Fanatec Driver 410 for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Fine thanks. To much information to read.

    Nice weekend

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    You can try to start the base by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds, this should force another base firmware update. In case it doesn't help you sadly need to contact support via the "My Products" page on the website and open a ticket.

    Was it during the wheel base update or another one?

    Was an error message shown by the updater?

  • Hi Marcel. I already tried that an the Errormessage i´ve got is shown in my original Post.

    I just tried to contact the Support via my Products Page. But when i try to send the Formular, the Page reloads and i have to start the Process again. Something is very wrong here..

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    There is also a new live chat which might help if the form has an issue.

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    Nope, no help the eather, it just says is have to contact the support via Formular.

    Can you start the RMA Process from here?

  • I have a weird issue with R3E. I can't get the base in sync with the game. I have to use the CSW 2.5 compatible mode for R3E.

    Need R3E a fix or is it a driver issue?

    In ACC everything is fine. Today i will test iRacing and AC to check if their is the same issue

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    What do you mean with "in sync"?

    For pretty much every game for now the CSW V2.5 compatibility mode is recommended to get also Display and LEDs working (except you use FanaLab).

    That's normal for a new Base because the games dont have new hardware implemented that Quick. Next Game updates in the near future should implement the CSL DD natively so you can use the PC mode without any issues.

  • With sync i mean the ingame wheel and the CSL DD.

    When i drive the RSR and i rotate my CSL DD 90 degree the ingame wheel only rotate ~30 degree. With the old CSL and the CSW mode the ingame wheel does exactly what i did on the base.

    It's hard to decribe when you native language is german and not english :D

  • What SEN value are you using in the Tuning Menu and what Sensitivity in the game?

  • I tried Auto and 1080 and calibrated the wheel ingame. In R3E you have no specific setting to set the steering angle because you set it for every car.

    On the old CSL and in the CSW mode i can set the base to Auto, calibrate the wheel ingame and than it choose the right steering angle for every car automatically. With the PC mode i have to set the steering angle for every car by hand to get it right.

  • Well I keep getting a failed to locate hex file error again. Trying to install the firmware on a new windows partition doesn't even work this time. Any ideas?

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    RMA process has to be started from the shop by logging in and going to the "my products" page

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    R3E has a weird default setting for the visual steering angle, go into the graphics option, advanced and then set visual steering angle to "like car setup". Maybe that helps.

  • completely okay !! also telling people not to complain seems absurd to me, we are on an official forum we expect a solution and an official answer not from beta testers !!! specifications reported at launch? if you refund me I would be happy to send it back to you at my expense

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    we are investigating the issue, found a possible root cause and now for the first time were able to reproduce it. Hopefully there is a fix next week.

    Until then, some people were successful trying with a different PC and we also now saw it in a case on our end where one PC always fails and another PC always updates successfully with the same base and driver. If you have access to a 2nd PC, give it a try.

  • I filled in that form multiple times (and just did it again a few minutes ago), never heard anything since. And bug free software is an illusion but last releases were followed by a bunch of hotfixes filled with fixes for bugs that should have come out of regression. Apparently none of those hundreds of beta testers did find this "low hanging fruit" which makes you wonder, are there really hundreds of testers that are actively participating (which i doubt) or are all beta testers testing with a similar hardware setup (that would be an easy fix).

    I did beta testing for Native Instruments (also a German company by the way) for years. Did a lot of hardware integration testing while testing Traktor DJ and and all of those midi controllers that came out somewhere between 2005 and 2010. Had a review site back then so always fresh hardware to test with. So i know a tiny bit about beta testing 😉

    But if they need more beta testers, Fanatec should have my contact details somewhere since i filled in that form multiple times.

  • After the update to driver 410 and the firmware update of the DD1 to 686, I could not start a hotlap or race with ACC, because the message appeared because of a high CPU load, approx. 98.9%, and the image was frozen. I could only end it through the task manager.

    After restarting, I changed the frequency from 333 Hz to 111 Hz in the ACC Force Feed Back menu. After that, I was able to drive as usual. A change to 222 Hz also showed no problems. When I set it back to 333 Hz, the problem reappeared.

    Since I have always been able to drive the DD1 with a frequency of 333 Hz at ACC, it is obvious to me that it is related to the new driver or the firmware.

  • tengo ese mismo problema. mensaje de cpu saturada pero el juego funciona. antes no lo tenia pero no lo relacione con el controlador. probare de volver a 402 y comentare por aqui

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  • Podium Racing Wheel F1 and Club Sport Steering Wheel F1 PS4. The pedal is a combination of Club Sport Pedals V3.

    Download PC driver 410. At the same time, the wheelbase farm was updated to 686. The steering farm is 42. Although it is an operation check after the update, the base OLED has been newly changed to PS5 / PS4 display, and ACC and GTS on PS5 also work without problems. I don't feel any problem with FFB in F12020, AC, ACC, if2 even on PC. From that, it seems that the rewriting is done normally.

    After updating, I started Fanatec Control Panel. As far as the image of "Detected Devices" is seen, it is not recognized as Podium Racing Wheel F1 but is recognized as the normal version DD1.

    Also, the steering is also recognized by "Detected Devices" as clubsport steering wheel formula v2 instead of ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 PS4.

    Is this normal? ?? ?? Is there a problem in use ???

    Or is it a possible bug, not properly recognized?

    (The situation does not change even if the steering is removed and the PC is restarted)

  • Could someone who is capable doing remove some of the posts I made where I quote Maurice about filling in the form to become a beta tester.

    Messages weren’t posted, edits weren’t posted, tried it with a new message after answering some other question on the forums, still no luck and now they are all there… I do volunteered to become a beta tester but it’s not that I’m that desperate. 😉

  • I still cannot assign top paddles of APM in ACC, PS5, PBME – F1 wheel works! Right clutch paddle doesn’t seem to work either. Fine in other games supporting it. Toggle switches FINNALY fixed – how many many months? Omg.

    Podium DD Formula 1 PS4 base.

    Porsche 911 GTR BME with APM

    All drivers for base and wheels updated as per Driver 410 pack.

    On the side note:

    I really need to give kudos to Garry and support his view and all other guys sharing theirs.

    You are saying this is not the right blog. What is then? I wrote to support many times, never heard back anything constructive. You guys are obviously struggling big time, who else is going to feedback to your management?

    I have been with Fanatec since your conception, bought first ever clubsport base. Loooong before you started selling in Australia – had my mates shipping it for me from Europe -with pedals and wheels. I have bought 4 or 5 bases, 3 pedal bases, 7 or so wheels. I spent well in excess of 10-15000 dollars. And not once I had smooth sailing and enjoyed it 100% because of the incomplete driver experience or horrendous support, incompatibility or just pure delay in advertised functionality integration. My PBME was sitting on a shelf for many many months half working. I was told by support to upgrade to DD base so I did (another $2800)– still not working as advertised 1.5 years since release.

    And it’s been like that from the beginning. One seems to wonder with all the consumer laws in place that this hasn’t been taken further by the player base. Fanatec really needs to wake up, big time.

    In less than a week after driver release you have 6 or 7 pages of bug reports on your own bases and wheels. I mean how is that even possible? How can you write the code without loading it on your base and try 2 or 3 games for few minutes – not weeks or months – the bugs listed here are found in minutes.

    Maurice, I am sorry, but your constant denial and argumentative attitude is equally not helping just as is our frustration and anger sometimes. It’s been like that for years. And everyone is pretty tired of it and equally frustrated - especially those sticking with you for the decade and more. It is not one driver in 20. It is every time.

    I mean, thank you for the hard work, honestly, but something needs to be stepped up as well.

  • Someone already tried with CSW 2.0? Working ok or problems, with certain wheels or platforms, pc/consoles. Does drivehub still works when these drivers used in base?

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