Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Nirjit, even IF Fanatec would stop taking orders people would not be happy. With all this mess happening which will take time to catch up and keep everyone happy (communication issues existed before as well) you will have people bashing them left right and center because they don't accept orders (you can see people that because the website is down and cannot place new orders are opening threads to complain) or give them again bad reviews because "it is unheard of big company with so expensive products to stop taking orders or not not have the stock to continue operating" and so on so on. Go around, in this forum or even other and see what is being said from people that cannot order from the other brands as well. 😏

    But hey. Apparently the others are replying in emails. So they are happy 🤣

  • As for reviews, I try and keep them relevant, and focus on product performance. I can’t stand it when someone leaves 1 Star for a product, when their complaint had nothing to do with the product itself.

  • I cancelled my first order because the date given was much later than what the website said when I ordered. I placed another when 3/4 of the items will be available on June 26, which now says July 24. I am tempted to cancel this order and just forget about Fanatec. Like other people before me, I wish there was more communication.

  • If you forget Fanatec, what other options do you have? I’ve poked around some, and alternative gear can get quite pricey. I stuck it out, and finally I have a partial on the way.

    like I said before, if you order Fanatec, I believe your best results will be if you order one line item. Place the order, and create another. From what I’ve heard, the bigger the order, the longer you wait.

  • You know what? I guess it work because not only I got an email from Dom yesterday stating that my order move to the warehouse. And this morning I have my tracking # and it will be at my house Monday. And I did not call the attorney general office or the Better Business Bureau.

  • So Frank,

    Just to be clear, you are in the US and you ordered which wheelbase exactly? Because you post in V2.5 thread but you call it the elite. So I am just curious which of the bases you got exactly? Because I feel like since you said you ordered the elite wheelbase and wheel, that you purchased the $500 officially licensed PS4 package. Is that correct?

  • Well it worked not because you threatened anyone, but because you were lucky (the problematic vase with the huge delays is the V2.5 and not the CSL elite that you keep saying you have order) your cancellation didn't go through (or you never cancelled) and because Fanatec although lacking in communication still try to help customers get their orders even if they have changed their minds a gazillion times. (By the way. What did you do with the one you have ordered from e-bay?)

    So don't be so cocky that it was done because you threaten someone. Unless if it makes you feel great about it so believe whatever the (censored) you like. Whatever works for you. Did the attorney general's office told you to spank as well? 😂🤣

    Get a grip and stop lying to yourself. IF and I point out IF the shit had hit the fan SO HARD and at the end the BBB and the attorney general were calling Fanatec officially for discussions, you wouldn't have got shit (only your money back) and FANATEC would have sued the shit out of you.

    And yes. Dom has contacted almost everyone in this forum that has complained and waiting for his gears although is not his job and he is trying to help with the communication and answer to everyone.

    PS. Like the ancient Romans would say: Verba volant, scripta manent. 😎

  • Yeah at this point taking legal action against a company unable to cope with floods of orders vs. slow supply lines will at best get the buyer a refund and at worst cause further massive delays. I feel taking legal action would be unfair and ultimately pointless.

  • The forum is now being spammed with gibberish threads by some childish a-hole. Could someone at Fanatec block or delete them?

  • My gear, whatever it is is now in Arkansas. FedEx moves faster than UPS.

  • Nice. I’m in AR as well. Still waiting on my order from 5/14 though :(

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
    edited June 2020

    I’m in Louisiana, so I know it’ll make it by Tuesday. I’m pretty sure I’m getting all my brake gear. Judging by the weights of the packaging of all three boxes, it has to be all of it. It’s the brake gear that will help me the most, but looking forward to the wheel with the bigger rim.

  • I tried making this a post but then we got 50 pages of spam discussions so, I’ll post it here.

    Maybe some good news. According to customs records some shipments came in on 6/18 & 6/19 the last one showing before that was 6/07. I know a lot of us were expecting 6/12 shipments. So maybe they will start rolling this week.

  • There’s my CSL Elite wheel, as it appears what is shipping to me is all my brake equipment.

  • Fingers crossed. All I am waiting on is CSL Elite as well.

  • Goodmorning everyone, last week I ordered a DD1 podium (plus steering wheel and pedals all already available) in pre-order with availability starting today June 22, according to your experience when will the base in question actually be shipped?

  • I’m looking to upgrade my clubsport v2.5 to a podium DD1 which should be available from today.

    Reading comments worries me that it will be delayed for weeks.

    can anyone from Fanatec advise whether it would be available to be shipped shortly if bought today?

    Thanks, Chris

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
    edited June 2020

    FedEx. Hoping they just missed a scan, but two of my packages show on the truck for delivery today. That third one still shows it’s in Mississippi. We’ll see.

  • Don't hold your breath. My order from may is still showing a "pre-order availability" of June 12 🙄 You won't get any response from Fanatec

  • Ivan NoliIvan Noli Member
    edited June 2020

    but what did you buy? Which country do you live in?

  • FedEx did drop the ball. Only got 2 of 3. I guess I’ll be getting what I’m assuming is my brake performance kit tomorrow, unless they lost it.

  • FedEx did that to my last order too, got 2 of the 4 a day later even thow they were picked up at the same time. I live less than 2 hours from the distribution warehouse so who knows where fedex took those 2 other packages for the extra day.

  • If it’s the performance kit, I can at least get the dampeners, and curved pedal pads installed.

  • Hi I placed an order on 23 Apr 2020 19:51:00 . It said, Preorder: Availability date: Jun 5, 2020. it is now june 22 . It has been paid for please send me an update.

  • thanks, i hope in europe the situaton it's little different 😅

  • So i ran a test on Saturday where I bought the f1 wheel to see if it'd ship because says available. On monday got the email saying it will be shipped soon and status changed to warehouse processing. So i cancelled my CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit bundle order, ordered the base and pedals each separately on monday and this morning I got email for both that they will be shipped soon and status changed to warehouse processing. Ive seen people say cancel and order separately, and it seemed to work. Im still waiting for tracking number but we got further then before lol

  • Well I see progress! Placed my Forza bundle order on April17 and as we all know the availability dates kept getting pushed out, the latest being August 7. Well when I checked the site just now, the date is now July 3rd! Fanatec please don't get my hopes up and then let me down, please let this be true! 😂

  • Why do you put extra strain on their distribution system? That's selfish and stupid. Maybe your bundle was out. You should stop obsessing over a few days and let them do their job instead of making it worse by cancelling orders and ordering seperately. A major problem with people these days is the expectation of instant gratification all the time. No one has any patience left.

    If you go to the bakery and their out of bread, do you say "It takes you 4 hours to make new bread? I'm not buying here any more! I want my bread NOW!"

  • Mark SnyderMark Snyder Member
    edited June 2020

    I called it. One line item orders. Glad it worked out. Maybe they’ll send me your CSL Elite wheel bundle. It’s all I’m lacking now. My brake performance kit was delivered this morning.

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