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    FanATX    (Fanatec Advanced Technology Extended, Pronounced Fanatics, you get the idea...)

    BTW, I just received my Podium PS4 DD. The quality of the product is mind blowing. Nothing come close to this package for sure. Thank you Fanatec!

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    Podium Raceware
  • I like the optics of tying it to the engineering component of a race team, so something like: 

    Fanatec Engineering Bay 

    Fanatec Community Engineering

    Fanatec Team Engineering
  • Fanatec Performance Software.

    Racers Edge Software.

    New Box Logos
    Welcome,  New System,  Real-Feel By Design,  PODIUM For Advanced Simulation

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    Fanatec Feelings /Fanafeels

    Fanatec Sense  / FanaSense / Fanatec Sense-it 
  • Racetec
  • If it was just for podium, "Fanatec Champagne" would have been neat As it deals with setup: Fanatec (Race) Engineer Fanatec Wheeltune
  • Fanatec Circuit Center

    Fanatec Finish Line

    Fanatec Pole Position (Software) - Even better than a Podium :P

    These are my 3 thoughts. 

  • Fanatec Control Centre
    Fanatec hub
    Fanatec control suite
    Fanatec Drive sense

  • Fanatec force feedback, FFFB.
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    Double post, whoops.
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    “FANAPOSO, FANAPS, FAN-APS” Fanatec,Podium,Software. :))
  • Fanafeel Dashboard
    Fangeneer Dashboard
    Fanatec Race Control
    Fanatec Digital Engineer
    Podium Digital Engineer

    these are just off the top of my head lol I will think on it some more
  • FanaRev FanaBox FanaWorks
  • Fanatec  - Command & Control
    Fanatec  - Command & Control Software
    Fanatec  - Command & Control Centre
    Fanatec  - Command & Control Suite

  • "FWCS"  Fanatec wheel center setup

    "FWC" Fanatec wheel center

    "FDC"  Fanatec Drive center

  • I like "FanaWorks" Suggested by A.B Elawad .

  • "Fanatec Track Day" software, in keeping with the race/driving themes of "Clubsport" and "Podium."
  • Fanatec control your destiny
    Fanatec be quick / be quick with me
    Fanatec lets get it done

  • Fanatec Tuning Suite
  • Fanatec SIMHub Suite
    Fanatec SIMSuite
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    Fanatec Customizer Software
    Fanatec iCustomizer Software
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    Your wheel can help you to improve, but you need to FEEDitBACK with this new driver package. Downolad it now! FEEDitBACK.!!
    I also thought to the entire advert sentence.  :))
  • Fanatec Fuel Box 1.0
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    Set the action
  • Fanatec Advanced Tuning Software
    Fanatec Advanced Tuning
    Fanatec Tuning Software
    Fanatec Tuning 
    Fanatec Wheel Tuning
    Fanatec Wheel Tuning Software 
    Fanatec Wheel Tuning Software Solution
    Fanatec Solution Software
    Fanatec Solutions
    Fanatec FFB & Telemetry
    Fanatec FFB & Telemetry Suite
    Fanatec FFB & Telemetry Software
    Fanatec Software Suite
  • F.U.C.
    - Fanatec Utility Cockpit
    - Fanatec Universal Cockpit

    - Fanatec Utility Quest of Fun

    Sorry, I don't know why I am so dirtyminded xD (does'nt even make sense)
    No, but seriously:

    Fanatec Cockpit

    Fanatec SIMphony
    - Software ingenious minded perfection harmonizer on yourself.
    - Software ingenious minded perfection harmonizer on you.
    (Symphony: a work usually consisting of multiple distinct sections or movements)

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