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  • Hi guys,

    I hope I'm using the forum correctly, if not -> sorry :-)

    I'm looking into buying the CLS elite + formule V2 + CLS elite pedals (2 pedals or 3, not sure yet) but I was wondering:

    I'm sitting +- 3.5 meters from my screen and pc so I assume the cable from the weel base + pedals shall be to short to connect to my pc directly? I also assume that the weelbase + pedals are connected to the pc via 2 usb slots? If the cables are to short, I can install a "usb to usb" on my pc to make it longer? Will this work / have a negative impact on reaction speed?

    Thanks for the feedback, can't wait to get on track!!

  • Hi I've got the csl elite F1 setup bundle and I use it on PC and I absolutely love it. Problem is though that my funkyswitch has become over sensitive like crazy to the point where I cannot change any of my setups, yet it works fine in the menus etc? Anyone have any idea what I can do other than email support which I have....

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    Unfortunately, getting parts from Fanatec in the US is nearly impossible. Just consider all Fanatec equipment in the US as a disposable item and order a brand new replacement when it fails. I've been a Fanatec user since 2004 and I have never been able to get a replacement part.

    I currently have a CSL Elite PS4 wheelbase in pieces because I can't buy a motor control board. My V2.5 has been great for PC league racing and that's my primary use, but I miss Gran Turismo on the PS4 at times. I still have a few old friends who race on the PS4.

  • Hi guys, I need help. some time ago, the fan of my CSL ELITE base started to have a strange noise, can I get a spare or what can i do? PLEASE

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    Contact Fanatec technical support.

    If the wheel base is out of warranty and Fanatec cannot provide you with a spare fan, look for a 24V fan with dimensions 70x70x10

  • Hi everybody,

    I bought a brand new Csl Elite ps4 F1 bundle 15 days ago, I installed official driver and setted the raccomanded Fanatec settings for the only game I'm playng, ACC. Everything was perfect till few days ago, while I was driving normally the wheel suddenly lost power in the forcefeedback in corners, low vibrate on straights, and when in corners seemed like the belts jerked. I also noticed that it seems not to have the smooth and quite operation then before. When I turn the wheel I hear and feel a gear/belt rotation sound wich I don't remember before.

    I also tried to reinstall and update everything but with no luck.

    Any of you might know what could be?

    I've already emailed Fanatec support, but you have to wait days for replays...

    Thank you

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    Just a general question for the team at fanatec or some others that can help me.

    I have recently noticed that my csl elite p1 wheel for PS4 has got a two cracks on both sides and since I got it I noticed that after a few hours of playing on it the wheel would get loose so I would tighten it back up and then play again and then the same process over and over again. Until last night I had no idea as to why this was and as I was tightening it back up again I saw the crack. I am unsure of what to do should I send it back and get a new one or is this normal or something?

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    Is it that the wheel itself is loosening from the wheel base's hub? That's very strange if so. There's a screw to insert after pushing the wheel into the hub to keep it in place. Have you used that screw, inserting into the holes provided and tightening?

  • Yes I have tightened the screw at the back and the bolt just gets loose after a few hours of playing on it

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    That's odd. Screws aren't supposed to loosen out like that. Double-check to make sure that the holes are lined up and that the screw/bolt actually screws into the hole of the base's hub. Sometimes it's difficult to know because the screw is short and has to go through the metal spring ring and then through the hole in the hub. The holes need to be lined up properly.

    When lining up to screw in, rotate the wheel so the holes are on top to begin with. That makes it better to see and screw in. Then screw in ensuring it's actually screwing in to fix in place. Try again and see and report back.

  • You are aware that he is talking about the CSL with the simplified quick releace ?

  • It is it has two cracks on each side of the wheel I’ll try and get a picture of them now

  • Yes CSL Elite P1

  • Wow. How the hell did it get those two cracks on the side man? Did it fall off at any time prior or some object made contact with it?

    Are you the original owner and how old is it?

  • about a month or two since it arrived and I started to use it and no not that I know of unless it happened during shipping and yeah I hope so because I bought it from the website

  • Hi, I ordered a CSL Elite bundle about 2 months ago and have been loving it. Yesterday, it simply stopped connecting to my PS4. I tried using different USB cables but it still doesn't work so I'm afraid there might be an issue with the port on the wheelbase. I contacted support but was wondering if I could get some insight please on what the process is going to look like? Thanks in advance

  • Sorry we've basically hijacked Nicolas Jadinon's thread (apologies to Nicolas) but if the wheel is just about 2 months or so old it should stil be under warrantee. So if you have not already done so you should open a support ticket to initiate a return.

  • Yo.

    I recently got the PS4 CSL Elite bundle and seem to be having some problems as mentioned here.. https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/2480/csl-elite-f1-lack-of-resistance-feel-in-wheel-when-turning

    I'm trying to figure out if this is actually a problem of the wheel or me being a dummy, I was wondering what firmware do people find is best for the CSL Elite? I want to try a few things about before I get in contact with support in case it's just a software issue , or potentially something with the drivers.

    Cheers for any help.

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    Same here im afraid.. just bought this bundle and the force feedback feels way to soft and weird..playing f12019 on ps4, which firmware is the best and is there something in the tuning menu that will remove the soft feeling?

  • Just use driver package 311 or 328. They come with respectively firmware 476 and 630 and both are the latest official released firmwares. I find firmware 476 to be a bit more crude but very effective, while firmware 630 seems just right. To me the latter feels like a bit more toned down version of 476 with an extra lateral FFB effect (at least with GT Sport it seems this way to me). It also doesn't include the motorfirmware 18 or 22 update which you can find in later beta versions of the driver/firmware packages. To me, the 'standard' motorfirmware 18 feels the most correct anyway and I like to believe there's a reason why Fanatec doesn't officialy release a motorfirmware update via their regular update programme.

  • I couldn't find the edit button, but the motorfirmware included in later beta packages is 20 or 22. Doesn't really matter because the standard 18 firmware is the best in my opinion. But I wanted to comment/edit my previous post just to be correct.

  • Thank you for the help, tried both now and really like the 311 driver package, love the wheel now! :)

  • Subject

    Wheel never worked

    Original Message

    Hi guys I turned on my base and wheel for the first time yesterday. No lights came up on the wheel it’s self, just the base had the first 3 amber lights on and the red mode/power light was flashing. I downloaded the 64bit driver for the wheel base from your site, and followed the prompts but still no change. The fanatec controllers page/connected devices viewer program does not show the base or wheel. So I held the power button while base was powered off, activated bootstrapper mode and downloaded the most recent firmware and reset the pc as requested and still nothing in the device viewer and no change to the base lights and flashing red light. Still never seen any lights ever come on in the wheel itself, I read the forum for fixes, I changed from 3.0usb port to 2.0 and still no go. I uninstalled everything and tried with the forums latest Drivers and firmware while Having firewall and antivirus turned off. Still nothing. I blew some air from an into the First hole under the lights to try and maybe clean the wheel sensor and sill nothing. Can you help me please


    CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™


    PC - Windows 10 - 64 bit

  • Is there any way to program the analog paddles on the Podium advanced paddle module for gas and brake? CSL Elite V1 Base, Universal Hub

  • Can someone answer a quick question for me please?

    I am currently using a CSL elite wheel base, Formula carbon wheel and CSL elite pedals with load cell.

    At the moment I mainly play on Project cars 2 and assetto corsa on PS4 Pro.

    I've read that the formula carbon wheel has vibration motors however I am not getting any "vibration" in the wheel rim when locking brakes etc whilst playing PC2 or AC on PS4. Wheel settings for ABS is 100, SHO is also 100. According the the manual this should be working... so... am I doing something wrong? or does anyone know if these games incorporate vibration? or does the wheel base not support it or is this a common issue?

    Any insight would be appreciated as I can't seem to find a straight answer online.


  • new guy here. Wondering how to find the latest things I need to download? I’m getting my csl elite Monday and this is all very new to me. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

  • Hi guys,

    I just got the V1.1 base and I was wondering what the best driver package to install is.


  • If I use my wheel on Playstation 4 for F1 2019 + 2020, how buttons will I be able to map if I have the F1 2020 LE rim?

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