Black Friday 2016 - UPDATE

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It became tradition that Fanatec makes one sale per year and this is on Black Friday (25.11.2016).

We will not just one but three strong offers:
Porsche 918 steering wheel for your ClubSport or CSL Elite Wheel base
EU: 299,95 €
US: 299,95 $
AUS: 449,95 AUD
J: 34.900 JPY

CSL Elite Wheel Base + CSL P1 Steering Wheel + Assetto Corsa (Xbox One)
EU: 399,95 €
US: 399,95 $
AUS: 649,95 AUD
J: 39.900 JPY

ClubSport Handbrake + ClubSport USB Adapter
EU: 79,95 €
US: 79,95 $
AUS: 139,95 AUD
J: 11.900 JPY

Depending on product and region this means we give discounts of up to 48% on our top products. But  keep in mind that the sale starts only on November 25th and will last until supply lasts. With this message we just want to inform you ahead of time what you can expect. There will not be any other offer.

How do you like our offers?

The sale starts on Friday at 9.00 CET in the morning

Black Friday offer 2016
  1. What will you do?111 votes
    1. Nothing, but thanks for the info :)
    2. These offers are irresistable. You got me.
    3. No thanks but now I don't have to wait and can buy the product I really wanted to be on sale


  • I would like to see V3 pedals on black friday super deal ;) Now finally buy the handbrake because more does not make sense to play without it.
  • The Porsche wheel is a great wheel but i need one that's compatible with XBOXone. Universal hub with Forza rim would be great. Dont want to be unthankfull but could you please make that deal on on the universal hub with rim Thomas :( ;) I already sold my ps4 and got a XBOX so I can use Fanatec stuf. (A P1 is Nice but the hub is more premium)
  • Porsche will be mine again (if I will be fast enough)
  • Greats deals Fanatec.

    I am planning to get the CSL Elite base but have been tossing up on what rim to get, Option B is a very nice deal but Option A is a very nice wheel!
  • 300$ is definitely the right price-point for the Porsche wheel IMO.
  • Geiler Scheiß!!! Das Porsche Lenkrad wird am 25. sofort bestellt.

    PS: Was ist mit den Eladur für die V3 Pedale? Macht mal hinne.... ;)
  • I am very happy!!!!

    This Handbrake is for me :)
    The hour of sale will begin in has the hour American time or europ?

  • Adi Sahar said:
    300$ is definitely the right price-point for the Porsche wheel IMO.
  • Great Deal!!!! Wann startet die Aktion, am 25.11 ab 0 Uhr??
  • Please, put Universal hub X on sale in 250-300, would buy it straight away. I don't have so much need for 918-wheel(I have Bmw, F1 and older un.hub with 4 different irl-rims). Plan to buy real Sparco P310-rim and that would be great pair to that possible Un.hub X.
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    No need to ask for anything else guys...what you see is what you get !!
  • pss no good. v2 base is better
  • No need to ask for anything else guys...what you see is what you get !!
    That's very likely so... but there's no way around the truth that un.hub's recent price is way too high. Cheaper price and it would sell like crazy.
  • Obviously, no matter how many deals you offer, short of half price for everything we'll want more. Even if you did that, well why not 60% off? The Porsche wheel the best looking wheel I've ever seen, and the handbrake would make a great addition to anybody's rig. Both look like great deals to me, now how would I mount that brake...
  • No Black Friday offer on CSW servo? :D 
    These are good deals anyway.....
  • PS 4. Dirt rally. Hansbrake for me Thx
  • Sadly not the deals I was hoping for. (CSP v3 and Shifter)
    Good luck for everyone interestet in the other stuff :D
  • I would be interesting for handbrake. It is a good offer
  • First i was thinking .... 300€ for Porsche rim? Where's the discount?

    .... and then i saw the official price. WTF! I have always thought the Porsche rim is almost in the same (or slightly higher) price range like the BMW GT2 or F1 rim.
    Nevertheless ..... the Porsche rim is a great rim.
  • Natalie BissellNatalie Bissell Member, Moderator, Betatester
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    Is it crazy for me to buy a second handbrake? :smiley:
    I think I'll grab just in case of emergency, Or maybe I'll fit 2 to my rig but at that price, it's crazy not to! :smile:
    Great job :)
  • Does anyone know of the handbrake Works on PS4 icw Cronusmax plus v3? Or without the Cronusmax... Which games supports it? Thanks
  • Is it possible to buy 2 pieces from the handbrake? Or is it limited to 1 per Person?
  • Thomas, what time will black friday sale begin? Will it be beginning right at midnight USA eastern standard time or will the sale start according to another time zone? I have been waiting for a Porsche rim and this is the perfect time to place the order. I don't want to miss out so I want to make sure I add the item to my cart and place the order right at the minute the sale begins.
  • Hi I keep trying to convince myself to upgrade to Fanatec. Great that you offer deals, unfortunately these items are not on my radar. Will still be interested in future offers. The really important question is will there be a direct drive wheel base anytime soon? This would be a good way to capture the attention of simracers and give them access to all the Fanatec hardware, while embracing the latest in wheel drive thinking. I look forward to hearing about direct drive wheel options from Fanatec. Better availability for Canadian customers would also be helpful. Cheers
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    Habe auf ein Angebot mit dem Clubsport Wheel Base V2 und ggf. dem Shifter gehofft.
    Anfragen bez. Preisnachlässe bei individuellen Paketen werden nicht gewährt.
    Die Handbremse ist nett, aber bei den Preisen entscheide ich mich gegen Fanatec und für ein Direct Drive Wheel.
    Schade, ich mag das Sortiment eigentlich sehr.
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  • ...what can i say...when i just bought a p1+csl lastweek.
  • Still no word on what time the black friday sale will begin? I really dont want to miss out because I was a couple hours late to the game and all the porsche rims are sold  :(
  • There could be a reason they don't tell.
    But if they can't tell, then I'm wondering how we're supposed to tell with sales that contains multiple products, it would seem like we can't just monitor the price on the page in these cases.
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