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  • it won't let me down from 8450

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    Thats normal. The RPM Range zoom level is always 250RPM higher than the Flash value and can not be decreased further down until you also adjusted the Flash point.

    So if you want a zoom level of 6000RPM you have to adjust the RPM Flash value to 5750.

    Its no issue, you just have to adjust it for every car individually on your own.

  • but the flash changes with respect to the rpm range ... from 8450 upwards it allows me to regulate but downwards it does not let me ... and in% it goes well but some cars do not assimilate it ...

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    It can not go down because you have set the Flash value to 8200RPM. It always has to be 250RPMs higher than your highest RPM value -> so it cant go lower than 8450RPM because you block it with a Flash value of 8200RPM. So you would need to change this Flash value to something lower in order to adjust the RPM Range zoom level. HOWEVER, the RPM Range zoom level is not doing anything. It just scales the sliders but it does not effect the LEDs at all. You only control the LEDs with the 9 RevLED RPM values!

  • The flash bar is also regulated with the rpm bar ... and even if I put the steel flash, it still doesn't let me get off these revs ... I'll make a video ...

  • has something to do with the minimal revolutions ...

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    No, you do not use it correctly.

    The zoom levell can not be set lower than the highest RPM value (which usually is Flash). But also when you set Flash to 0RPM but you leave LED9 at 8100RPM then of course the Range slider can not go below 8350 (because 8100+250=8350).

    But as said.. the Range slider is not doing ANYTHING to the LEDs. It only scales the bars visually, thats it. It does not do anything to the actual LEDs.

    Its fully working as intended but you just use it incorrectly... I would suggest to you to use % as that one is easier to understand as it does not have a RPM Range zoom.

  • now I understand you, thank you very much for the clarification

  • Hey there, i'am using the ACC profile for the Ferrari GT3 Evo. Everything works fine but, and i'am not sure if this is a feature or a bug, the traction control and ABS settings are allways turned off, when i use this profile. I tried one of the my older Profiles and traction control and ABS are set to 6. I'am using the newest drivers and the newest version of Fanalab

    Wheelbase is DD1

    Wheel Formula V2

    It's not that big of a deal and i'am mostly just curious

    Thank you

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    Fanalab does not control in game TC and ABS values.

    Fanalab only Controls vibration and LEDs based on Telemetry for TC and ABS but it cant influence to what level the in game settings are set.

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    Good afternoon guys,

    I'm new to Fanatec, just bought a CSL DD...

    I'm mostly an rFactor2 user, my biggest concern with Fanalab and since it reads the telemetry of the simulation we're racing is: Why can't Fanalab read and match the rpm's of the car we're racing like, for example, SimHub do? It's extremely annoying the need to constantly need to change the rpm values to match the wheel lights with the car we're driving! Is there hope that this will be fixed/improved anytime soon?

  • Okay thanks for the quick response, i try to figure this out.

  • Are you using your MPS (multi-positional switches) to adjust TC/ABS? If so, having this setting to something like CONST will cause what you're describing.

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    hi there,

    When i play f1 2021 in grand prix mode fanalab crashes every time. I updatet fanalab 1.60.6 en the drivers 433 and it stil happens.

    I run the podium f1 ps4 and formula v2 f1 2020 steering wheel. All the firmware is up to date!

    Are there more poeple with the same problem?

    What can i do to use fanalab en have some fun races??

  • Thank you, in ACC loading the profile for the DD1 maps the TC/ABS to the MPS. In the preset i downloaded it was set to CONST, before i was using PULSE or AUTO i think. Never much used the MPS before.


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    Hello :)

    Thank you for this glorious Fanalab app ! I'm just discovering this Fanalab software with Assetto Corsa and everything works like a charm.

    The only issue I have with my CSL Elite PS4 base is with the "Base Rev LED" :

    • With all my rims with included LED : 1 "Rev LED" section + 1 "Base Rev LED" section available in Fanalab and both works in game
    • With all my rims without included LED : 1 "Base Rev LED" section BUT it does not work in game, no led lights up

    I've tried with all my rims without included LED, a couple of ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBOX ONE (CSW_RUHX) and also my CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 (CSL_E_RMcL) and the result is the same. I can see the option and tune my base rev LED but once in the game nothing works.


  • The number of laps in iracing does not work.. it works once and disappears.. is there a solution ?

    Note that I uninstalled everything .. even iracing .. and installed it again .. but it works the first time and it disappears

    Sometimes in the middle of the race the LED stops and doesn't shift gears...until I turn the fanatce off and back on

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    New FanaLab version 1.61.3 available

    Please continue giving feedback in the new discussion thread, this one will be closed.

    Changelog of FanaLab 1.61.3

    • Fixed: Tuning menu ACP (APM) issues.
    • Fixed: ITM analysis page not reacting to hardware page change. (FW issue remains that sometimes the wrong page gets reported)
    • Fixed: Bracket threshold slider missing when loading profile.
    • Fixed: issue with update pop-up when spamming the button to check for updates
    • Improved: Update and settings button.
    • Updated: Switched F1 2021 telemetry version from 2020 to 2021.
    • Updated: iRacing default exe launch path.
    • Updated: CSL DD and GT DD PRO recommended settings.
    • Updated: CSL Steering Wheel BMW name.
    • Updated: CSL P1 V2 Steering Wheel picture.
    • Updated: CSLPLCK and GT DD PRO pictures.
    • Updated: hints
    • Updated: Texts: * "CSL DD (COMP V2.5)" to "GT DD PRO Wheel Base (COMP V2.5)"

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