression of fraud in France.

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