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  • That's okay, I'll stay where I'm at. Love my dd extreme, and already received my PBMR & PAPM. Gt Zero rim is here, so I'm just waiting on my podium hub. You don't even have an extreme; are you just going to spam all the threads.

  • Yes !

  • MikstaMiksta Member

    Got my DD Extreme today, worked fine on PC and had a blast.

    Jump into GT7 and I am getting stuttering an pausing ALL THE TIME when the wheel base is turned on, turn it off and smooth as silk on controller

    WTF is going on here..... Driver 455

  • Hello Team Fanatec,

    Is there a way to make Project Cars 1 and 2 run on Ps5 with the DD Extreme?

    On my DD Pro both games were running perfectly fine but on the DD Extreme it just does nothing.

    Is it a firmware issue maybe or does the new DD Extreme simply not support it anymore?

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  • I just got the GT DD Extreme. I m seeing a lot of settings in this forum for multiple games, but I don't know which one should I base my initial settings of. Should I put the wheel in PC Compatibility Mode, and then use settings for ClubSport v2.5?

  • Dan HorswellDan Horswell Member
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    Any news on the next firmware update? The loss of all inputs to my wheel is absolutely destroying racing for me. At this point I’m so close to selling all my fanatec gear. I’ve had enough.

    please fix this ASAP!

  • Planned for sometime this month.

  • Got my DD Extreme with Elite V2 pedals ( and shifter sq- not connected yet).

    Wheel base and wheel were updated driver 455. From a quick test (run a marathon) on GT 7 it is all working.

    It is sad the pedals cannot be updated without the USB cable, and it's not easy to connect without removing the pedals from the stand.


    1. Is that important or required to update the pedals?
    2. The boxes are huge, how long do you keep them for? ( Knowing support might take ages to reply if any case)
  • Hi Maurice, I have had an issue with my Extreme wheel from day 1 where when you put slight pressure on the wheel (push or pull) it activates the right hand lower paddle. I have tried raising a service request which was around a month ago. I have had no confirmation that my request has been received, not even an automated response. I just wanted to make sure this is normal?

    I understand the issues at the moment and I’m comfortable waiting but I have gained more information over the last month that points to it being an issue with the wheel rim itself but have no way to pass this information on. All I need is a replacement rim as the issue is due to the screws on the QR being over tightened on assembly, there is no threads at all on 2 of the 4 screws. This isn’t something that can be repaired. Luckily I have a McLaren rim so I’m able to use that until this is solved.

    Thank you


  • I bought the Gran Turismo DD Extreme, CSL Pedals, and the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit. It was 1600.00+ and it worked for one day. It will not turn on now and Fanatec doesn't respond to warranty support issues. I'll be contacting the Texas Attorney General as well as the BBB. TOTAL BULLSHIT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

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    Customer response times are just long atm and take at least 3 weeks.

    No need to contact the TAG or BBB, they cant do much and even if they could it would take months, you just need to be patient and wait until your support case is in line in some weeks.

  • Why don't you try snapping your fingers one more time, they might hear you then. Or you could flood them with emails, of course that'll make everyone behind you wait just that much longer, and won't hurry the process for you. Or maybe you read next time, and find out any communication will take a while. Like Maurice implied; you're not going to do anything but wait, until they respond to you.

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