CSW 2.5 Dropping FFB Mid Corner

Hi All,

My CSW2.5 has started playing up mid-corners by dropping FFB completely.

I could be mid corner or just at corner entry, and when turning in the FFB just stops completely resulting in me turning way too much/crashing.

After this happens the FFB slowly regains "strength" over about 3-5 seconds.

This issue happens randomly when turning and sometimes every lap at a particular corner. Both left and right turns.

Main game I play is Assetto Corsa Competizione, I haven't run into this issue on any other game but I haven't played any recently.

I have slightly tightened the inside pins on the wheelbase and wheel rim (ForumulaV2)

I have changed the USB slot on the PC, reseated the cable that connects into the wheelbase and reseated the power cable.

PC Driver: 415

WB FW: 686

SW FW: 41

If you have any other ideas or solutions please share.



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