Gran Turismo® DD Extreme: the ultimate gear for GT7



  • Here's the Boosted Media Review :)

  • thanks Will, your review is definetely more detailed ;-)

  • Just when you thought you could be happy with Fanatec they pull this off. The clarity of the company to offer the DD+ at the time of release and available for sale so that the customer has the choice as the CEO of Fanatec shared is very contradictory to this release. If they wanted to make sure customers had the choice then this should have been offered as an option as well when they put out the DD+ and customer were able to order those. This is another one of those things Fanatec does that causes you to really question if they do value customers in the end as the statement from the CEO was prepared and he had to have known this was going to be released as well. With no options to those who ordered the DD+ base only other than to cancel their orders if they haven't moved to the warehouse yet, attempt to return the base and try and get back into the order que for the extreme, or sale the DD+ so that they can order the extreme. Not good options any way you look at it for most people.

    For me, I wasn't going to order this wheel anyway but it would have been nice to have the option to consider. I can see how others are frustrated if they would have ordered the extreme instead of the base only. Fanatec should have atleast offered those who preordered the option of upgrading their purchase if they valued their customers better.

  • There isn't much to say. Most will remember it's not the 3rd or 4th almost same script scenario. It's sad that there is much more folks that don't care much. Imagine they announce all this CS crap, and not many care to buy order... all would straighten up pretty quickly.

    But it's like with other companies (especially publicly traded) they do crap/change - they see whatever % gains. They don't care if 30% are dropping fanatec if 40% new coming in. as longs net % is positive enough, they don't give a shit about your feelings, plans, anything.

    Their goal is to get your money and they are good at it and you don't need to roll that many years back to see that they are getting much better at that. but our "love" to the brand is damaged? as long they keep getting more money, they don't care. If everyone pulled out order and stopped buying - things would change, but they know and we know it's not happening. Sony brings the surplus of people flow that are not aware (nor have a will to care) about dirty games of Fanatec

  • Good Stuff!

    Keep hammering down on that software!

    You got your 300mm all rounder wheel. Now push for modern software ;)

  • It was not our intention at all to upset anybody or to have any benefit about announcing it today and not earlier. We are not entirely free what we announce and when as soon as there is a licence is involved.

    We did get the permission for the CS DD+ to put it on pre-order but not for the GT DDX. We received the go to put it on sale on Tuesday and it takes time to co-ordinate a launch.

    Of course we could have delayed the shipment of the CS DD+ to today so they arrive next week. This would have been appreciated by a few customers who now want to upgrade but do you think that it would have been appreciated by all the other CS DD+ customers who waited already for so long to make them wait for another week for no reason?

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond to this thread. It could have been very helpful if the information about not being able to release info about the wheel was included in the release info so that people could see that from the start. To me, it's an understandable issue and since I wasn't going to order the extreme it's not that big of issue but for those who would have ordered it I can understand their frustration about not having the option to purchase the base/wheel combo especially since you normally wouldn't be able to buy the rim separately.

    One last thing is that can you provide an update if US order are being shipped out already? We've seen European orders go out, but there hasn't been anything about US orders yet.

    Thank you very much.

  • +1 to this.

    I think other regions have the same issue. So not Europe as a whole. Seems only a couple countries overall have received their unit or tracking. These are the types of things that we (Fanatec customers) need more transparency on as a whole.

  • ScSc Member

    Danke für das Feedback Thomas

    Freitag um diese Zeit keine Selbstverständlichkeit👍

    I was also very disappointed due to the massive delay of the DD+ but blaming Fanatec for this now? Common this a joke, people are trying to start a shitstorm about everything fanatec does?

  • Wouldn't be that hard on Tuesday to drop another blog post stating "we have new exciting product"?

    I don't believe you haven't PR ready, reviewers video made and published so quickly?

    In the blog you could simply say here in two days it will be available. how many DD+ waiting customer would jump just because they know DDX is readily available?

    I'm not even talking about hardcore GT7 players that want/need that wheel. I'm sorry for them. They likely are the most pissed right now. I personally don't care about that wheel, it likely will be cracking non stop like GT Pro one. But I care how Fanatec treats other customers, as one day it will be me in the most pissed group. It's not if, it's then it will happen to me, if I stay withing Fanatec eco system. Last few years direction is very sad.

    It;s really hard to believe that you had so many unfortunate "situations" lately, that you were forced to "look" bad and it wasn't your as a company or board choices.

    I get then companies selling shit do trickery, you don't have to.

  • Then you shouldn't have a problem providing a refund to those whom put a claim in to return a wheelbase still sitting in your warehouse that they havent got tracking let alone received yet. Also you keep asking for understanding, but your customers are the ones paying the price in time and money.

  • Ok I'm a first time fanatec buyer. Purchased a whole 2 grand worth of stuff first week in January. I play gt7 on PS5 so of course dd+ is what I want. Why was there no transparency this wheel kit was coming out? This really kills me as this is what I wanted in the first place and I had no idea it was coming to the market? What shame fanatec. This whole process has been a nightmare from the beginning.

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    Now I see why people said not to pre-order for Fanatec. If I knew this would be available when I ordered DD+ in Oct., I would wait for this.

    (I wouldn't say this if my DD+ was shipped as scheduled initially)

    Will you at least make this steering wheel available for the customer who pre-ordered DD+ for the amount of the difference of DD extreme and DD+?

  • Thank you for your input, it is naturally very welcome to have a breath of openness and interaction. But I have a rather big counterpoint. My DD+ preorder, as that of many others, has in fact not been shipped. So your rush to put all the DD+ preorders to a non-cancellable status has not accelerated many of our orders. The only thing it has done is strip us of any option of cancelling the preorder and order the DDX instead. No upside, just downside. This on top of an already extremely messy preorder process has really pushed many buttons within me that I didn't even know I had before deciding to enter Fanatec's ecosystem.

    I know Fanatec doesn't make these decisions to intentionally hurt their customers. But there is something fundamentally wrong in Fanatec's decision making matrix when during a single product launch you continously keep triggering anxiety, grief and anger in so many of your customers. This DDX launch is a prime example: a good few of your very first DD+ preorder customers got the wheel base very quickly after the Sony approval. Some of the very recent preorder customers got an option to still cancel their preorder and go with the DDX. But from the looks of it, most of your DD+ preorderers are stuck in the middle: after months of having our money kept hostage, just as the long wait is about to end, just as we keep on refreshing the order page for tracking info, you make a big announcement for a nice new even shinier thing even before we have gotten our hands on the original product and effectively told us "you can't touch this, better luck next time".

    Did you at all consider the psychological aspects of that experience? How completely tarnished the DD+ feels now and will feel on the supposedly-exciting delivery day? Did those already delivered DD+ preorders really justify putting a significant portion of us in this situation?

    I really feel like returning the whole set of gear in my DD+ preorder after they finally get here at some point. But even that is a hard pill to swallow after going through the circus that has been the DD+ preorder; to finally get the stuff, just to send it back and even having to pay for the return. There are no good options left. There is no going back to the excitement I felt when pushing the order button back in the day.

  • Thanks for the detailed review Will.

    My initial reaction to the announcement is I would have liked the DD Extreme wheel, however I have a BF order with a DD+, a Porsche/CS Hub V2 wheel, and the Formula V2.5 X wheel (plus other parts for a complete setup) which I obviously got a very nice discount on, and I wouldn't want to cancel everything just to swap out the DD+ for the DD Extreme.

    Your review makes the decision to stick to what I ordered a lot easier as I will have different wheels for different racing styles. Even though this is my first setup and the DD Extreme plus a pedal set would have done me quite nicely, I feel like in the long run I will benefit from the versatility and modularity of what I have ordered.

    Keep up the good work!


  • FanaSCAM continues its dirty games, how to deceive and disappoint its customers.

    they constantly try to cast their net of lies and deception to catch naive fish.

    cruel is this world in which the exalted boss Thomas the CEO lives.

  • Thanks! Glad it helped. Unless you desperately need the extra functionality in GT7, there’s really no reason to buy this over the DD+ if you already own or plan to own other wheels which cover your bases.

  • I've been playing GT7 with a DualSense, and while the easy access to dedicated Fuel/TCS/Braking would be nice I'm sure I will manage just fine given where I'm coming from. 😂

    One of my goals with my setup was to try and keep all parts compatible with PS/Xbox so the DD Extreme wheel would have broken that anyway. The flex in the DD Extreme wheel rim was also disappointing to see because otherwise it looks like a quality upgrade over the GT DD Pro rim, the quality of which was one reason I'd never been too excited about the GT DD range.

    A fully round rim may be necessary in the future I feel, but I'll see how I go with what I ordered when it finally arrives and who knows what's available when I make that decision. I had initially considered the R330 rim but my son really wanted the Porsche one which had a BF deal so I jumped at that, in the long run it was probably for the best because it leaves a nice 300mm round wheel gap to be filled. 😁

    Thanks again Will!

    Cheers from Melbourne.

  • Thanks Maurice! Was hope you would reply!

    placed my order again Since i cancelled my original club-sport + order before Xmas when i saw this bundle leak on reddit.

  • Kevin McPakeKevin McPake Member
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    I’m hearing that the McLaren wheel With a qr2 on DD+ is limited to 8nm on gt7 but the extreme wheel is 15 With qr2 lite, wtf????

  • You can use a normal metal QR2 With the Mclaren for 15nm

  • I'm going to assume new plastic budget wheels are coming with QR2lite that do 15nm.

  • My DD+ is with UPs and on its way to be delivered, I was starting to get excited about it finally being dispatched, but wait! What do Fanatec do release the new wheel only available in a bundle! What sort of sick joke is that. No doubt lots of folks would have gone for the wheel deal! So why was this deal not announced before the DD+ started shipping. I feel let down badly, I’ve paid full price and now feel ripped off

  • this type flex what boostmedia try not bothers me, as far when steering wheel not break down to small pieces its fine.

    however the qr self is a weakest spot so that part i would prefer the metal

  • Daniel WongDaniel Wong Member
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    You claimed that the delaying DD+ shipping to match DDX launch are hurting "CS DD+ customers who waited already for so long to make them wait for another week for no reason".

    Meanwhile US customers are in the limbo where they NEITHER are getting DD+ delivered, NOR have the chance to cancel/change their order to DDX. The support forms are broken and doesn't send confirmation email so I can't even know if my request to sales support is registered in your system.

    As playing GT as my sole reason preordered CS DD+, I am beyond pissed off by your reply. I am not going to take a day off waiting for the DD+ delivery just to then return it. If the US region shipping is not ready, as many discussions in forum and reddit show, then let me cancel the order and change to DDX, or I will consider initiating a charge dispute.

  • I missed you, and I swear sometimes I think you're right... Have you seen how they've played us? Now that I want the Extreme DD they won't let me cancel, and they haven't even sent me the DD+. You were right, and I just want to cry

  • There is always something to cry about. It was known that this wheel is coming. If they would've release the base at the same time, crying would be about other people why do they have to wait more when they're not interested in the toy wheel.

    The first DD+ was shipped a few days ago, those who want this wheel can return the base and order the bundle.

  • It's not fair to say that, man. We knew about the new wheel from a leak, not from them. Still, everything would be fine if they sold the wheel separately, but they don't and they won't, which I understand. I guess it's a contractual issue. But at least let me cancel my order. It HAS NOT BEEN SENT yet. I don't have a tracking number or anything. They just changed the order status, making it impossible for me to cancel. I don't want my money back, I want to spend more on their products, and they won't let me. I think what I'm saying is quite reasonable

  • but how you know that they not send out? i mean to you look the own UPS page account if its there already or not?

    it is been happened before that sometimes people not get tracking number at all

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