Fanatec Driver 410 for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Handbrake manual calibration possibility, please add it for direct connetion to base without pedals.

    Just bought Fanatec USB Adapter and same there, no property to do manual calibration.

  • The new Fanatec Control Panel lists my V3 pedals as CSL Series and shows no input. Luckily they can be configured through the old windows controller panel.. I have also tried using different USB ports with no such luck..

    Anyone else experiencing this issue...?

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    Thanks Maurice.. Will they in the future...?

    It's a little confusing as there is a picture of the CSP V3 on the OP of this thread.. Might be worth adding this to the known issues for other users..

  • It was never planned to let the user customize the ITM so this might never come, also 10 years after Launch.

    Also as already explained it's not just one additional RGB color planned, it's a lot more which required Firmware adjustments. And I am sure everyone agrees that fixing Jolts with an extensive re-write of the whole Firmware is actually much more important than some RGB bling bling, correct?! Such features just need to be on hold atm until that big Project is done and development Ressources are again more freely available for such things.

  • The only thing I am having trouble with is the GI is too large for my laptop screen, so I cannot see or access the bottom of it.

    With my V3 pedals in Manual Mode I cannot set min only max.

    Other then that, it feels great in GT Sport.

  • You'd think a company with a net profit of over 16.Mio € (in 2020) could actually code some proper software and do a full QA before releasing their stuff, wouldn't you?

    Well let's see how this works on my CSL Elite V1. Hopefully the rotation issue is finally fixed.

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    .. maybe if they allocated more money/resource for software development rather than marketing GT3/4 wheels that possibly won't see the light of day then maybe some of this long outstanding issues would be fixed in a timely manner. We all paid for a product and it's missing it's advertised hardware functionality!

    Here are two fancy GT rims to start the hype train.. We won't tell you the price, we won't tell you the release date but we will tell you how good we are.. Oh and if you can't wait or afford the speculation $1M price tag here is an old McLaren GT3 V2 rim you can buy for a good price today.. Clever timing!

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    In my opinion, we should focus on reporting bugs and opportunities for improvement. Placing blame on this thread about business decisions is inefficient and won't solve a problem. The developer is the wrong person to address your trouble.

  • Maurice - stop with these pathetic attempts to to paint the software development as anything other than chaotic.

    Why bring up the jolts as an example of something Fanatec are doing at the expense of other things? You do remember that these have been an unfixed issue since forever don't you? Zero progress.

    And the issue with the ITM is the inability to save a screen to a profile - the page is present within Fanalab since launch but does not work. It was explained at launch this feature would be made functional soon. Zero progress.

    If you really value fixing massive issues above bling, perhaps you might want to comment on the need for the buggy new UI (in which "pedals are not supposed to show up, only in the old UI"). This appears to be wasted effort.

    Perhaps you and your 'hundreds' of fellow testers should concentrate on doing a better job with UAT, ensuring issues like those highlighted in this thread get fixed prior to release so we don't all need to do the testing for you. (yet claiming it's not a beta release!!🤣)

    Leave commenting on the development to the developers who understand these things.

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    This is just wrong. It was never advertised that the ITM will be customizable ever.

    This is all what was written about ITM when it was first released: "New screen for Podium Display which shows telemetry from the game or third party application like on the steering wheel. This will be expanded soon."

    And this "will be expanded soon" sentences meant the implementations of pages 2-4 because only Page 1 was available on initial release.

    There was no word ever about customizable ITM.

    ITM development is pretty much done with 1.57.2 now with the release of 1.57.2 where all values were fixed so they are matching in game values now

  • DD2 wheel base updating from 402 to 410,Base: 686,my formula v1 stering wheels Can't unlock by means of left turn 90 degrees ,Can only be unlocked by pressing the button High torque mode;back to FW 402 ,684 The fault is resolved.

  • The UI wont start. It shows "A problem has been encountered while reading versions.xml! Please contact FANATEC support for help"

  • Gibt es eine Lösung oder hat einer einen Tipp.

    Is there a solution or does someone have a tip

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    Thanks for the information. Meanwhile we internally and several of our beta testers double checked and for all the high torque mode was available on P DD with 918 wheel without issues. Weird thing, did you already try going back to the previous firmware to see if it works fine again?

    We are keeping an eye on it.

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    We've taken a look and this is something which was never supported so far, also in the old UI. We'll investigate if this function can be added in the future.

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    Update PC driver to 410 for new CSL DD base:

    Wheel base v1024

    WB Motor v1013

    Steering wheel v40

    Wireless QR v6001

    I cannot update McLaren V2 wheel using "Open firmware manager". When I click on this I receive the info box stating the wheel will be updated - click OK and then I am presented with an hourglass image that supposedly indicates wheel is being updated. After 60 minutes nothing has happened and wheel is not updated. Wheel is not recognised in game.

    I deleted driver 410 and installed 402 but still cannot use the wheel. Before this (ie. before the 17th) I had no issues using this wheel with old CSL base. Any suggestions?

  • I don't want to customize it ... I just wanted to use it, but there are the jolts ... 2 years🤬

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    Agree. But that's a different issue. ITM itself is working and development of it more or less finished.

    Only thing which is still planned for next Major release is the implementation of auto-page-switch feature and possible screen selection via FanaLab also for the BME which is currently disabled

  • Would like to keep an eye on this. The McLaren V2 is the only rim I have. CSL DD should be arriving soon. Am I to assume the CSL DD requires this new driver to work? The above post is not filling me with much confidence.

  • The CSL DD requires that new driver, yes.

    However, the McLaren does not require it and should also work with Firmware v40 with the CSL DD AFAIK.

  • Not that the ITM is the most important thing that I mentioned, but it was intended that you could save ITM screen selections to both the base screen and the wheel screen for each profile. This never happened. What actually happened was that the guidance was changed - it now explains that the telemetry pages are not for continuous use on the base. Otherwise unfixable bad things happen! And you still cannot, for example, save ITM screen 4 to setting profile 1.

    I did not mention 'customisable' ITM - you introduced that to this discussion. I have no idea what you even mean by that.

  • What do you mean by ITM screen selections?

    You can select ITM screen for P DD just fine, also save which Favorite page should be loaded when you start the game.

    Only thing which indeed is not yet working but still planned for next Major release is the implementation of auto-page-switch feature and possible screen selection via FanaLab also for the BME which is currently disabled

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    As far as I know they work in F1 2020 but not in 2021. I'll contact Codemasters to raise awareness again.

  • You can save the ITM screen to be displayed the base per profile - however we are now told not to do so. Like I said. (Motor/FFB telemetry pages are for short-term analysis purposes and not for continuous use in racing.)

    You cannot save the ITM screen to be displayed on the wheel screen (PBME) per profile. Like I said, again. The option exists on the Fanalab ITM selection screen but wheel option cannot be selected. Radio buttons are missing. Unless you are saying this works for you and my problem is unique?

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    See my above reply.

    Planned to work with BME with next Major release (and trust me, I push for this very loud so it will come).

    Quote myself: Only thing which indeed is not yet working but still planned for next Major release is the implementation of auto-page-switch feature and possible screen selection via FanaLab also for the BME which is currently disabled

  • After reading your comment I realised I had not tried the wheel in-game without the update (i.e firmware v40). Unfortunately though it is not recognised either. Right now it's useless

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    Thanks, we will continue to have a look on it with your settings

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    Thank you for the log files, did you try one of the suggested steps to see if it makes a difference?

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    Do you mean the LEDs are generally too bright or that they flash for a moment? Maybe record a video of what you mean so we can understand it better.

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