Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Checking to see if payment/ordering questions that were sent through the website have been evaluated as different items reordered are now listed as unavailable. I would like have a plan in place before the end of the CC Payment cycle if possible. Thank you for any help.

  • Had an email on Friday to say it's "warehouse processing" so hoping it will be shipped soon! Very excited to use Fanatec products for the first time!

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    Status online under my account now says "The order has been processed." not sure what this means or if it's been shipped yet. Have just emailed support to find out what it means.

  • Finally got a reply from Fanatec today and it was quite disappointing. Order placed when all items were marked in-stock besides the load cell kit. The email today said only the wheel base and pedals were in stock and the remaining items won't be available until 8-May at the soonest.

  • You are one better that me. I still have not received any response. I split my original order into two separate orders as the Inverted pedals had been switched to back ordered. I ordered the cheaper pedals in case the inverted did not ship on time after all in attempt to cut them some slack. Now items on the split list have been switched to backordered as well. My concern is that both orders will be held until next month, which completely negates the need for the temporary pedals! I have sent messages through the website with no response. I respect the supply issues, but it would be nice to have an answer as to the best direction. At this point, I have received a BMW wheel only. Unfortunately I can not use it until anything else is delivered.

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    Placed Order on 23rd

    Email update to say Warehouse Processing on 24th

    Arrived today, 28th

    I'm pleased with that, didn't receive a shipping update or a tracking number. I'm also a UPS My Choice member but didn't get an update on that either. But it's here so, thanks Fanatec! Happy with that!

  • It seems very hit/miss with Fanatec recently. With them telling me it has shipped then recanting, I suppose it's just time to be patient. I'm coming to grips with the fact that my wheel is shipping from EU and the shifter and load cell being postponed until 8-May that I won't see my new setup for a few weeks.

  • It's been painful, as someone on the side of having to wait patiently (3+ weeks so far), to see just how desperate the ordering experiences have been. It's understandable that things might be a bit slow or delayed, especially for a small company. That said, the lack of communication and expectations being set has been a massive let down.

    Ordered mine on April 8th. Waiting patiently...still.

  • Agree. It would be much easier to be patient if we were provided some feedback. At the same time, I completely understand the problem that the whole world is going through. In the grand scheme of things, we have nothing to complain about. We still have the discretionary income to spend on things like this. This Pandemic has taken that luxury from many people. We also have to remember the Sim world has exploded because many of us are not working... But a little acknowledgement would go a long way.

  • Has anyone been successful in canceling an order?

  • not sure what to think about my order. At the time the order was placed all of my items showed an availability date of May 8th. I was cool with that. Now when I log into my fanatec profile it shows several items out until May 29th. The puzzling part is several of these products are listed as available TODAY on the website. So exactly when should I expect my order to ship?

  • Be careful guys. I placed an order for Podium GT3 wheel and made my payment on Paypal. After it got approved, it crashed bringing me back to Fanatec website with Gateway error. So now I am charged for the wheel and no order exist under my account. Emailed customer service and no help so far and disputing the charge with Paypal.

    I did place another order directly on Fanatec website and pay directly there, did get my order pretty fast but so far no help on the earlier charge and customer service so far just point me to the 2nd order which is not related.

  • hello

    my order was placed on Friday 25th April and on Monday 27th April statues changed to The order has been processed. however i did not receive any tracking yet and no updates. i tried emailing support with no response. please help.

    Thanks in advance

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but is it actually possible to place a preorder? I am trying to purchase the CSL Elite PS4 bundle, which currently says that it is open for preorder with an availability date of May 15. When I try to place the order I receive a message that says that the item is out of stock, and there is no preorder option. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • I am wondering the exact same thing. From checking around for all of the individual components on the site, it seems like maybe it's just the P1 wheel that's sold out or even potentially discontinued? I can't see it listed anywhere individually at least, while the other components are all seemingly available separately (seems like some of them maybe aren't though and are just listed wrong, according to some other recent forum posts I've read).

    I'm also wondering if the upcoming stock (available May 15th) is entirely covered by the pre-orders, or if there will be a separate batch that are available first-come-first-serve on that date. Anyone have any experience dealing with Fanatec pre-orders like this in the past who could maybe give some insight?

    If it's truly sold out then Fanatec should take it down from their listings, especially since trying to bundle the same items with the next cheapest wheel will run you at least $250 USD more than the listed bundle, which surely does not amount to the price-point myself/others are looking for when initially drawn in by the bundle and its ads. If they would still give a bundle discount and/or throw in the basic elite pedals to make up for it I'd probably be fine with this since after all it would come with a much better wheel, but to basically have to pay for the bundle without its discounts applied and also have to pay full price for a ClubSport wheel or better since there aren't any CSL ones even listed makes me feel swindled by false advertising.

    If it's not sold out, then hopefully Fanatec can make this more clear on the site and fix the problem at checkout because surely they're missing out on a good deal of business from this, not to mention confusing/letting-down potential customers.

    @Dominic-Brennan You seem to be the only employee posting here recently that I can see, so if you see this any response would be greatly appreciated by all. Thank you.

  • fanatic whats going on !!! :@ all we want to do is order !, please give us a response so we can order and spend money with you guys, it constantly is saying payment error and now i read all these testimonies from late april, im scared to order? ! come on guys pick it up

  • Hello!!

    This is my first post here so I hope I am not over asking a common question. I placed my order on April 27, 2020. Everything I bought said "ready to ship". The status of the order says "order is in process". When I click the action button, it says that availability date is June 4, 2020.

    I am so confused! Is it ready to ship or is it out of stock? Has or is, anyone else experience the same and have they heard from Fanatec? I can't seem to get ahold of anyone, and they don't have a number to call.

    Please, if anyone could shed some light, I would truly appreciate it!

    God Bless,


  • Just wanted to follow up on this. Looks like preorders work now! Thanks to whoever got that fixed.

  • I placed an order for the Forza bundle on April 17th and only got partially charged. I'm hoping i'm on the pre order list for whatever wasn't in stock!? I haven't received any communication from them, so I have now idea if any of the product have been sent. I emailed sales a couple days ago and I'm patiently waiting for a response. I say patiently but, I'm going crazy LOL!!!

  • I want to order CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit which should be available May 15th and CSL Elite Loadcell kit which isnt available until July 10. If I order them together, will the PS4 kit be shipped in May or will the entire order be delayed until July?

  • They would ship entirely on the 10th of July. I suggest you order them separatly.

  • So my question is when I originally ordered the loadcell kit back in the middle of April my pre order date was May 8th. It still says May 8th under my order overview but when I go to the product page it says pre order for July 10th now. Will my order ship on the May 8th date or would it not ship until July? If anyone knows the answer thanks for your help in advance!

  • I've been watching reviews of different products, and Fanatec seems to have a very solid fan-base that attests to quality. BUT - their customer service is hidden behind "email forms", and the order process seems to have LOTS of room for improvement. I get that COVID has impacted nearly every single business in the world; but if good order processes were in place previously, they should still work today.

    Anyhow - i want to get the CSW 2.5 bundle, but delivery listed as mid-July!! Wow - nearly 2 months, and who knows what can change in 2 months. I contacted sales via the form, and they did answer me this morning (took about a week, but they did respond).

    I'm really on the fence. I don't have a rig now and I would like a Fanatec rig - but 2 months (+/-) is a long wait and no guarantees that it will be available any sooner.

    ...maybe I should get a used kit...thoughts? I just hate to buy someone else's problems.


    Dear Kevin,

    thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late reply!

    Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are recieving lots of Emails which is why our responses are sometimes slow and why our manufacturers are only working at like 1/2 their usual productivity.

    Also due to the massive increase in simracing popularity (also because of covid) our warehouses are running out of stock.

    Unfortunatly the availability dates on our website are the current ETA and we dont expect to get anything sooner.

    If you have any further questions please dont hesitate to contact us again, thanks and Stay Safe!

    Best regards / Freundliche GrüßeSiegfried Kraft

    (Fanatec Sales Team)

  • John BJohn B Member

    Hi :

    I placed an order in April 21st order # 1065220 (DD1 wheel base, Clubsport shifter, GT3 suede podium wheel). If DD1 is holding up the shipment, I can upgrade to DD2 if you can ship right the way.

    I tried to call and sent email and no response. Please contact me or call me.


  • I placed my order on April 8th. There was some issue and they apparently created a new order on the April 16th. I heard nothing back, and sent them an inquiry, and in early May was told my order shipped on May 1st, and I should receive a tracking number. I haven't received my order as of May 13th. I continue to try to reach out to the webshop, but lead times on responses are very long, and I haven't been receiving correct information. So 5 weeks, nothing delivered yet. I am in the US, in the Midwest, which seems to be very slow to receive their orders.

  • Fanatec what is going on?? Your website says processing take up to 48 hours then sent an email which stated may take up to 4 business days. I placed my order on 5-6-20 and it is now the 13th and my order still is saying in process. I’ve tried calling every day with no answer, I’ve emailed multiple times with no response and I’m really considering cancelling my order and taking business elsewhere! I need an update immediately!

  • I AM DONE!

    I'm going with a TM kit. Fanatec has lost their way with poor customer service and (regardless of the pandemic) they are not showing any signs of learning from their mistakes. If they are this busy - then hire more staff to answer the phones and emails!!

    I've read all the messages from people that placed an order and not heard ANYTHING. They obviously have VERY POOR e-commerce skills, and poor management. If anything, they should be transparent and publicly apologizing - not hiding behind the pandemic excuses. Granted - supplies and deliveries will be impacted...anyone that doesn't understand is just plain ignorant! However, the communication failure is the visible evidence of underlying poor customer relationship management - to speak nothing of the Public Relations damages.

    Is anyone reading this messages??? If so - what your doing about it. Well, probably some poor schmuck is reading them, but has no authority to do anything about it.

    Fanatec definitely has excellent marketing skills, but they are foolish to allow their brand to be damaged because of the LACK of customer communications. It took 7 days to respond to me (...gee, thanks), and I'm reading many more people that have placed orders and been left hanging. Wow. They took the money with ANY delay!!

    And all the existing customers that are left hanging with issues (that honestly shouldn't occur so frequently) - this is how your brand name is tarnished. I JUST BET that you keep all the sponsored YouTube fanboys satisfied, and I would just bet they have a direct contact to address any issues they have.

    Ok - enough ranting. I'm finished with Fanatec. I'll get a TM - it may not be "all-that" compared to Fanatec, but I have to know that they will stand behind their product.

    For everyone that has ordered and being delayed...I feel for ya! Good luck!


  • Just got back official answer from support. You were right.

    =======Referring to your question we deeply regret to inform you that we cannot switch your order to partial delivery because of the fact that you ordered a full complete set (bundle) including Special bundle Discount. Therefore, as the CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit will only be available again on July 10th 2020, we will ship your complete order on July 10, 2020.=======

    Confusing answer because the loadcell kit is not part of the bundle or part of any discount. I cancelled the order and placed and order for only the PS4 kit now. Loadcell can come later if ever.

  • I just hope I don't have to order anything until the lockdown period finishes and businesses including staff are allowed to return to work as normal. So many horror stories with customers ordering stuff being in limbo and suffering with communication issues trying to get status updates or whatever more so than before.

    Last thing I ordered was potentiometer to replace a faulty one in my CSL Elite pedal. This was back in I believe March during the early start of lockdown. Fortunately the customer service rep I had been communicating with was very helpful following up on stuff and then when he wasn't available another CS rep stepped in to follow up. Long and short of it I got the part and all was good following that.

    But as I said, I do hope I don't have any issues that require me to have to order anything else until businesses and staff return to work as normal because this is a real nightmare period we're all going through.

  • I would like an answer to this too I have a whole order that says availability May 8th and nothing about shipment yet

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