Black Friday 2019 UPDATE2 A big THANK YOU



  • Wouldn't want a drivehub at all, I'm either buying a Podium PS4 when I can get just the base or I stay with my CSL Elite PS4.

  • Well said Lorrell. Some people here really think Fanatec suddenly gives them 20% or more discount on products which launched this year.

  • I have been thinking of upgrading from a g29 to csl elite. Im disappointed like many that you are only offering discounts on 2 products outside the EU but aside from that, hyping black friday sales a week ago to just use it as a product launch for new wheels and responding to polite (by internet standards) disappointment with a facetious comment really makes you and your company look unprofessional.

    P.s to people saying fanatec doesnt owe people anything, no company does. Black friday benefits companies as much as consumers, nobody is doing sales out of the kindness of their heart. Grow up, companies dont need keyboard warrior defenders to protect them from upset consumers.

  • After a night of sleeping I decided I am fine with these deals. Will just bulk up some more money and then decide to buy a a round rim with buttons + the shifter.

    I am only still thinking the new coloured rims would sell better if it was discounted and bundeled with the xbox hub or so. So it has some use for the people doesn't have a xbox hub, yet. The podium stuff is too new to be discounted anyway.

  • Would like to see the podium shifters at €139.00 and the McLaren GT3 wheel at €179.99

  • Hello, I am very disappointed with the Black Friday deals, why predominantly wheel rims? I was hoping to purchase the Mclaren GT3 650S wheel. A few months ago priced at 179 euros then it goes up to 249 euro! I thought maybe it will be in the up coming deals? I think you have a great brand, quality products, a loyal and growing customer base, it's an expensive hobby it would be great if you could give us something for our continued loyalty.

  • Hello,

    Its been great experience 2 years with no issues. its time to upgrade my CSL Elite to some PRO toys) My credit card is ready please!!!😊 give us just a small discount of 15% 🙏🏼

  • They increased the price because it now uses the clubsport QR instead of the CSL one to deal with the bent pins problems.

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    I am very dissapointed of the black friday deals, i was hoping that the Xbox competition pack will be around 650€

  • Its nice to do business with a company that shows they try especially with the CEO spending his time to read the posts (and probably Dom also). Thomas could do anything with his time but he is showing he is loyal to his customers. It's a treat that this company rewards those that patiently wait for something unique like with a facelicted special sq1. 5 on black Friday. Thumbs up! I will be putting an order in for 30% off.

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    I've come to think of this as more of an early Festivus event, since the airing of grievances is a central tradition!

    My favorite bf was, I believe 2016, when I got a handbrake and Porsche rim. Thanks for making the new Porsche wheel separate this year! I ordered the smooth leather version and don't have to get up at midnight and crash your web shop to order it!

    The pedals and combo actually seem like good deals, and I think bundling in the LC and performance kit were good ideas. I was hoping to see a "butterfly" podium GT launch, but I'm excited to see what 2020 brings.

    Thanks for everything, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Fanatec.

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    That feeling when You bought almost everything from the shop... 😊

    Only Damper Kit and Killswitch for DD left 🤗 Hoped to see discounts for 'em this BF..

  • Hi, in my opinion, a very attactive deal:

    CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1

    CSL Elite McLaren GT3 CSQR

    400 eur

  • Hello,

    I think there is no deal here ! You increased the prices the month before it make no sense... I’ve been waiting for the black Friday for month and was going to buy a lot from you but it’s really disrespectful to do that...

    Exemple: The CSL F1 SET PS4 for 450-500€ would have been already really nice !

    Hope to here from Fanatec soon

  • I think you might be missing the the full price for the hub.

    I will say it again Fanatec doesnt owe us anything but after seeing NZXT offer 10% on any PC you order and and 15% across the board on anything you order from Sim Lab tells these guys used Black Friday for a product announcement. Fanatec just doesnt have alot of competition when it comes to the rims. If Thrustmaster or Logitech had decent rims I know I wouldnt even be thinking about these guys.

  • I'm new to Sim Racing, I'm looking for an entry point and to be honest TM and Logitech stuff is overpriced. I waited four months for Black Friday after seeing the deals over the last couple of years. I live in Australia I've seen bundles go up so we can help keep American prices lower due to the tariff wars. Bundles get pulled and generally the entry point get too expensive. I was waiting to see if a bundle came in on Black Friday ....... what a waste of four months! I did get sorted, a local retailer has a genuine sale on a G29: $318 AUD, I would have been happy to pay around $650-$700 for a Fanatec entry bundle, but it obvious Fanatec are not interest in growing their business. I now own the G29 :)

  • Pick up the load cell from Ricomotec and honesty I would put them up against any Fanatec pedals after the switch and spring swaps.My friend perfer the logitecg with load cell over elite ls,the load cell is buch better from Ricomotec then what fanatec uses

  • Thanks for the nice deals! Just a quick question to help decide which item to get, for the black friday exclusive shifter: What is the weight of the carbon fiber h-pattern knob and sequential knob in comparison to the standard metallic h-pattern knob and sequential knob? Would be nice to know the weight of both and if there will be a difference in the shifting feel due to the lighter carbon fiber. Thanks!

  • Now I thought the sales were pretty bad, but it's insane that so many people are requesting 20-25% discounts, even 15% on $2000 isn't going to happen.

  • Exactly! Some people are even demanding a bigger discount or a discount on a specfic bundle.

    Fanatec does not HAVE to take part in the Black Friday sales and still people complain.

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    I think most people would be happier if Fanatec didn't take part, it would mean fewer people would delay purchases just in case what they wanted was discounted for one weekend in November. And Fanatec themselves would prefer not too. After all, never gonna please all the people... Yet they still tease their deals on Twitter inducing FOMO in sim racers across the globe.😉🤣

  • I'll join in here...

    I recently (re-)entered the simracing world and got a G29+Shifter set on Amazon for spectacular EUR 180,- (new) some monthes ago.

    When I found the BlackFriday deals of the last years I was hooked and decided, if the CSL Elite PS4 Set+pedals would be discounted, I'll get one and add an F1-rim to it. But 700,- instead of 730,-?? really? where's the deal in that?

    I'm also looking at the Thrustmaster T-GT, and at 569,- at the moment, it's a no-brainer for me...

    As someone else mentioned in this thread: Fanatec doesn't get too much positive reputation on the net according to poor quality management and even poorer support after failing parts - it looks like you don't need too many new customers...

    greetings, michi

  • Will you consider giving a discount on the "regular" Clubsport Shifter instead of the new Limited Edition?

    I've been eyeing the CS Shifter for a while so I thought I'd wait and see what Black Friday would bring. Only to find the discount on the new Limited edition (which I'm not interested in) which makes it just as expensive as the "regular" one.

  • Really? Fanatec is disrespectful because they won't offer the deal you've liked to see on Black Friday? What is wrong with all you seriously?

    If you want to buy something from Fanatec then just buy it! And stop referring to buy somewhere else, because they won't give you unrealistically high discounts. No one cares!

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    Exactly this.

    Just goes to show you can Never please every1 No matter how you try... Unfortunately the people who complain scream louder than the people who are Happy.

    JMO Happy Satisfied Fanatec Customers should Post More. We should Not stand by idle and Let Negative Nay sayers Diminish our Brand of Choice.

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    Kinda' new around here, about to order. I will say this...

    I held off ordering my gear in anticipation of Black Friday deals, knowing that I may or may not see what I want. I already have HE Sprint pedals as got a great sponsored deal on those a while back (throttle and brake for same price as the v3 deal is now). However, base and wheel and any other accessories were being waited on.

    Those who say Fanatec don't owe us anything are absolutely right. They don't. Their gear is niche, and holds its value well. The new red and black shifter is nice as it goes with my colour scheme, but I have no use for it - not their issue. The v3 pedals with performance kit is objectively a very good deal, but I have no use for it - again, not their issue. Their rims on offer don't seem to be any better priced, and the new Porsche wheels and buttons are not on an introductory discount (and even confusing with the relative Podium vs Clubsport pricing). Again, it is what it is.

    Being pragmatic, I can understand peoples frustration. I could have (and should have as it turns out) ordered ages ago and would have been no worse off. I'm not actually bothered about the money, just the fact I've held off for no reason. Not complaining, at all, I'll still have some amazing gear soon enough, but, I do think Fanatec could handle Black Friday slightly better and in a manner that is more predictable. Perhaps a modest % off across the board, 5% or 10%, and bundles to cover CSL, Clubsport and Podium. Like I said though, I accept none of this should be expected and none of us have the right to complain when the decision to purchase lies purely with us. At the end of the day, where else are you going to get this same kit? Nowhere.

    Sure, I'd love a deal on the Clubsport Formula Wheel v2 with the podium shifters, but look at what you are getting for the money. We pay £60 for console controllers and don't bat an eyelid. The above wheel is £307 or, I couldn't even model and 3D print a plastic replica for that money.

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    If anyone wants a CSL Elite for PS4 (the base + wheel kit) at a nice price will be making a post to sell it over the weekend.

    I'll sell it for 300€.

    Feel free to PM me, I can get back to you tonight after 10PM.

  • Bingo, not enough people know this, Ricomotec load cell is a medical grade cell and once the springs are swapped I would the pedals up against anything. Now the rest of the G29 doesnt compare to anything fanatec.

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