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  • Hey everyone,

    i have a CSL Elite Wheelbase wie a Formula Carbon and everything works fine. I only have one Problem, when i come down an straigt and brake hard to get the curve, my wheel starts shaking as if i have ABS simulated but there is no ABS setting in the wheel. Brakes are connected directly to the base. I allready setted SPr, Dpr and SHo to off, no clue what else i could change to get rid off the problem.

  • what's your BLI setting? if that's anything other than OFF, you will have vibrations in the wheel while braking.

  • just purchased the csl elite racing wheel with LC pedals for ps4/ps5,

    unable to get them to work on ps5 . I have downloaded the latest drivers .

    when I start F1 2020 on ps5 the steering wheel seems to work , but when the game starts I have no pedals or steering wheel inputs .

    what have I missed ? Elite is ps5 compatible , F1 2020 is compatible

  • Is the csl elite steering wheel licensed for ps4 and the v3 inverted pedals compatible to ps5??

  • Hi! I would really appreciate if you took your time to read this

    The CSL Elite is great but I mainly play Assetto Corsa and it seems this wheel base and the game don't get along.The FFB is very shaky during corners.The wheel has a slight feeling of oscilation during corners ( it goes to left and right repetealy),Like I said the feeling is slight but enough to get on your nerves and enough to take away the feeling of immersion.I tried basically all wheel settings possible and in-game too.I even tried FFBClip.I'm out of things to try.This problem occurs only on AC.No problems on games like Dirt Rally 2.0.

    If there is any fix to this,please let me know and thank you for taking your time to read this!

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    Hi, I have a question about the CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1 power cord. I ordered the base a few days ago, but the order is not yet completed because it also contains the McLaren GT3 wheel which is in pre-order. I emailed Fanatec support about my question, but they said I needed to receive the item before submitting relevant support ticket for it. This doesn't really make sense because I need to know this before I receive the base, so I decided to ask here.

    I'm ordering the base through Fanatec's US regional website so that it is delivered to a US address, however I will be ultimately using the base in eastern Europe. The product page for the base says it comes with a regional power cord - does that mean my base will come with a US-compatible cord that doesn't work with European sockets/power outlets? If anyone who has ordered the base from US regional website can tell me what kind of power cord it comes with, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Updated to 381 and 680 and I've no longer got wheel LEDs and the FFB is knocking all over the place

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    Wow. That's scary. I was thinking of updating to 381 now that it's official but this is concerning. Are you on PS4/5, Xbox or PC?

  • PC. I've since rebooted, uninstalled Fanalab and reinstalled the drivers previously mentioned and things seem to be back to normal. Was very odd though as it updated without any errors

  • Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Ok I might still update soon as I can then. I'm on PS4 BTW.

  • Hi, I have been using csl elite since 2018. With ps4 only.

    Two days ago I connected it to my PC for the first time. Installed drivers 381. After connecting, the shell suggested updating the motor drivers and firmware (Wheel Base Frimware - 335, Wheel Base Motor Firmware - 18).

    The motor drivers have been updated.

    There was a "Default Hex file loading failed" issue while updating Wheel Base Firmware. The perfectly working csl elite is still in bootload mode.

    I tried two different PCs, tried reinstalling drivers starting with version 336. The base turns on only in bootload mode and every time it prompts you to update without success.

    Two days ago, a perfectly working device died due to an attempt to update the Fanatec latest official drivers.

    Please Help!

  • Hello man, a friend of mine had the same problem 2-3 weeks ago.. we couldn't find a solution about it, we contacted the support and now he has already sent the wheelbase back to fanatec and he is waiting for a new one..I am not exactly an expert with this kind of things but my friend had exactly the same problem with that hex file and then his base could not switch on at all..Hope I helped you!

  • Wow. That is very scary. Like you I have the CSL Elite PS4 and race solely on PS4 console. I still have the previous driver v324 (I think that the previous official driver if my memory serves me right) installed and it's been working perfectly. Since I've upgraded my steering wheel to the BMW M2 and pedals to the spectacular V3 pedals and since I saw they've released driver 381 now as an official driver I was thinking of uninstalling the previous driver, and installing the now official latest v381. I've only put it off from so doing because as said everything is working perfectly with the previous version. I'd hate to take a chance and mess up things installing the newer driver as happened with you though since I live outside the USA and shipping back for repairs or whatever would be a real hassle for me notwithstanding not having my wheel to use for however long it takes. So I think I may hold off some more.

    One question though. Before you downloaded and installed the newer drive 381 to your PC in preparation for upgrading the base/wheel etc, did you make sure to first uninstall the previous driver from the PC before downloading/installing the newer driver or did you just download the newer driver leaving the older one on the PC before updating? Reason I'm asking is because the recommendation is to first make sure to uninstall the older/existing driver from the PC, then download/install the newer one fresh otherwise things might get mixed up in the process.

  • Hi guys, I have a question.

    My wife has got a CSL 1.1, F1 esport wheel, with pedals (elite with LC) connected to the base.

    Well, when she brakes to the max, the motor into the steering wheel vibrates. I think this is very strange and annoying! 

    Is there any solution to avoid the vibration without setting to off the BLI value? 

  • Good news! Hi, friends! Just few hours ago I try "last chance". Tablet-Asus-note win virgin WIN...Download drivers pack, instal and immediately wheel base was updated, re-calibtared and fully operational!

    Conclusion - let's learn from our mistakes.

  • That's great buddy, unfortunately we tried that but the base was just not responding. We might had a different problem then..

  • Hello

    I have a Fanatec CSL elite wheel (starter pack) for Xbox One PC that I bought a few years ago.

    Two years ago I changed the driver thinking it would improve things but the wheel points to the left after turining on and it flashs CAL on it. I have put the wheel aside since but would like to use it again, can anyone help me?

    A friend told me I should take the wheel off the base but rather find out for sure before committing.

    Thanks in advance.

  • press the tuning menu button and press the two buttons to save center calibration according to your steering wheel's quickguide.

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    He means 2 days ago right? not 2 years... He simply cannot have the wheel base sitting collecting dust only for a "CAL" indication.

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    Hello guys! I have a problem with the WRC Wheel in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I tried to use it both in F1 2020 and Dirt and it worked only on F1. I mean Dirt cannot even recognize the wheel. I don't exactly understand the problem with this game, actually it is not fully downloaded yet cause I just bought it from ps store. If this problem has occured to anyone of you please answer this. Thanks in advance!


    Wheelbase: CSL Elite

    Steering Wheel: WRC Wheel

    Platform: PS5

  • What's the left stick? You mean the one that is in the centre of the 4 buttons? And just click it??

  • Ok did it mate thanks a lot!! Appreciate it!

  • Dude I’ve had mine for a year pushed it hard ram it hour and hours on end never ever had a problem I love Fanatec so much I just bought a set of V3 pedals with performance kit, and I’m thinking about possibly buying a PS DD wheelbase/rim

  • CSL bases removed from sale?

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