The revolution continues: The new CSL Pedals

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We want to make the entry to the Fanatec ecosystem more affordable without sacrificing anything which made our Fanatec brand so popular. Our mission is to make high-end sim racing equipment more affordable.

Therefore the mission was to create the ultimate Sub-200 €/$ Load Cell Pedals with the same durability and precision as pedals which are in a completely different price region.

The result is the CSL Pedals. No short-cuts. No fakery. Pure performance.

  • All metal construction
  • High-resolution contactless Hall Sensors (12-Bit!)
  • Full adjustability
  • Very low entry price with multiple options to upgrade
  • Optional Load Cell Kit for professional braking feel
  • Optional Clutch Kit
  • Optional Tuning Kit with aluminium pedal plates

Standard Configuration:

With Load Cell Brake and Tuning Kit:

Starting at just 79.95 €/$ (€ incl. VAT, $ excl. VAT), the CSL Pedals are the perfect compliment to the CSL DD, and a great way to get started in sim racing.

Pre-orders open soon, and it will ship together with the CSL DD.

PS: And we are not done yet ;)



  • Just shut up and take my money!

  • Clutch pedal and load cell is included or not?

  • No, both optional upgrade kits as shown in the video and described in the Text above ;)

  • How about its compatibility ? Will it work with the PlayStation CSL wheelbase or is it exclusive to the new DD ?

  • Every current (and even some older) Fanatec Pedals work with every Fanatec Wheel Base on any platform when connected to the base, so of course I expect that also this new CSL Pedals are compatible with every current Fanatec Wheel Base on any platform.

  • I’m guessing next will be a new wheel rim 🤔

  • Well. This is the gift that just keeps on giving!

    Looking forward to having a complete CSL setup with these and the next announcement... I'm guessing a new wheel... ??? 😎😎😎

  • This is super cool!! But not sure if it's an upgrade for me, since I am using the original CSL Pedals with LC. I'm 100% upgrading from the CSL Elite wheel base to the CSL DD though! But any idea if the CSL DD will work with the current pedals? Or will it only work with these new ones?

  • The kit without LC is 80$/€ and Fanatec say the whole LC pedale set is unter 200$/€. So i think the LC kit would be around 100-120$/€.

  • Every Fanatec wheel base is compatible with every Fanatec pedaleset. Even the very fist pedals are compatible with an PS/2 to RJ12 cable :)

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    Will it be possible to buy and use this new spring instead of the sponge on the old csl load cell pedal?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes the CSL DD works with all current Fanatec pedals.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I’d bet on it too but a confirmation is all I want because I thought that because of the PS licence every new wheelbase would be compatible with the PS5/PS4

  • Seems similar to the existing pedals. Really need a new wheel like the new Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel.

    I'd definately buy that!

  • I wish Fanatec could, just once, launch a product with all the details.

    We know that the two pedal, non load cell will be €80. We can guess that the load cell takes that to just under €200. But no detail on how much it costs to add the clutch. But I'm guessing that a full three pedal load cell set is going to end up being around €270, so 75% of the price of the Clubsport pedals - and much poorer construction, no rumble, cheap pressed steel, no angle adjustability. You would have to be very price sensitive to choose the CSL load cell three pedal set over the clubsport.

  • Ehm....... The full three-pedal Loadcell set will be below 200, as stated in the initial Blog Post?!

    Dont know why you guess it will be around 270.

  • Any way it’s possible that this new Load Cell will fit the old CSL Elite pedals, or that the old Load Cell kit will be discounted with release of the new version?

    Best regards


  • Maybe the initial Blog post is just badly worded. It mentions "ultimate Sub-200 €/$ Load Cell Pedals" and lists two separate options

    • Optional Load Cell Kit for professional braking feel
    • Optional Clutch Kit

    I read this as being the load cell upgrade at sub 200 and the clutch being a separate upgrade at further cost. If that isn't the case it make these look more attractive - but it's certainly not clear - sounds like you have more information. Like I say - Fanatec have a habit of being obtuse in these product launches.

  • When you add the Load Cell then you can use the previous Brake pedal as Clutch Pedal, you do not have to buy the Clutch Upgrade Kit as well. So 3-pedal-set with LC for sub-200.

  • OK, make sense. The video describes a clutch upgrade kit and a brake load cell kit though - I guess that allows people to simply add a clutch without adding a load cell.

  • Will the original CSL Elite LC Pedal fit in this one. Just thought it might be a cheaper way to get the new Hall Effect Sensor Throttle Pedal, instead of buying complete kit.

  • I'm sure I'm asking a question I probably won't get an answer to but I haven't even owned my CSL Elite pedals for six months now and have been fighting with crappy potentiometer problems since day one. Are the hall sensors with this new version going to be compatible to upgrade the old pedal? And available for purchase?

  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
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    Nice! 6 Months after getting a set of the current CSL Pedals with the load cell, you announce this. I'll be waiting on reviews on these. My current set is doing ok, but I do plan on moving on from them. There are a few things I just don't like about the design of them which seem to be addressed with the new set. Namely the potentiometers, the way the loadcell measures the pedal arm flex and they are cumbersome as hell to adjust/ fix and remove.

    The other things I like about these is, they appear to be mod-able. So if I want to replace the coiled spring with a strut spring, there is space to install such a mod. Hell perhaps a digressive clutch kit could be made and installed onto this design. Warranty be damned, right? LOL

    The other thing is the electronics are housed in the throttle and they are a lot closer to one side of the pedal. For the basic 2 pedal set, this is a good thing, but it appears that the loadcell kit places the USB plug right in the center of the foot rest if I run a 3 pedal set. (Why you do this, Fanatec?!?). So I better be damn sure that the USB cord is tied down and taped in place before I mount the set to my stand/rig.

    The only concerns I have aside from how they perform and total cost for a 3 pedal set (with loadcell) is how easy will it be to mount them? The current CSL set is a royal pain in the butt to mount, thanks to the tight space under the foot rest, and the little room for the box end wrench when I secure the back of the pedals. I hope this isn't repeated, or I will take a hard pass on this set just based on mounting issues.

    Also, will an inversion kit be in the works? So far this design seems as if it would be easy manufacture an inversion kit, even if it was like the CSR/CSRE pedal's inversion kit.

    Either way, interested to see how these handle the usual scrutiny of YouTube reviewers.

  • Brilliant - Another epic move for the CSL line!

    I upgraded my CSL pedals to CSv3's a few months ago - I think if I'd known these were coming I might have waited, I love that the spacing can be changed & you can have a two pedal LC version

    Next up - CSL Shifter?

    Or a new Handbrake? I do like my CS Handbrake, but it's a little flimsy & the 3.5mm connection cable is terrible :(

  • I will keep the

    PS : And we are not done yet ;)

    and just hope for podium version pedals that is loooong overdue. 😇

  • Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
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    Looks better than the original CSL Elite (LC). I had those pedals. I dislike the weird plastic or so. Would get ugly and dusty quick. Also where the heels at would wear fast. and not talking about the potiometers.. They were horrible. Sold them a year later or so and bought HE Sprints. Installed it, took a ride, unmounted them, customized it a bit for ergonomics, installed it again and never looked back. Ofcourse I regulary clean them with a eartip, etc. It's so much better...

    I also had V3's back in days but I hated the housing of the pedals. I've cats, etc and the housing would get dusty, hairy and all that.. Not to forgot the rumblewire can break if you want to install the brake-kit. Anyway...

    I am looking forward to CSW DD and a new CSW or Podium shifter.. without all the flaws the V1.5 shifter has.. aka the magnet that will/can unalign and ofcourse the PCB that isn't isolated, hehe. Anyway if all these stuff like CSL DD, new CSL Elite pedals, and much more can step up and also the quality control.... then Fanatec is back on the road again. the CSL Elite hub and the Mclaren rim where huge steps back.

    ps. Still wondering about that HE manual shifter.. :D

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