Is this a known issue?

DD1 user. I made a post in the beta driver thread about an issue I had in Wreckfest. Thought I’d ask here if this is a known issue with the drivers or I need to contact support. What happens is everything will be fine to start with, then I’ll have a crash or even just start a new race and when the car is stationary the wheel feels very rough, turning either way it feels like the anti-cogging algorithm has gone nuts and it feels horrible. As soon as my car starts moving it stops. This happens every time I play (bought the game the other day) after a seemingly random amount of time. If I restart the DD1 it’s fixed until it starts again, but I have to restart the game to get ffb back.

This hasn’t happened in iracing but I haven’t played that in the last few days so I think I might have to check that later. I’ll do a video of the problem too.


  • Could be the DPR which behaves different with the newer drivers.

    Try disabling the DPR.

  • I played again until the problem came back, then turned off DPR and it’s fixed. Thanks!

  • Glad you found a workaround. Hopefully this issue gets fixed in firmware.

  • Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin Member
    edited January 2020

    With the new drivers, the "resistance cogs" are more clearly heard & felt. The cogs feel rusty now. I've recreated the issue in a video.

    I have an open support ticket with Fanatec. They insist it's a non-hardware issue. I have tried this on different games, drivers, PCs, and USB ports. I have ensured the firmware is fully updated, for the wheel base, motor, and rim. I have completed the required calibrations.

    I will say this - the issue is most prevalent in Rfactor 2. What is strange is this - in Rfactor 2 and the other sims I have this issue, according to Fanatec the "SPR and DPR have no effect." However, based on this issue, I am certain SPR and DPR do indeed have an impact. Why this interplay causes issues more over time, I'm not sure.

    Furthermore, it appears that the same issue is described in the following threads on the discussion forms: example 1example 2example 3, example 4.

  • Has this been solved somehow? Yesterday I have updated to 402 and now I have the same issue on Assetto Corsa and ETS2. iRacing works fine. Turning the SPR and DPR to 0 solves it, but then ETS2 feels like s**t, because I have no weight in the wheel.

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