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  • Ništa dečki na 4.12. naručio bundle (bez tog formula volana), nadam se da će stići roba ovaj mjesec.

  • Imam osjecaj da revidiraju sve narudzbe, jednu po jednu. Neke dobiju zeleno svjetlo i njih salju. Ostali dobiju mail o raskidu. Da barem znamo pravila igre.

  • Alan LoiAlan Loi Member
    edited December 2023

    I finally understood why they are cancelling orders with 2.5x and csl dd in the order.

    The BF deal was 479,95€ for the bundle of both. (a discount of 219,95€ on the retail price for both).

    Unfortunately, they left activated also the discount for the CSL dd bundle with any pedals and wheel.

    so at the end the BF price of both was V2.5x 199.95 + csl dd 199.95 + an other bundle discount of -69.95 = 329.95€ (for the same BF bundle above).

    The difference beetween the BF bundle 479,95 and the added separately wheel and base 329.95 are -150€. I think that every one, me included, that has those 150 euros bundle discount in the bill will not receive anything.

  • Few pages before was a guy who got cancellation for order with just 2.5x and qr1, nothing else 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • True, I guess that was a customer from Japan, so maybe there was something else in that region 🤔

  • Das war auch meine Vermutung. Allerdings kostete das 2.5x einzeln 199€ und die csl DD 199€ wenn man Lenkrad und Pedale dazu kauft das wären 398€ für Csl DD und 2.5x

  • I also have the discount for the bundle in the order, ordered on 24th and no mail for cancelation. The discount for the CSL DD (if you buy pedals and wheel) was advertised on the site and still is so I don't think that is the reason for cancelation . At this point I will be happy if they cancel the order so I can order the parts from Moza. I really don't want to have to deal with Fanatec anymore.

  • Has anyone who bought the 2.5x with CSL DD and pedals already had them delivered?

  • After reading all those comments, I want to share my updates:

    order data: 30 Nov 2023

    items: CSL DD (8 Nm), QR1 Lite Wheel-Side, CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2, CSL Pedals, CSL DD Table Clamp

    Status on web page: Completely shipped, Shipping type: UPS Express Saver

    No tracking number till now, but I received all packages today 13.12. Only after receiving packages, I was able to track them on UPS with a reference number(fanatec order number). Location: Germany, Hamburg.


  • That is not the same. 479.95 was the offer for base and wheel. When you add the r2r bundle of base, wheel and pedals you get the extra discount of 150.

    They cannot argue the discount for r2r is not valid. It was there from before BF.

    Anyone that bought that wheel with a base and pedals got the same thing.

    And the BF deal is also as valid, probably they already shipped orders of it.

    They either try to cancel all or none (which I doubt they can), otherwise this is more then false advertising, they could expose themselves to other charges.

    They will end up not just forced to fulfill the contacts, but could get some fines for just attempting it.

    Same could be valid for the apm orders too.

    It will be a black Friday for the legal protection insurances the way things are going.

    I would have had no issue reordering at different prices, not that it would have been possible as the discounts were added automatically, but after waiting so long with my money blocked, I and probably others won't let this go their way.

  • Are all the orders for the 2.5x with pedals going to be canceled? Because I haven't received any cancellation email.

  • Yes but there are 70 euros dicount more on the bill. If they wat to leave the bundle discount of 150€ the 70 don't have to taken into account. If they want you to pay the BFbundle offer of 479€ the -150 discount don't have to be in the bill. From each side you look at the bill there is one discount too much.

    Before the purchase i've tried both ways, add separately, and add the bundle, the total was always the same, was simply impossible to have the correct bundle offer if you add also any pedals to the basket, since the system add automatically both discounts.

  • So, only AFTER you receive them you can find them via reference number?!

    Wow, now I am completely lostn🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks for info mate, this is just perfect 🤣

  • Is there anyone who actually received a Clubsport DD base?

  • Wo liegt meine Bestellung Nr. 1820600

  • I hope the trouble with the double discount doesn't lead to a closer look at all orders with CSL bundle and the 2.5x. I ordered the bundle with the wrc wheel and additionally the 2.5x. So I'm not affected by the double discount, but maybe the whole thing will be delayed because they going on defcon 2 when they see the CSL bundle and 2.5x on one order. If that is the case, I can correct my expectations that it will arrive sometime in December and count on another month.

  • the problem is not only that, I ordered the ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2.5 X with the BF discount and nothing else on the 24th and still no shipment nor tracking#

  • T hey have discounts on the Bill who are not clarified. You see no 150 discount for the wheel. No 100 discount for the pedals. Otherwise they must cancel all of this orders.

    The had clearly exclude the csl dd and f1 wheel bundle from the ready to race Promotion. The can not cancel it. Not if they hold on German law.

  • do you guys think i have a chance getting my order? I just think this isnt fair. They cant cancel the whole order right?

  • The thing is simple.

    They had banners for the €480 CSL DD/V2.5X.

    Then why didn't they put a banner for CSL DD/V2.5X/CSL pedals €410?

    Wouldn't that work even better marketing wise?

    Well, apparently they didn't want to sell V2.5X/APM/caps for €160 either.

    Neither does U Hub V2/APM/caps.

    It's all in the same basket and it's only a matter of a few tens of € difference for Fanatec.


    It was Black Friday. They didn't misprice the item, but put the discount in your cart at checkout if you order more.

    The discount of their best offer is 83%. The total bundle discount of the best alleged glitch order is 71%.

    They have absolutely no legal basis to claim bad faith when ordering.

    As they themselves wrote in an email after a couple of weeks, they discovered the alleged error on Friday and fixed the website same day. But in short, most customers received their invoices a day or two later. According to their ToS, even customers with an order confirmation after 5 days are legally safe, and those with an invoice are 100% sure to receive an order under these conditions. In my opinion, even a refund will not help them legally, and they will have to subsequently give offers and the right to the user to buy goods under identical conditions.

  • Mein Geld wurde zurück überwiesen

    Got my money refunded

    Danke & Entschuldigung

    Thanks & sry



  • I totaly umderstamd you. They cancelled my order last asetek la prima set just arrived today

  • zeko zekanzeko zekan Member
    edited December 2023

    this bundle-rabatt of €154.90 is the only problem.

    you are an isolated case.

    when you put items in the basket, I believe you noticed that something was wrong. ok, now I don't know if when you bought there were no more V2 pedals that were sold for €199.95, so you decided to combine the csl pedals with the LC pedal. when you create it, you must have seen that it cost you €154.90 discount, which is very unrealistic to get such a big discount. the max discount on that combination of csl pedals is €19.95. so you had a huge error in your account and of course Fanatec wants to cancel the purchase contract.

    I don't know if you saw that when you were checking your bill, what you will pay and that you got that huge discount of €154.90 for which you couldn't find any information on the Fanatec website that such a discount was possible. so I personally would not buy such a combination because it could be understood that it is an illegal purchase created by the system or something. I wouldn't go into it further now, but your account has been canceled because it is not according to the rules of the Fantec store and they have the right to terminate it.

    Now the biggest problem is that Fanatec is directly screwing you. you could buy BF from another manufacturer, where you would generally get about 10-15% of what they offered.

    Either Fanatec should have offered you another option to pay extra for something instead of this csl set, or they should have corrected your bill and you have to pay extra as much as is realistic. and realistically there is a discount of €19.95 for that csl set of pedals. so they could issue you an additional invoice for additional payment, of €134.95, and so they would send you everything when you pay them. or create a bf discount for say V2 pedals if you are willing to buy them instead of the csl package.

  • No, nowhere they say/write the curent R2R discount (or other discount) can’t be used with the BF discount. So they legally can’t cancelled the purchase.

  • The double discount results from the two offers : the CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle and the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X.

    First offer

    We’ve done it again - another game-changing price point in sim racing! We now offer the CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle - a full direct drive package consisting of steering wheel, wheel base, and pedals for just 399.95€/$*. This is saving 150€/$* compared to buying these products separately!

    Plus, you can save an additional 50€/$* if you add the Boost Kit at the same time!

    Second offer

    And finally the most anticipated offer: The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X is on sale at a huge 43% discount! And we’re offering it in combination with the CSL DD (5 Nm) at an additional saving too.


    The two offers could be combined because both offers were in progress and it was not specified that they could not be combined. The website therefore applied them automatically.

  • but the bundle rabatt of 154.90 is from the upgrade kit and i dont understand why this should be a problem

  • More so, it clearly stated "any pedals" + "any wheel":

    So hopefully, there was a different glitch for the case of Philipp.

    Nevertheless, still feel something fishy is going around regarding the 2.5x wheels as the orders seem to be put on hold for some time now.

  • Would this order be cancelled too?

    I mean there was no other option availeble at the time.

    I knew that the v2.5x bug would be cancelled so i still wanted the 199.99 wheel.

    So i ordered these seperated from my other orders. These are all bf deals and on the site was buy a fanatec wheel and pedals and buy the dd 5nm for €200,-

    I think fanatec lost a ship with v2.5x wheels so they can't deliver it to the costumer but blaming the 60k orders

    Why are people without the v2.5x getting there orders? Why is the v2.5x open for pre order?

    I hope fanatec would send a message too there costumers jist to inform what the situation is.

    Why are we waiting this long for answers. This cost them there fanbase

  • both discounts of €70 and discounts of €150 are fine if you bought additional pedals. there is nothing controversial. of course in the case of the csl dd 5nm + v2.5x bundle.

    that's really extra BP from the Fanatec team. why? so that they can make amends to their loyal customers and others in order to return with a big BF to the throne they lost in recent years.

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