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  • Fanatec Racing Experience 
  • Evoking the package of the CS Formula V2 "I am an artist - the track is my canvas"
    I suggest B.A.C.H. (Base Access Control Hub).
    Using the software means creating your own symphony on track.
    Fanatec would refer to a very well known german composer and to its roots as a german company.
  • Fanatec CHRONOSTAR
  • PodiumLine Software Or FanatecLine Software
  • Fanatec setup box
  • Fanatec Force Feedback Application
  • Hi there, 

    hope you find one of this list interesting.

    Fanatec SimOrchestrator
    Fanatec Synapse Commander
    Fanatec Synapse Orchestrator
    Fanatec Synapse Center
    Fanatec SimVision Commander
    Fanatec Simgazer Suite/Manager/Center/Orchestrator
    Fanatec Gravity SimCommander
    Fanatec Gravity Suite
    Fanatec Schwarzschild Suite
    Fanatec Symmetry/Simmetry Center/Suite/Orchestrator
    Fanatec SimFlux Suite
    Fanatec Sympan Suite
    Fanatec Observer 
    Fanatec Aureus Commander/Center/Manager

    Kind Regards,
  • Nikos, you missed an easy one there (perhaps repeated before you).

    Fanatec SIMphony

  • FanaSet Customizer
  • Fanatec Trophy System/ Settings/ Software/ Menu  etc. ....

    (or short: FanaTrophy)

    - because at the end, we all want a Trophy..... with a Podium (...or any other Fanatec Wheelbase) ;D
  • Fanadaptation

    Fanatec Attitude

    Fanatec Attribute 


    Fanatec Capacity



     - System/ Settings/ Software/ Menu  etc.
  • Fanatec flux capacitor
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    Fanatec Pro Driver
    Fanatec Pro Drive
    Fanatec Pro Pilot

    Joking with the word "driver" as human and as software device controler. "Pro" as a hi level solution (not toy) and humans that uses sims in a serious way. Also includes "Drive" in reference of Direct Drive. Could add "suite", "software", "control" or similar.
  • Josh OskamJosh Oskam Member
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    Fanatec Fine Tune Suite

    Fanatec Fine Tune (App)

    Fanatec FineTune

    Fanatec FinalTune

    Fanatec Total Tune Hub

    Fanatec Tuner Hub

    Fanatec Tech Tools (or just - Fanatec Tech Tool)

    Fanatec Race Ready (App)

    Fanatec RacePace Tuner

    Fanatec SimWorks

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    FanaTunTec - FTT Setup.

    FanaTunSuite - FTS Setup.
  • Magnitude
  • Fanatec Feel
  • Simfinity
  • Fanatec Real Racing Suite
    Fanatec RR Suite
    Fanatec RR Software
  • Marc GilbertiMarc Gilberti Member
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    alex dixey said:
    The Lab
    That's cool. Maybe even "FanaLab" :-)
    FanaLab is the best name I've seen. It is awesome.

    It's short, it's understandable and it sounds good.

  • The Lab
    That's cool. Maybe even "FanaLab" :-)
    FanaLab is the best name I've seen. It is awesome.

    It's short, it's understandable and it sounds good.
    I agree with that it sound realy good
  • Fanatec Podium Performance Tuning Centre

    Fanatec Podium Tuning Centre

    Fanatec Podium Performance Tuning Suite

    Fanatec Podium Tuning Suite

    Fanatec Podium Performance Tuning System

    Fanatec Podium Tuning System
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    Fanatec Principle... As in it is the beginning of all and the one that dictates tuning, styling, profile programming and more.
  • FADEC - FAnatec Driving Experience Centre

    FAECU - FAnatec Experience Control Unit
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    Personal Engineer

    Personal Engineer Software

    Your Personal Engineer Software

    My Personal Engineer By Fanatec

    My Personal Engineer to The  Podium

    To The Podium, with Fanatec

  • Fanatec Pit Crew
    Fanatec Tune&Drive

  • Podium Power Station
  • Carbon. Simple, elegant, ties into racing and into a recurring element in your products. Don't try to backronym it, just Carbon. It also translates well into French and Spanish. German, not so much. Sorry!
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