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  • of course, but we all know that they are slower or faster, but they process orders and where there is no problem, the red mark does not appear at any time, so I conclude that it does not mean anything good ;)

  • Red box with status in progress happened to me before I have an order cancelled manually. This, it is one of the steps of cancellation.

  • It can happen, but it’s not safe. What you both did is a manual cancellation, so they put it on hold with red box in progress. But all the other orders which are not cancelled by the customer it can be turn into blue again if they checked it. And that’s the problem you did, that everybody is afraid now of wordless cancellation of the orders. Me included.

  • I did not manually cancel my order. I placed my order, is was marked blue and said your order has not processed yet, then it went to a red box that said in progress. I never canceled anything. If it goes back to blue or goes to green that would be awesome.

  • Did you perform this cancelation or did Fanatec do it automatically without you taking any action?

  • Fanatec canceled the order without consultation, I did not want to cancel the order.

  • Ok, that is unfortunate as it means many others may end up experiencing the same thing. It is very odd though that people on Ireland and the UK have had their orders marked as completely shipped and everyone in the USA still has the red mark with "in progress". I'd just like to know what os happening.

  • walid FAUDEUXwalid FAUDEUX Member
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    “Dear Fanatec team,

    Tuesday passed, I placed an order, so on 21.11.23 order which has not yet been shipped while my neighbor who ordered the same steering wheel as me received this order so who ordered it on the 22nd I don't understand the shipping

    Kind regards, Walid"

  • Damn.... Did you just take that or something else too?

  • Why not having a "warehouse processing" status and then promote it to "Completely Shipped" once the tracking info is available?

  • Is it normal for an order to still be in blue box when I ordered 8 days ago ? Also very very concerned about delivery times with their delays and impossibiliy to plan a delivery basically how do you manage to leave home arround Xmass… coms and logistics are really lacking I hope the products will be better.

  • The orders I shown is not manually cancelled by me, what I want to tell is the red box in progress status has happened for the order I manually cancelled previously

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    Hi Everyone. I hope you are doing well. Happy Holidays!

    I have also experienced this issue. I now have the red box (with the "in progress" text) and no updates regarding the status change. With that said, I saw Fanatecs message about some delays.

    I ordered the CSL DD (8NM), CSL Elite V2 Pedals, Formula V2.5x, QR1, Advanced Paddle Module, QR2 base side, and the sticker & button set on Friday, November 24th. Originally the QR2 base side said it was pre ordered until December 8th. Yesterday, on November 28th, my order details updated and said it was available on November 28th. 

    *I am aware that cannot use the QR2 base side for now but wanted to get it because it was on sale for a great price. *

    I have gone through the forums, and it seems that I am not alone, although it seems that we all are not sure what is going on. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments people may have. 

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide and have a great day!


  • You charge our CC and ship the order in 10 days, this is illegal. I may open a charge back with the CC. Who takes in 2023 10 days to ship an order?

  • Dustin GDustin G Member
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    Guys your still sending out incomplete export paperwork for the U.K.,

    “UPS initiated contact with the sender to obtain clearance information. Once received, UPS will submit for clearance”. 

    / The package will be returned to the sender.

    Hamburg, Germany

    cant believe this is still happening, should of been fixed months ago. I regularly deal with EU companies and they fixed there export issues about a year ago. Delays yes but never incomplete paperwork.

    on the plus side my QR2 order is on its way, so you got that one right to be fair.

  • Your definition of "Completely Shipped" is way different than mine.

  • « Chère équipe Fanatec,

    Mardi passé, j'ai passé commande, donc le 21.11.23 commande qui n'a pas encore été expédiée alors que mon voisin qui a commandé le même volant que moi a reçu cette commande donc qui l'a commandé le 22 je ne comprends pas l'expédition

    Bien cordialement, Walid"


  • I'm in the same boat. Placed a $1500 order Nov 24 which was charged and posted to my credit card. The order included the V2.5x, APM, Button Set combination. It has been stuck as [red] In Progress since then. I'm going to be absolutely livid if a $1500 order is cancelled over their $200 mistake that I had nothing to do with and made no difference whatsoever to me placing the order. The order can't be redone now. Either put the order through or at the very least give people the option to pay what you believe is the correct price. I have also submitted a support request with same but some communication would be nice. If only you had a public Blog where you could post something like (a) We're looking into it and we'll let you know our decision soon (b) We made a mistake but it was our mistake so we're going honour the discount and process the orders. (c) We're going to charge an additional $220 and process the orders or (d) due to our mistake all of your orders will be cancelled and there will be no opportunity to redo them because everything is sold out now and the Black Friday sale is over.

  • Had the same thing with my order last night.

    Ordered on November 10th to beat the Black Friday rush(!), got the tracking number on the 15th of November. Been waiting for UPS to receive the parcel since then until last night when I got an update that both parcels are being returned to sender.

    I really, really hope they prioritise turning these around ahead of dealing with the massive Black Friday backlog but I'm losing faith. @James - any reassurance you can give here?

    I'm already seeing people who ordered the same thing as me, weeks after me, who paid less than me, get their orders before me.

    What a mess.

  • Hello

    Bundle purchases on Black Friday.

    *Podium Advanced Paddle Module

    *ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox

    Your company said that sales and shipping are currently on hold due to an error in the pricing of the BF set discount. The details were said to be unknown...

    The product was left unattended for more than a day without realizing that it had been sold incorrectly. Isn't this response terrible?

    Payment has already been completed with PayPal. We strongly request an official response as soon as possible regarding this matter and when the situation will develop.

    I can't see the cancel button, is it possible to cancel from here?

  • Where they said that sales and shipping are currently on hold due to an error in the pricing of the BF set discount?

  • Hello,

    F1 2023 wheel ordered on monday 20 ( already 10 days ) and still "in process"

    When will I get it ?

    Second "complicated" order this year ... If you don't know how to ship, leave it to those who do ...

    Hope all the money earned will be spent in a good warehouse ...

  • It is very unfortunate that the delay in response will lead to a further meaningless loss of trust.

  • My trust is completely gone for sure… but they didn’t care of anybody.

  • it's a joke-

    such a prestigious company

    order 23-11 apart from the automatic response, total ignorance of the customer

    If you have trouble even replying to a message, hire people.

    it's so pathetic that every word is a waste of time

    I also run a company selling online, handling 200-300 orders a day by 3 people is not a problem

    it's just that Fanatec's service is less than zero

  • You are right, even there are so many complain and question here, they haven’t any response to anyone. What is the purpose of this platform?

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator
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    Hello Marcin,

    I’m sorry about the website issue with your order from 24 November. In general, if you’ve placed an order during Black Friday Week which didn’t go through and missed out on some discounts, you can get in touch with our Customer Care Team. They’ll check if they can restore your order including the Black Friday discounts. Please note there are factors that can influence whether orders can be recreated, including product availability. Whether or not your order qualifies for consideration of the Black Friday deals has then to be determined on a case-by-case basis. But if you write to our customer service team via [email protected], we’re sure the team can let you know what your options are. Please note that it will take some time before your request can be processed due to the delay of several weeks with our customer support team. 

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hi Jakub, “order in process” means that your order has not yet been transferred to our warehouse. We kindly ask for your patience with order processing after a record-breaking Black Friday for us. Your Fanatec Team

  • Does anyone have an answer to this question?

    Are items in an order put aside until all items are available? Or are we waiting for all items in an order to become available at the same time?

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