Black Friday 2019 UPDATE2 A big THANK YOU



  • Sorry for being whiny about this, but that shifter deal with that design is just bad. I'm sure some will like it but personally no, not for me. With those colors it's going to stand out from my rig like a sore thumb, so I'm going for the original.

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    it is annoying for primo accedants to the Fanatec universe to see the offers proposed with those of last year. 🤕

    Too bad, i buy the CSL Elite F1 set at 700 and i will buy the Load Cell later in 2020.

    Black Friday 19 useless for me.

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    I appreciate (and I am sure others do to) that you offer any sort of deals at all. You don't have to do that. And in today's social media connected world just because the deals aren't what people wanted you're taking a bashing for it and that IMO is not fair and I can't believe how salty many people are. Sadly there was nothing on the list this year that I am interested in so hopefully next year. Yes I made a comment earlier that I wished the DD2 would of been on sale but I am far from being so upset as I see some of these nasty comments on here.

    And I am sure some people will read this comment and bash this to no end lol.....welcome to the internet.

    Thank you for all your hard work. PS....I hope there is a Podium Series Pedals coming soon!

  • Yeah. That's internet. No worries! Perhaps next year. The new coloured rims would be fantastic if it was another news-article etc, but yeah. Next year another chance!

    Keep it up.

  • Howdy Thomas,

    i have been thinking of upgrading my setup for the last months, for the past 2.5 years I have used second hand dfgt now a second hand g27. In this time I decided to wait untill black Friday sales and hope to jump into the Fanatec ecosystem, after looking at the deals and not being in Europe, I have noticed all items are for existing Fanatec customers. I don’t think this is a bad thing and would probably buy something if I already had a wheelbase. What I was hoping for was the csl v1.1 Wheelbase. With the low end P1 wheel and the 2 pedal setup. This I thought would be a good entry setup, I was not thinking about a massive discount overall maby $40 of the base and $15 each in the pedals and wheel. $70 total but I don’t know your costs so these are just guesses. I would have added the load cell to this package as well.

    look I don’t really wanna say “this is what I want give me now” but I do believe an entry level kit would sell and anyone who buys it is now in your ecosystem to buy all the other goodies at a later date.

    I would probably jump on the eu starter pack deal if it was available in oz but would prefer a round wheel.

    sorry if this sounds demanding it is not intended to.

    kind regards

  • This brand is upscale. My wife wants an new LV bag and she wants it for the price of a knock off. It's just not going to happen. Either way, I lose but LV and fanatec wins LOL

  • Very dissapointing. I was hoping to see the deals like this one

  • Then why not just steer clear of imported gimmicks like Black Friday? Why tease deals on social media. I think you are coming from the right place - you know you won't please everyone - so why play the game? Asking what appears to be a rhetorical question about what deals people want will not make things better. This will damage your brand, along with data breaches, website problems, product problems (McLaren wheel), delays in shipping and poor support response times. I know you are doing your best and I understand the issues that come from being quite a small company in absolute terms, but this perception of your company as amateurish is real to many people. I know there are many silent happy customers (I'm one believe it or not) but you risk letting these poor image issues overwhelm your company. You should focus on fixing these issues rather than offer gimmicky BF offers (I admit the CSP V3 deal was a real, the others were not).

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    I share the same thoughts.

    As a side note I am not yet a customer, although for several times I almost made a decision to become one in the last few past months. I am happy to pay the price for a great product, but I am withholding as I am struggling to assess how good is this company on the after sale support. The last thing I want is to spend loads of money and end up with a dead weight. I don't care if there is no offer for BF, but trying to push a false BF is not helping with my insecurity on the company.

    My recommendation: don't do BF. It is not suitable for high end products in my opinion and is also unfair to the ones who pays full price.

  • The shifter has carbon fiber knobs and will sell for the price of the regular CSS SQ (btw Price in USA will go up after BF). This means it is a 30% discount as well. So we put three products on sale with a discount.

    In the past we did exactly the same. And we also made new product releases on BF in the past as well.

    It is obvious that some people were expecting different offers but I guess that happened in the past as well.

    Despite all the comments of dissapointed people there are plenty of people out there who will probably buy those offers and be happy. Just like every BF...

  • Hello Thomas.

    I would like/love to see an PS4 Podium Deal for about 1350-1399€.

    Been waiting for more than 6 Months to upgrade from my CSL Elite set.

    I know its not your problem, but if there anything you can do. it would be very appreciated.

    Thx 4 your time.

  • I'm not sure how to interpret this sentence: "Despite all the comments of dissapointed people there are plenty of people out there who will probably buy those offers and be happy. Just like every BF..." In first response I would think this seems presumptuos, doesn't matter what we do, people will buy ur products anyway. Yesterday evening I thought you were open for feedback regarding this in your post: "I forgot to mention that in case you do not like any of our products can you tell us what product at what price would be of interest for you?"

    This morning you replied to this thread by you were only trying to prove your point and now seems to have escalated in they will buy stuff anyway. Not really a positive way to bind customers in my opninion.

  • Hi Thomas,

    I came here for the CSL Elite Pro Kit but the discount just really isn't pushing me over the edge to buy it. For 550,- / 600,- euro I think I would've.

    Based on the previous two years I was expecting to see more discount than the current deals. When reading Facebook & Twitter comments it's clearly that a lot of people feel this way.

    Sure, we shouldn't be complaining and we should be happy with every discount you honor us but less then 4% is not a Black Friday deal, that is just a normal Friday deal.. Especially keeping in mind that the kit was the same price without discount just a few weeks back!

    Anyway, thanks for the offers. I think they are a bit boring! And boring doesn't just fit with your company. :-)

  • I would immediately buy a CSW 2.5 for 400-420€ or V3i for 420-450€

  • Das ist schon enttäuschend. Natürlich würde ich als Unternehmer es nicht gut finden, wenn Kunden monatelang mit einer Anschaffung warten weil es zum Black Friday etwas günstiger zu bekommen ist. Aber irgendeinen Deal für Kunden die schon etliche Bestellungen bei Ihnen getätigt haben, wäre schon nett gewesen.

    Mir war das jetzt nicht so ganz wichtig und darum habe ich erst vor wenigen Wochen eine V§, einen Dämpferkit und ein Performance Kit bestellt. Und zwar einzeln. DAvor aber auch schon ein CSl Pedal und Loadcell Kit, und und und.

    Und nu ist nicht einmal ein einziges Podium-Teil dabei? Oder vielleicht x% Treuerabatt für Kunden die mehr als 10 Bestellungen getätigt haben oder ähnliches?

    Vielleicht bin ich ja schon zu verwöhnt,........ aber da bin ich enttäuscht.

  • Goodmorning Mr. Jackermeier,

    It would nice if the Podium Advanced Paddle Module (€125-€150) are also in the Black Friday deal. So I can completed set. :) The Fanatec V3 + Brake preformance kit + Damperkit (€300), it would be a nice upgrade.

    That would be a nice Black Friday deals.

  • I think the problem with this year BF is just misunderstanding. People were looking at deals from last years and expected something similar. If you read all the comments, you will see that many people (me including) were expecting some bundle that would be suitable for first time buyers. In last years there was always some great deal for new customers. This year has only one deal that would be suitable for first purchase and it doesn't suit many customers. Now we need to buy these products for full price after all the waiting.

    I think you should always include a good bundle for new customers during BF. That is the point of BF, to get new customers that will later spend more on upgrades.

    To clarify, the only bundle for new customers includes 50€ more costly wheel base that many people don't need (V1.1 would be good enough), ungliest wheel in the store (XBox version looks nicer) and LC pedals that many people don't need either (basic pedals without LC are good enough). Why add this extra cost when I can buy what I need cheaper for full price? What kind of deal is that if it costs me more?

  • "...What is your favourite offer?"

    Sorry Fanatec. You missed the chance to make a new customer happy.

    I was waiting for the Black Friday deal because I wanted to buy a complete package consisting of CSW V2.5 Wheelbase, 2 steering wheels and some accessories. And I was hoping to save a few percent. But apparently you just don't need to make people a reasonable offer. Because the stuff that you offered with deal, obviously nobody wants.

    A Black Friday deal for me would be the following: 10% discount & free shipping

    CSW V2.5 = 549.95 EUR

    Wheel Formula V2 = 369.95 EUR

    Magnetic Paddle Module = 179,95 EUR

    Wheel CS BMW GT2 = 299.95 EUR

    Complete price: 1399,80 EUR

    10% discount: Final price = 1259,80 EUR

    But since I have the feeling to have been waiting in vain, my money stays in the account once and I'm going to buy something else for Christmas ...

  • So would it be possible to combine those carbon fiber knobs with the normal css sq? Having options would be great. Limited edition that is just a visual overhaul with extras that ain't essential just does not feel like a discount.

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    I agree with Frank Socha

    A good Black Friday deal would be the following: [product dependant] 10% - 30% discount & free shipping on all products.

    That would cater to everyone's Black Friday hunger.

  • I get that you can't please everyone, but could you just explain the rationale behind offering 5 wheel rims that are only for customers who already bought the universal hub? While you can't please everyone, you could attempt to please a wider range of your customers or get new customers by offering deals on products that more people can enjoy.

  • You guys shouting for up to 30% on all products clearly don't understand Black Friday. You don't wait a full year to buy a product you want anyway, with that tactic you can only get disappointed.

    From my side I was hoping (more wishing) for a preorder deal on a Podium grade F1 wheel. The F1 v2 is a bit small in diameter, something along the lines of the Precision Sim Engineering GPX would be amazing.

  • I had really hoped for the "Podium Wheel Base fro PS4" to be sold separately without that F1 wheel.

    Wasn't even looking for a discount, just really hoping for the separate base.

    Any news you can give me on that folks at Fanatec? Really don't want to pay 400€ extra for a wheel that's going to stay in the box.

  • JMO...Black Friday sale or Not Fanatec makes Great products at reasonable prices...Save more $$$ and buy what you want... Fanatec is a Business Not a Charity so No Need to complain about prices.

    I Paid Full Price for every piece of Fanatec Gear I Own and I am Very Happy with their product.

    I find it really Funny people who Complain and threaten to buy other products because they want a better sale price... Be Reasonable Do you really think other companies are going to give product away without some profit??? they will all Go out of business.... Quickly!!!

  • I also don’t look for a discount.

    I just want the dd1 ps4 Edition without the wheel.

    I have no need for the f1 wheel.

  • Ok, well you seem happy with the way this has gone. We should just agree to disagree. :-)

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    Same here, not aftewr discounts at all, just don't want to have to buy a bundle when I only need one part of it.

    Have been wanting to buy a Podium drive since day one but I just refuse to pay 400€ more for additional stuff I won't use.

    Please Fanatec, let us choose our own wheels.

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