Fanatec Driver 440 (BMW M4 GT3 Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    There were no changes made in just the driver because a driver usually can not change FFB, only Firmware can do. Especially between driver 439 and 440 zero changes to FFB were made. When they feel different then it's Placebo or something went wrong with the previous driver installation. Or the game has an issue and handles FFB differently. For rF2 it's a known issue that the game spams the DPR channel for no reason the more often you open a Menu and click drive again which is a game issue so for rF2 the DPR should be set to OFF.

    Because of known Firmware issues of newer drivers you also should set NFR and NIN to OFF for now.

    That alone could already explain why you feel the FFB feels worse. Make sure to set NFR, NIN and DPR to OFF.

    Did you also downgraded the firmwares back to the ones included in driver 402? Or do you still use the Base Firmware 692 and Motor Firmware 42 from the Driver 440?

  • Yes the Firmware is the new one from the Driver 440. This is then actually funny. I can reproduce that with the old driver the effects are like before with the new one it is very different (it feels almost inverted when steering and on bumps).

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    Then I actually assume something is wrong with your base... Or your Windows installation.

    That's a behaviour which nobody else reported in any driver since 402 and newer drivers are available for a year now.

  • Have there been any changes in this respect within the firmware? Ä

  • There were changes which affect FFB between the Firmwares which are included in Driver 402 and Firmwares which are included in Driver 440, yes.

    Therefore I listed the Known issues in my previous reply and advised you to set NFR, NIN and DPR to OFF for now. NFR issues get fixed with the upcoming Joltfix Firmware, the DPR issues need to be fixed by the rF2 game Developers.

  • Ok I will test this and give feedback, thanks for your time

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    Came here for similar question. I have CSL DD and did FFB change between 439 and 440. I play ACC and dont know if change is driver/firmware or game update but feeling is different. Have to test more but road detail maybe little muted and general FFB forces lower had to go to Gain 80. The empty mid is gone.

  • force feedback multiplier was changed for nearly all of the cars in ACC with the last update.

  • Nothing changed between 439 and 440.

    It's the latest game update which massively changed overall FFB.

    I needed to lower overall game gain from 60 to 50 for example and still cant feel anything because the FFB in ACC is currently just broken.

  • You were right (as expected) ;-), with the settings you mentioned, the feeling is back as before, thanks!

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    • Wheel Base Model: CSW V2
    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Hub v1 / Hub for Xbox v1
    • Driver Version: 440
    • Base FW Version: 690
    • Tuning Menu settings: standard
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: standard

    Button of the right down button cluster is not working on all of my 5 hubs...

  • Come on you can say more, right?

    Can we say if there are other improvements coming? Does it still have the general characteristics, or does it feel like a whole new wheel?

    Over in the iRacing forum, there are many a comment about how fanatec's DD are harsh and require lower output to not get beat up by the wheel. Any progress on the overall feel?

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    The current (but not finalized) Changelog is quite big... That's more or less all I can say, no further Details at this point...

    The overall FFB however feels better because there were other improvements made to overall timing, stability and latency and there are changes made to the Damper which overall let's the wheel feel better.

    The FFB in iRacing is harsh because the FFB frequency of the game is not on par with other simulators these days as its just 60Hz where other games run 400Hz for example. The Feeling therefore cant be improved by Firmware much, it's more the game which would need to up their FFB frequency to get a better and smoother FFB experience. The Interpolation Filter smoothens out this harsh FFB but that's all which can be done via Firmware. Good value for iRacing is INT 6-8, maybe combined with a slightly powered FEI of 80 or 90. This will smooth out basically all the harsh feeling since years, it just have to be setup properly by the user.

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    Well said! I second this statement. The newest update has definitely left it feeling even more muted. Just when I get used to, and dial in, Kunos new FFB tweaks, they change it again.

  • I haven't had any issues with your profiles with some tweaks on a DD1. Maybe try deleting the AC2 folder in appdata. If that doesn't help I'd try some trial and error maybe temporaily removing the ACC folder in Documents to see if it's some corrupted ini file.

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    It's definitely the FFB which changed.

    I know for sure.

    There were significant changes to the FFB, as also listed in the official Changelog.

    And those changes were not to the good... It's now just lifeless and very muted, you cant feel what the car is doing anymore.

    And that's unrelated to any files in Documents. Web is full of complains from users with all kind of different hardware that the FFB was massively changed to the bad.

  • FFB has changed with ACC 1.8.13 but, for me at least, not as much as with 1.8.0

    With 1.8.0 I struggled quite a bit with ACC FFB. I only had it "fixed" with a drastic solution: deleted Assetto Corsa Competizione folder located in My Documents (backup any setups and game options: video, sound, views, etc.) and AC2 folder located in AppData and then reinstalled ACC.

    Currently, with 1.8.13, I increased ACC gain around 5% from what I had since 1.8.0 to have identic driving feedback.

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    THink I need to do that too. So you just replaced new files with the old backups after new install? I went from 75 to 85% (depends on car) with no clipping.

  • Today i got my M4 GT3 Wheel and wanted to upgrade the Firmware cause in the Driver 440 Description it says "7 - New).

    However when i hold the Sim button and plug it into my PC this Error Appears:

    Error: Connect device failed(Error: UsbHidPeripheral() cannot open USB HID device (vid=0x0eb7, pid=0xa700, sn=).).

    Anyone know how to fix t?


  • I only put back the car setups.

    For the game options I copied the settings I had but didn’t replaced the files themselves.

  • How did you manage that I thought we were still 2 months away?

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    First batch was always dated for end of February and was pushed back 3 weeks, but by now I think all units of the first batch are already shipped.

    It's the second batch which is dated for June/July.

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    Yeah my order was dated for end of February.

    Fixed my Problem by reinstalling everything Fanatec related :)

  • This explains a lot. The FFB definitely felt different (suddenly) for me too after the recent ACC update (I hadn't touched my Fanatec FW or settings). It felt a lot stronger and I too had to lower my FFB level to feel normal, but even then I couldn't put my finger on what it felt different... other than the fact that I had a much more difficult time understanding what was going on with the car.

  • Previously had v3.8 - everything was ok there. Have now tried v3.39 and v4.40 - both with the result that a button from the lower right button cluster does not work see image. I'm now back to v3.80.

    Maybe someone could check and/or confirm this?

    Or a solution?

    Maybe just reply?

    Anyway, thanks in advance.

    Button of the right down button cluster is not working on all of my 5 hubs... please see attached pic.

  • Have an issue with both rumble motors on constantly with ACC on PS4 Pro, started with 439 & the same with 440 not present in 434, only happens in ACC no other game console only .

    CSV3 same in 1.32 & 1.31 (tried going back )

    seems to be speed related as increases with vehicle speed not pedal position when stationary both spin slowly.

    Starts as soon as I touch any pedal only stopped by coming out of game. Have tried turning all vibration settings off in FanaLab, wheel and pedals . Turned ABS BKL all of and several different levels tried without FanaLab no change

    same in manual or auto mode.

    have gone back to Driver 434 all ok.

    CSL DD PRO (elite base is the same

    CS V3 pedals 1.32

    V2 Wheel


    Motor 1.02.2

    Wheel 44

    Latest Fanalab


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    Was tested internally now but could not got reproduced.

    Did you tested if the button is only not being shown as pressed in the UI but is also not working in game?

    Did you downgraded also the firmware back to what is included in the 3.8 version which works fine for you or did you left Firmware 690 on it and only downgraded the Driver?

    What exactly do you mean with 3.8, 3.39 and 4.40? Those are numbers which are not present in the Fanatec ecosystem at all. There is a Driver 380 and 440, I assume you mean those, but the 3.39 is unclear. Maybe you mean 439?

  • I haven't seen this problem posted when searching for it.

    DD1 base is only recognized by Fanatec Control Panel, USB Game Controllers, FanaLab and the game ACC when in PC COMP mode. When in normal PC mode, Fanatec Control Panel does not recognize it. Same situation in the USB Game Controllers window, FanaLab, ACC only recognizes when in PC COMP mode.

    Playing ACC, in the controls menu, when binding buttons the game thinks the CSW V2.5 Base is connected, not the DD1.

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