Wishlist for FM7 UPDATE

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I have a meeting with the team of Turn 10 this week and we will discuss several things we could do together for their next title of Forza Motorsport.

If you would like to add something, please let me know. Please tell me any wheel/pedal/shifter related issues you have in FM6 and let us know what new features you would like to see supported in FM7.

Please do not list any other things as we will only discuss issues or features related to our products.

This is your chance to change something!


I had a very good meeting with them and I am happy to report that there is a good chance that a lot of things will change for the better in upcoming FM titles.

The PC market seems very important for them and they are aware that this market is dominated by wheel users. Therefore  we will intensify our co-operation and get the best out of the games for wheel users.

I cannot confirm at this point what features can be implemented but the interest to do so is very high. 


Please continue to give me feedback and I will make sure that you will be heard.


  • Hi Thomas One thing I'd like to see make a comeback is the old "button clutch" software the old Fanatec CSR elite wheel had with the Xbox one hub so use wheel guys can have an advantage against controller players who use the clutch due to gaining faster lap-times. 
  • Handbrake support is a must! Also for pc, I'd like support for seperate usb devices .
  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    Awesome news Thomas. Here are a few of my wishes.

    Wireless connection to Console
    Headset input
    Full button support (button box/keyboard)
  • First they have to fire guy who is responsible about force feedback/wheel support. And then they have to get someone who actually know something about those things. They have limitless budgets and they haven't got those things right in all these years and at the same time even small studios know how to do ff/wheel feel.
  • Making the display on the wheel work with the game. I would like it to show what gear I'm in, how fast I'm going or what position I'm in. And would be cool to select any of those in the game to display on the wheel. I'm good with the wheel connected to the xbox by usb. Kinda like that better than wireless.
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    Okay Chris. LoL
  • ^^Please let's keep on topic. We have a chance to impact FM7. Its a positive that they are sitting down with Thomas and I'm thankful for that.
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    Add the compatibility with the Rev counter of the CSL Elite with P1 wheel. But please, ask them to make it available also on Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6 !

    also, ask them to make the wheel vibrating when the car is going fast, because currently, the wheel never vibrate at high speed so this is not really realistic, and make it boring...
  • Rami AholaRami Ahola Member
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    Biggest problem in Forza's ffb is centre zone-feeling. You can't get it feel "sharp", regardless of settings there's too much floaty feel and you are disconnected, or feel like, from front wheels. So that's first improvement place.

    edit. And would still like to see some trick to get those unused CSW's wheel menu options to work on XOne. Maybe One's ffb doesn't support that straight away but surely that can be reached somehow(?)
  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
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    Hello Thomas. I would love to see the game automatically map the degrees of rotation, per car. That way we wouldn't need to find compromise degree of rotation settings for each classes of cars.

    Turn 10 could also turn up the strength of the FFB in Forza, and make a better effort to provide detail in the forces.

    Turn 10 should fix sim steering. Numb feelings with overly eager counter forces... Not good. If there was more feeling in the wheel, the setting might work better?

    LED and second display compatibility. It's funny that Microsoft framed the necessity of getting a new wheel on being able to work with shift lights and other attachments, but then they made absolutely no progress in this area. Your wheels have capabilities that are untapped on the Xbox One, why doesn't Turn 10 work with you to use those features? And while they are at it, they should use Smart Glass to serve as a HUD so, anyone could turn off the on screen HUD if they wanted.

    E- Brake compatibility. 

    Get them to help you make a Fanatec Firmware app for the Xbox One. There is no reason that your wheels cannot be updated/calibrated with the Xbox One. The system is basically a PC. A severely limited PC, but a PC none the less.

    On your end, I want a wheel similar to the BMW rim with Xbox Compatibility... Don't make me strip one down and attach it to a U-Hub. (LOL)
  • I'm really missing the "three screen" setup I had with my xBox360.
  • Wireless connection would be nice , but not sure it would apply to the V2 base .   Currently FM6 does not recognize pedal inputs and therefor the Xbox goes into screen saver mode. The addition SPR , DPR settings support would really help in getting the feel users want. Fixing the issue with races starting in "N"  in with standing starts   Thanks again Thomas

  • Very nice they are willing to listen to our input!

    Here's my list:


    1) Handbrake support! (I have my handbrake connected to the V2 pedals, it works in games like AC and Dirt, but still nothing on any Forza title on the Xbox One)
    2) Have the game recognize the wheel as a 'controller' (to avoid getting the 'dark'-screen (sleep-mode) while driving with a wheel)
    3) Display + rev-lights showing on CLS based wheels
    4) Support for vibration on V3 pedals
    5) Support for all the buttons on the wheel (now some are left unused like the RSB and LSB)
    6) Support for the extra features from the wheel like we get on PC
    7) Better solution for race starts (be able to put the car in 1st before the lights go green)
    8) Have the max rotation of the wheel match the car when set to 'auto' *in wheel settings
    9) Support for headset (or better support for using extra normal controller for headset)
    10) Support for buttonbox


    1) Have better FFB (like Assetto Corsa)
    2) Have the wheel follow the front-wheel angle (this means when you drift, you should be able to let go of the steering wheel...the steering wheel would automatically rotate based on the change of angle of the front wheels when the rear steps out.)

  • - Automatic rotation degrees
    - Working wheel lights
    - Ability to assign controllers properly, shifters etc,
    - In game settings for ffb-tuning: Wheel weight, damping, spring etc(very important, XOne's biggest problems in ffb are in spring/damping-department, you have to be able to adjust them). There's no excuses not to offer those options for wheel-ppl.

  • Csl base rev light and handbrake support ;)
  • The Force Feedback in FM6 was so BAD! Driving over the curbs was feeling like the vibration in the trigger buttons of the standard-controller.
    Far behind the quality of the game itself!
    Please tell them they have to fix this! And then I want a fix for FM6, too!
  • I would like all buttons on a wheel to work. I think most importantly it would be that they develop FM7 with wheel and pedal sets. Whenever they show a dev video it's always with a controller. If they develop with wheels they will see the issues we have. They will also see how much more fun it is.
  • Marino VicicMarino Vicic Member
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    Option to remove wheel and driver when the view from the cockpit.Better FFB like project cars,assetto corsa. One irritating thing now that is in the settings manual with clutch, clutch must be used on cars that have sequential gearbox. It would be good to game itself recognizes that the car is manual or sequential.
  • Of course I forgot one thing which is one of the most importants: correct cpit view, because in Forzas, especially in FM6 its wayyy too backwards for wheel driving. It should either be much more forward, or better, there should be front/back ud/down adjustability. Or if those are too difiicult to do for Turn10 ppl, then they should add dashboard-view, like in Dirt and Assetto.
  • While its obvious that discussions between F and T10 concentrated to controller-side, I think everyone who gets involved has to point out present problems in these games too. If they ie. doesn't understand that cpit viewpoint problem, someone has to strongly point it out.
  • Natalie BNatalie B Member, Moderator, Betatester
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    Great to hear that the meeting went well :smiley:
    Hopefully they will listen to the users, update the FFB and the ability to make seat / FOV adjustments etc.
    As Forza is a great title, let down by a few (very minor but significant) issues :-bd
  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    Oh and one other great feature would be for them to provide UDP Data streaming. This would allow companion apps to be supported for telemetry,tire pressure, maps, race positions,etc. I know it's not directly related to the Fanatec gear but maybe we can finally get our phone holder for the CSW or another new product from Fanatec supporting these great tools.
  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
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    Great to hear the news in your update. Did Turn 10 hire Barry Roland? LOL. As for features to implement, is it possible to get maximum resolution when the pedals are attached to the CSW or CSL wheel bases? If so, can FM7 support it?
  • Physics-side I hope that theyu fix that "neverending slide"-problem, that's maybe the biggest problem in tire physics.
  • Already said by others but the CS Handbrake support would be great.
    Would also love the led and pedal vibes support.
  • 1. ABS connected to pedal vibration. Preferably for V1/2/3 pedals (I still use my V1s)

    2. Better/stronger "bumpiness" when driving over curbs. Too soft in FM6

    3. Ability to put into first from standing start before green light

    4. Remove that pulling that happens from time to time at higher speeds even if I go straight. It's a floaty feeling. Need to test more to better explain it.

    5. When driving semi-auto (no clutch) auto open clutch when releasing accelerator fully, or at least allow the option. This in order to avoid engine break when driving over water spots on circuit. Maybe add this option to a button somewhere.

    6. Handbrake support (even if I don't actually have one)

    7. Adjustable setting what to show on wheel display. Position, speed, gear, multi-info (gear for a few seconds after shifting, then speed, adjustable "gear hang time" so I can set it to show gear for 1/2/3s after shifting before reverting back to speed). Possible to add G force on display? :)

    8. Flat spots on tire model. I.e. when running without ABS and locking wheels, tires should have flat spots. These should be felt in wheel. Assetto does this.

    9. Try to match in car wheel to steering wheel when set to 900degrees.

    10. Removable in car wheel. I would like to see the dashboard, but I have a physical wheel in front of me. No arms and wheel in game please! (I have my own in front of me)

    11. VR support  :)

    12. Kinect support with that VR support. Model/turn in game wheel based on my wheel when using VR. Should be possible without Kinect aswell, but could be possible to model arms and wheel using Kinect.

  • hello

    i bought the CSL Elite, before i had a G920. The fanatec is way way better, but here is not the fact :

    Could you please tell them to remove the "auto center force" that is always active on Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox One ? it kill the gameplay when playing with a wheel, nobody understaind why this is here, but it is : By exemple, when stopped, if we turn our wheel, and release it, it will return to center very fastly with strong force. And when driving, this force is added to the "normal force feedback" so it is really too strong. All the wheel gamers told them on the forums, but they never respond. This is even more weird because on PC, the game has not this probem, so please, could you tell them to change this ? The Wheel management in Forza Horizon 2 was perfect, they should bring it back as it was. Please, tell them about this.
  • Set DRi to 3 helps a lot
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