Fanatec Beta Driver (324) 326 for ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2018 and Formula V2



  • Hello Armin,

    Will this new software be worth for me to try before I return the wheel to be repaired?

    Best Regards
  • Just looking to get some clarification on which driver to load as this thread has gotten pretty long.   I have a Formula 2018 LE still in the box but would like to set it up this weekend with my CSWv2.5

    Wondering which firmware version I should be loading for this wheel that corrects the shifting issues, etc.  ?   v324  or   v326  ?
    Thanks in advance, Bruce
    Hi, we keep the first post up to date so please download 326 for your Formula wheel. If you have a McLaren as well you should download the firmware v30 for it.

    After you've installed the driver 326, you go to the update tab in the driver UI and update first the CSW Base Firmware without the Formula wheel attached. Then you attach your Formula wheel and update the Steering Wheel Firmware. If you have a McLaren you update the Steering Wheel Firmware as well, but choose the downloaded file manually.
    Thanks Marcel  -- installed and used it on the weekend.   Not a lot of use but tried it out at least.   Seems to work great so far !!   Love the look of this rim !!    Appreciate it !!   Bruce
  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
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    @ Simon
    the firmware cannot fix hardware problems, but there is no need to ask if it is worth trying. why not? there is no risk doing that. so, if there is no firmware or driver which does not show any issue on your wheel, you should contact support and send it in. the latest firmwares are the best there are according to all test results we have gathered, seen and received so far.

    @ Bruce
    Sounds great. Thank you for the update!
  • Dear Armin,

    Thank you for your reply. No driver or firmware have solved it. I will be sending in back to the workshop to have it repaired. Hopefully the issue can be identified there. 

    Thank you for your help!

    Best Regards
  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
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    New release candidate driver/firmware package (V327) available!

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