Gran Turismo® DD Extreme: the ultimate gear for GT7

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Firstly, I am very happy to deliver some good news - the ClubSport DD+ has begun shipping to customers! It took much longer than expected, but final technical clearance from Sony is complete. Our relationship with PlayStation stretches back over 20 years, and it makes me very proud to launch another amazing PlayStation-licensed product!

We had a fantastic opportunity to deliver the first official Direct Drive system for Gran Turismo in the Gran Turismo® DD Pro. This has remained the best choice for Gran Turismo fans everywhere and is the official hardware of the Gran Turismo World Series, used by the very best Gran Turismo players in the world. 

It’s now time to introduce the highest performance official Gran Turismo® wheel ever:

Gran Turismo® DD Extreme.

This combines a brand-new Steering Wheel designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital and the incredible new 15 Nm ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base. This flagship Gran Turismo® package sets a new high bar for performance in Gran Turismo® 7 and will also improve the driving experience in many other popular PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 racing games, and it works on PC too.

Just like the ClubSport DD+, the Steering Wheel for Gran Turismo® DD Extreme was also designed from the ground-up for QR2. This is our first ‘Racing Wheel’ (Steering Wheel and Wheel Base package) fully optimised for the new quick release, which means superior stability and tightness, and no loss of force feedback detail. The Gran Turismo DD Extreme steering wheel was designed in parallel with the QR2 Lite Wheel-Side and endurance tested, ensuring that this combination can safely and securely handle 15 Nm torque all day long.

The wheel has RGB lighting on the directional sticks, FlagLEDs, and RevLEDs, and a 2.7” OLED display. Premium vegan leather and ergonomic grips make the 300 mm diameter wheel feel comfortable and much like a real GT road car, and the magnetic shifters and analog clutch paddles enhance the realism even further.

Of course, it also comes with our new Force Feedback 2.0 protocol: FullForce.

It brings force feedback to another level and uses the full potential of Direct Drive products as the current force feedback protocol was developed for belt and gear drive wheel bases which cannot make use of the super fine vibration signals a Direct Drive wheel base can handle.

Regional pricing:

EU: 1299.95€

US: $1299.95

AUS: A$2139.90

Japan: coming soon, stay tuned!

I am very proud to strengthen our partnership with Gran Turismo and Polyphony Digital with this stunning new product. This is absolutely the best way to experience Gran Turismo® 7, and it will only get better with FullForce support, coming soon!

  1. What is your favourite improvement over the GT DD Pro?31 votes
    1. Bigger diameter (300 mm instead of 280)
    2. Much more torque (15 Nm instead of 5/8 Nm)
    3. Vegan leather and premium finish/materials
    4. Big OLED screen, Rev LEDs and multi color illumination
    5. Magnetic Shifter paddles and analog clutch paddles
    6. More detailed force feedback due to FullForce


  • Thomas, gibt es das Lenkrad auch einzelnt zu kaufen, oder muss ich mein gestern geliefertes DD+ widerrufen um das Lenkrad zu bekommen?

    Thomas, is the steering wheel also available to buy separately, or do I have to cancel the DD+ that was delivered yesterday to get the steering wheel?

  • Unfortunately we are not allowed to sell the wheel separately

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    You must be joking. This will leave a lot of people disappointed. Especially those who already have their DD+ delivered or sent. In my opinion people who bought the DD+ should at least get the chance to upgrade their order.

  • It would have been the least to deliver to the pre-orderers, who had to wait so many extra months for their DD+ and endure so much stress that new GT steering wheel for FREE. As compensation for all the hardships over all those months without reasonable communication, etc.

  • I really think that the DD Extreme bundle should have been offered as preorder at the same time as the Clubsport DD+. Those who bought the DD+ without prior knowledge of the new wheel are really getting scammed. Me included.

  • Fanatec went "Full Force" yet again

  • Lee RitchieLee Ritchie Member
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    @Thomas Jackermeier


    You stated in your interview that you wanted to be transparent with your customers and give them the choice for purchasing the correct product however announcing this a couple of days after the shipping of the Clubsport DD+ is not giving your customers a choice, as I believe allot of your customers would have held off to purchase this.

    You also stated all the Issues Black Friday caused Fanatec but don't you think there will be a significant number of cancellations / Returns etc on the Clubsport DD+ so customers can order the Gran Turismo® DD Extreme?

    Will this not have an additional impact on the already strained and stretched Staff at Fanatec Customer Services and Wearhouse?

    I am truly disappointed in Fanatec, your interview and your customer care leaves allot to be desired. This is not how you do business nor how you get the customers back on your side

  • Cancelled my dd+ order which was a pre-order for the 28th, and grabbed this instead which is available now. Love that you can adjust the settings through the PS5, or at least it appears you can. If not, I'll just flip the wheel on e-bay. At least I'll have my dd+ soon.

  • Many would have cancelled their DD+ orders if this bundle had been announced before you got approval, but you progressed the orders to warehouse as quick as you could then announced this only 2 days later so no one could action. You have proven you cannot be trusted, lesson learned to never preorder with Fanatec again.

  • But why there is only the QR2 lite pre-installed? (Thinking of 15NM) For 1300€ the metal one would be appreciated.

  • The steering wheel uses the QR2 Light, which means the quality is a bit on the low side and likely to feel a bit cheap and plasticky. I dont feel like I'm missing out on anything.

  • Simply sell it on ebay for same price and order with gt stearing wheel, not all need it

  • Dear Fanatec.

    You constantly keep on finding new ways to stick it to your customers. If you publish a new highend PS5 compatible wheel base for preorders, would you not expect a rather large portion of the potential buyers to be GT7 players? You make them wait for months, holding their money hostage and using it for your own good, preparing an actual GT7 bundle. For all that we know, using that actual money from preorders for the GT bundle preparations. And just before you release the bundle, you push the pre-orders to the "handover to warehouse" status to make it impossible to cancel. Not even shipping all of them (including mine), just a batch move to no-cancellation status to make absolutely sure none of your preorder customers have a choice to get the bundle that many, many would actually have wanted.

    Do you actually not have any shame?

  • That wheel sure is ugly. Also why wasnt this announced at the same time as the piss off even more people I guess? 🤣

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    I have a question regarding "Intelligent Telemetry Mode (where supported)"

    On which on playstation games will be supported ? GT ? any other game ?

    will it be the same for the already existing porsche wheel ?

  • Exactly that paavo my friend. They played their customers!

  • All of this is such a disaster that you just have to read all the comments on this post announcing this rim to see it. How do you release DD and DD+ at the same time, saying you're doing it to give people who ask for DD a chance to consider waiting to get DD+, but you don't do the same with DD Extreme? Does anyone stop to think about this? Don't you think it's more likely that people who want DD+ would prefer better DD Extreme? Can't you release the rim separately? Great! Then do a one-time run for people who pre-ordered DD+. I can't cancel my order even though it hasn't been shipped yet (funny), so I'll either return it when it arrives or I'll have to buy the rim on eBay at an extra cost that I could have paid at Fanatec. A marketing disaster, management disaster, and logistics disaster.

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    Very very very very disappointing. I am angry and disappointed beyond belief.

  • Hopefully the screen could at least be added to say the formula steering wheels.

    They're badly lacking a screen compared to the competiton.

  • Vishnu PatelVishnu Patel Member
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    Can i ask one question,

    will the wheel display be compatible to work on other pc games? or will it be locked to only GT7.

    am hoping will it work like the advanced podium hub display and can work in multiple games.

    thanks guys

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    On PC it will work with pretty much any game which is supported by FanaLab with ITM support.

  • I'm curious about a few things:

    1. The GT7 Switches. Do they work in only GT7 again?
    2. Will the Screen remember its setting or go back to the default screen like the DD1 screen does?
    3. PC compatibility?
    4. Is the button left stick analog or directional? Funky?

    This wheel would be a great all rounder at a good price if it's not limited to GT7 functions.

  • How about sending orders that people are waiting already for 2,5 months+ instead of making new bundles?

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    1. Its the same as with the GT DD Pro wheel: The 4 Dpads work in pretty much every newer game on PC (every game which supports more than 64 or 100 buttons, which AFAIK only AMS2 still does not by now).
    2. Same as P DD and BME.
    3. Yes.
    4. 7-way FunkySwitch as written in the webshop description.
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    I think there were too many like me who ordered the DD+ with the 25% Voucher. By releasing this wheel they are hoping that people cancel their DD+ order for ordering the new Bundle. And then you can't use the Voucher a second time and it is lost.

    A Company can't be that dumb by not doing that on purpose...

  • Bought a few hours ago using my 10% discount coupon for the BF bug, I hope to receive it next week, shame about the QR2 Lite, I would have preferred it to be in aluminium.

  • Maysor SternyMaysor Sterny Member
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    Der preis haut mich aus den Socken.

    Danke das ihr auch Ander produckte habt die weit aus günstiger sind.

    Und nicht mal schlechter sind.

    1. Größerer Durchmesser (300 mm statt 280) ........ Hab ihr auch die für 200. 33cm
    2. Deutlich mehr Drehmoment (15 Nm statt 5/8 Nm).......gab ne base die hatte 20 für 799
    3. Veganes Leder und hochwertige Verarbeitung/Materialien....... Hab ihr auch für 200. 33cm
    4. Großer OLED-Bildschirm, Rev-LEDs und mehrfarbige Beleuchtung..... teuer mir reichen ein paar Normale knöpfe
    5. Magnetische Schaltwippen und analoge Kupplungswippen........Hab ihr auch für 200. 33cm na gut 350 und mir egal
    6. Detaillierteres Force-Feedback durch FullForce..... gibt es wieder nur in ausgewählten games

    CSL DD 400e....Danke

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    Thanks Maurice.

    Also. It looks pretty nice compared to DD Pro wheel:

    Timestamp to the wheelio. Good to see more LED work being done in Fanalabs.

    Edit: Link to video showed not available to me but im watching it now.

    Looks like it was taken down. Sadly it had some great details on the wheel.

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