Black Friday 2019 UPDATE2 A big THANK YOU



  • Same question here. I'm not gonna buy carbon-covered stuff which is heavier than the standard. 😉

  • Dear Thomas,

    For Black Friday, I would like to see the CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1, Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 Esports, CSL Elite Pedals LC for €699,-

    Kind Regards,

    Julian Meert

  • Daniel LiddyDaniel Liddy Member
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    Hi Thomas, thanks for the update on BF specials.

    Perhaps you recall I'm looking at buying the Forza Motorsport Clubsport bundle (CSW 2.5 + CS Pedals v3 + CS Shifter + Forza wheel).

    I was hoping for 40% off Clubsport v3 Inverted pedals as in previous years, but I saw the process for specials and understood that it's a random thing so I wasn't expecting it.

    I am also planning to add the handbrake to the Clubsport bundle so, FWIW, a nice special for me would be getting that for free with the Clubsport bundle. I read your first post so I know it's silly to ask for personalised specials but you did ask what we wanted in a later post.

    If possible, could you confirm that these are the final specials and there's no chance of different ones for this year's special? A few days waiting isn't going to kill me but if I could purchase now knowing the prices aren't going to change in the next few days all the better.


  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
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    Hello Thomas,

    Myself like the above poster would like to take you up on your offer to rip you off by naming what I want and what price I would like to pay. I would like an offer that the DD2 is 89% off and when you buy the DD2 you get to choose any rim you want as a gift for a special BF deal. You pay me for shipping since I have to take off work to sign for the package. Not only would I be willing to buy now, I would be willing to buy 10, otherwise I will be buying from somewhere else!

    Maybe you can reconsider, Can you confirm me to me that you will not change the deals so that I can swindle you.

  • My 7 year old wants to be a NASCAR driver. He has been playing NASCAR Heat for a year and a half. This Christmas I plan on getting him a wheel and pedals. I would love to go the Fanatec route but not for $800. I would love to be able to get him something for XBOX for $500. That’s already over my budget but I tell myself it is an investment into his future career as a driver. Lol.

  • Daniel LiddyDaniel Liddy Member
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    Perhaps I misunderstood something but didn't OP ask what people wanted? I don't understand the reason for your sarcasm.

  • I would have liked to have seen $100 off the direct drive wheel bases. Also the formula wheel with podium paddle shifters combo mentioned earlier as well.

  • Hello Daniel

    we will not change the existing deals for 2019 so all proposals are for reference in future Black Fridays. I was hoping to see some kind of trend but it really looks like 100 people want 95 different deals. It is hard to draw any conclusion out of it so far except that many people are asking for a lower ebtry level into our eco-system. But this will not happen through a BF deal.

  • I think perhaps you did misunderstand. If it helps, the sarcasm was aimed at those people that are using this thread like a go fund me page. ;-)

    If you are committed to buying you can now do so with confidence that there will be no more deals this year. I hope this clarity is useful - it helped me and my upgrade order was made yesterday.

  • Simo SonneSimo Sonne Member
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    Hey Thomas can you answer me on this one, has there actually been any demand by customers to spice up that CSS SQ 1.5 look? I think not, let me know if your statistics tell different.

    I'm not upset that you didn't offer any discount for that shifter (talking about the non limited edition), I made my purchase decision before your black friday announcement and because I was not in a hurry getting one, I waited you to drop those deals before placing any orders, just that I might save some of my precious euros. And yes I did order one of your non limited edition shifters yesterday, personally I like it more and it fits better for my rig with it's black and metallic finish.

    Only thing that I am little bit confused is that 30% discount I see you reference with that limited editon shifter. Yes I understand there are expenses with that new look, like the new paint, anodizing etc. And those carbon fiber knobs which can be really expensive if it's real. And as I've understood, those knobs and what they are worth are the 30% discount.

    This is where we come to my initial question, has there been any demand for a what, 5-year old product to get visual overhaul and extras that are not essential? I think this is why many people have called this shifter deal a joke. Personally it just feels like a price increase and "hey have these extras that are worth this and this much so there is a discount" kind of thing. These are just my thoughts about this. And Fanatec is a big company and it is entitled to handle things like this.

    Not complaining here, really like your products and just interested about this specific deal. Also I think it's a really rare treat, that ceo of a major company is posting on forums and answering questions from customers directly.

    EDIT: Just added the quote that you can get notified or something.

  • Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
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    I think the brand Fanatec is greater than you think. I bet most people see Fanatec hardware as the pinnacle of Sim Racing. It's amazing, has high quality and much more (ofcourse there are some downsides on website and software-level, but that's another story). I am not talking bout BR-deals, but I am talking bout tiers.

    I think Fanatec should expand more onto the entry wheel level. Increase the CSL elite ecosystem a bit. You've already a great base, lovely wheel, pedals and more. Only needs a slightly cheaper shifter, perhaps. I think if you lower the price a bit of the CSL tier you will have lots more customers thus ?more? income.

    The Clubsport was the top tier of Fanatec, but I think it's still a high tier anyway. Do not abandon this tier. Improve it. Get rid of the xbox hub and the naked rims. Go for rims with built-in buttons and funky-switches, but do not make them more expensive then the 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 base itself. I think the shifter needs to be updated to 2.0 or just create a whole new shifter. It does it job, but it's old and I think there is lots of more possibilities at the moment aka new technologies. The Clubsport tier is an awesome tier with the best things you can have in Simracing, and that's what Fanatec is.

    Podium tier is for the real diehard. Magnetic shifters, direct drive, real (led)display and such. It only misses a pedalset on level with Heusinkveld and a shifter on level with Sim-Pro shifter. (Yeah, that shifter is crazy). I know Fanatec has to fight the competition with other DD-brands and I think it's amazing that Fanatec did this. Competition is good, cause it leads to innovation and price-decreases and much more. However, Podium tier shouldn't be the pinnacle of Fanatec. It should be the endstation of everyone who can afford it, either by upgrading from the other tiers or just directly stepping into the podium tier.

    At last there should be some interplay between all tiers. Podium pedals should work with CSL Elite, shifters idem ditto, etc.

    There's lots of going on for Fanatec and I think there's much more to do. CSL Elite is much a step up versus Thrustmaster and I think you guys should do more with the CSL elite. The Clubsport might be a bit outdated, does still it's job, and I don't think belt-driven bases, the pedals and shifters did reach their top, yet. Then well the Podium... lots to discover, lots to do. The rims and DD are a good step in the right direction. (I only dislike Fanatec going away from wheels with built-in switches and all such) I am only wondering if Fanatec is coming with a podium shifter and pedals. Perhaps the competition is already too far ahead with those two.

  • I think we have pretty much the same idea of where Fanatec should go. Stay tuned. ;)

  • Hey Thomas, I'm a bit late to the discussion. I just had second thoughts on getting this Like i literally paused on the pay button. What are the odds that , that wheelbase gets a 10% discount deal for black friday, or cyber monday??? I buy then. thanks for ready. cheers mate.

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member
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    0% chance - that's already been made perfectly clear by TJ. Click "buy now" with confidence.

  • I don't think they have to do a better pedal or shifter than Heusinkveld - a set that's just as good as the Sprints, but has the single point integration of their existing products, would provide a net positive experience.

  • I know. We could have also just decided to take a random Chinese mass market motor and don't use the advances wireless solution without batteries and RF on our DDs just to be the same as the competition.

    But this is not our approach and never was. If we do Podium pedals we want that people come back and upgrade from any other pedal which is currently available. Sounds a bit ambitious but this is at least the goal. Same goes for any other Podium product. We want to raise the bar although it is already set quite high as there are excellent products out there.

  • It sounds very ambitious.

    One wish for the podium pedals:

    Throttle pedal with adjustable pressure at least up to 15 kg.

  • Thanks very much for that, appreciate it. I'll go ahead an create the order.

  • It looks like the original BF-price for the CSL Set had been set to 570 - it was for about 20 seconds at least ;) - now it's 699 again. (but maybe that's the BF price of last year)

    To the guys stating that Fanatec does not have to do BF-sales. So then just don't do it! But a "sale" with 4% discount for a set is just ridiculous.

    Another customer lost, sorry - and I guess, quite some other people who wanted to get into your ecosystem...

  • Why is a V3 set shown as "Sold out" in the cart?

  • Maik RoginMaik Rogin Member
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    Seit 8:59 Uhr versuche ich die V3 zum BF Preis zu bestellen und es funktioniert nicht. Mittlerweile wird mir die Webseite ohne Überlastungsfehler angezeigt, aber es gibt keine Hinweise auf die BF Angebote. Also habe ich die 2 Produkte über die Konfigurationsseite in den Warenkorb gelegt (dauerte 30 Minuten...) und nun dass:

    Wo bitte kann man die BF Angebote bestellen?

  • this is just a technical issue. Other BF products are affected as well. We do have inventory as long as it says on the product page that it is available.

  • Vielen Dank, jetzt habe ich es gefunden und es hat funktioniert.

  • i guess everything is sold out already? first hour the site was down for me or i couldnt see the black friday tab...

    Now that i finally see it its 390e or just soldout blank?

    Very confusing

  • Marc FournierMarc Fournier Member
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    I can't find the ClubSport Pedals V3 in the Black friday special offers, nor in the regular sells... is it out?

    best regards


  • I also see on some forums and Reddit. And for me as well, the order confirmation mail shows

    ClubSport Pedals V3 Brake Performance Kit




    Can you confirm that the poeple that were able to place a order do get the full set and not just the BPK for 300 euro's? thanks in advance.

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