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Changelog of FanaLab 1.60.6

  • Fixed: Region related crash on startup due to encoding issue in version file.
  • Fixed: Profile loading issues for Steering Wheels with no LED.
  • Fixed: FFS toggle having sometimes the wrong color.
  • Fixed: Crash when CSP V2 is connected.
  • Added: GT DD PRO base and wheel support
  • Added: Detection of CSL P LCK.
  • Added: Formula V2.5X picture to selection.
  • Improved: Update notification.
  • Improved: Several hints.
  • Updated: Recommended profiles.
  • Updated: Pedal recognition.
  • Updated: ACC brake balance offsets for new BMW M4 GT3.
  • Adapted to Standard/Advanced tuning menu mode for all supported bases which is part of new driver/firmware package 431
  • Adapted to Auto Setup of the tuning menu which is part of new driver/firmware package 431

Known issues/limitations:

  • iR tyre temps sometimes differ from black box.
  • rF2 brake bias can differ very slightly.
  • R3E tyre temps slightly differ from HUD.
  • F1 2020 and 2021 tyre temp differs from dash to HUD.
  • Older profiles get converted and loaded with RPM instead of % enabled for the LED threshold. -> Toggle back to % and save again, then it works like expected.


Link to compatible driver version:

How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver and firmware you are using
  • Cross check with other settings, games and wheels to see if it's a general issue or specific with to a game, wheel or setting.
  • Is it happening with just one game (which one) or all you tried.
  • Go into detail how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • In case of a FanaLab crash, use the "Collect Logs" feature under "Settings" and upload them here.



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    New uploads of my car profiles for the just new FanaLab Version 1.60.6 which uses a completely new Profile Structure Version 2.0 for the new Tuning Menu v2 of driver 431 where the order of FFS and MPS was changed.

    Only compatible with the aforementioned new FanaLab version 1.60.6+ and Driver 431+. Do NOT use with any older FanaLab or Driver version!

    Additional note: This version still has a bug with Fuel logic where the value is 1L wrong. As my profiles all use this Display Feature to show Fuel level once the value lowered 1L with Prio this issue affects all my profiles. So if you use the profiles out-of-box just remember to add 1L to the shown value (for example Display shows F39 when in game the fuel level reached 39,99L which means effectively you have still 40L available, not 39L).

  • thx Maurice

  • Thanks for the new ACC profiles, Maurice. What should we set the new in-game value for "Damper" in ACC? Sounds like Aris is saying in one of his livestreams to set Fanalab's "Game Damper Effect" to 100% and then play with the "Damper" setting in-game (say, 20%?). Does this sound right?

  • I was wondering the same thing after seeing what Aris said. I do seem to get more oscillation since 1.8 ACC update and bringing the new in game damper to 25% helped that. But here is what Maurice said in the different forum post about.

    "I did not changed any in game settings, especially I do NOT use the new Damper of the new Update as imho it feels bad. Dynamic Damper still at 100 with DPR on the wheel at 50. That's more than enough Damping.

    Gain still 60."

    I'll set mine back to 0 to see what feels better since Maurice is the king of dialing FFB imo. lol

  • I think I found a bug. I can't seem to change the ACP setting anymore. It's stuck on CbP. MPS and other settings change just fine.

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    Yep, thats a known issue. Its completely broken. Dev will investigate this next week, hopefully he can fix it soon... Until then you have to change ACP in the Driver UI or on the wheel.

  • OK thanks. Maybe this next one is related? If I click on "Default" (to get the original Fanatec logo on the DD1 base) it goes to the Fanatec logo temporarily, but if I click anywhere else (empty space in screen, click away back to game, etc.) it'll switch back to #1 telemetry mode.

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    That's because you have set ITM page 1 as Favorite Page with a time threshold of 5 seconds so it will always jump back to it. Remove Fav Page and it will stay on the Fanatec screen until in game an auto-page-switch is engaged (visible by the green Icons).

    It's a feature, not a Bug.

  • Aha, thanks Maurice.

  • I believe I saw it on another thread, but can't find it. Is there a way to "import" all of the game profiles at once, like by dropping them in a user folder on the drive, rather than through the Fanalab UI? Thanks in advance.

  • Maybe I overlooked something, but is there some sort of Fanalab User Manual somewhere? I looked through the zip file from a past version, and there were a couple of links and pdfs, but nothing like a comprehensive "this is how to use our software".

  • any updates on the F1 2021 telemetry?

  • Yes I have had the same question and Maurice advised to


    copy/paste them into C:\user\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\FanaLab\settings and there in the respective folder of the game.

    0_1 = ACC

    1_1 = AMS2

    4_7 = F1 2021

    5_0 = iRacing


  • why no show the pedal?

  • Anyway they work perfectly.

    how can i help you to send more info?

    In Automobilista2 when in the box wheel rotates by itself

  • You could start to tell us which base you use, which pedals you use, which driver you use, which firmware is flashed on the devices, etc etc.

    With so little Info nobody can help you.

  • sorry.

    DD1, Pedal csl, driver 431,fanalab 1.60.6,WB 690, WBM 42, SW 43, WQR 6

  • Okay and your issue is? That the CSL Pedals are not shown in Fanalab? That would be normal, they are Analogue Pedals without any smart communication so Fanalab can not detect them.

  • ok ok thanks.

    anyway occasionally the wheel on acc and automobilista 2 when in the box rotates by itself.

    maybe it can serve as info

  • Thanks Maurice for your continued support and time in providing these new car profiles.

    Does it matter in Fanalab when we load your profiles if we are in Standard / Advanced Mode and matter if we are in Auto / Custom Setup?

    Thanks for your time.


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    Actually I think there is a bug here. Even after disabling the "favorite star" (making it white instead of yellow) I'm getting this behavior, only for some reason it's jumping the DD1's screen to #3.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start up ACC.
    2. Alt-tab out and back into Fanalab.
    3. Load one of your profiles from your latest pack (I chose the BMW GT4)
    4. Observe that the "Favorite" for the DD1 screen is #1. Disable the favorite selection.
    5. Select the "Default" checkbox for the analysis screen. Observe the "Fanatec" logo has appeared.
    6. Alt-tab back into ACC.
    7. In ACC from the garage, click "Continue". Then open the menus and click "return to garage". Then click "Continue" again. Observe that the DD1's screen has switched to #3 (both on the screen and in Fanalab). 
    8. In Fanalab, click on "Default" again for the analysis screen. Observe that the "Fanatec" logo has appeared. 
    9. Repeat steps #7 and #8 as many times you want. It happens 100% of the time for me (including after a system + game restart).
    10. (WORKAROUND): if you click the RED "DEFAULT" button to the right of the "Podium Wheel Base DD1" bar, this behavior stops and everything now behaves as expected. 
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    That is still a feature, not a Bug and it works exactly how it should in your example because going into Garage back and forth triggers different ABS and TC Levels in the game so ITM gets triggered.. It's because the green auto-page-switch Icons are still enabled so the pages change to the specific ITM page when it gets triggered, on page 3 it would be when TC, ABS, Map or BB is changed.

    You only disabled the fav page so it Doesnt jump back to the set fav page 1 but you did not disabled the auto-page-switch feature so of course the pages still jump around whenever they get triggered.

    Of course this behaviour stops when you click the red default button because that disables the green auto-page-switch Icons.

    Disable them and your "issue" is gone - if you dont want to use this "feature".

  • Oh, I see. Apologies, Maurice- I think I finally understand now: you're establishing priority via the green selections, and then those events occur the ITM switches automatically so that you can view them. I actually like that. The UI could maybe be a little more clear, but in general I agree that this is a nice feature.

  • Hey Guys, i am new to the forum so please dont kill me if my point is obvious. I updated to all the latest drivers (431 on my dd1) and fanalab 1.60.6. Where can i get the infos that former popped up in the tuning menu? i cant change the settings anymore, e.g. steer lock or damping and stuff. would be good to receive some help, thanks in advance

    BG, André

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    Sounds like you are in the new Standard Tuning Menu and maybe there even in the locked Auto Setup.

    Change to the new Advanced Tuning Menu mode and there select one of the Profiles 1-5.

    Its all explained in the first post of driver 431 how the new Tuning Menu v2 works and there are a lot of newly added mouse-hover-hints to explain everything in detail in the driver and in the Lab.

    That should give you all the Tuning Menu options back :)

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    A slightly bigger image of Fanalab would certainly help a lot instead of the whole Desktop but I see you dont have any Tuning Menu available, that's bad.

    Did you opened the driver UI to see if everything is working properly there? I would reinstall the driver or run the driver repair as this happens when the driver does not detect the base properly.

  • both wheel base and fanalab?

    Its also weird that the boxes for tuning menu are "grey" for example on the aston. my old settings are still saved, as u can see in the overview

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