Fanatec Driver 440 (BMW M4 GT3 Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • All Fanatec can do is keep reminding the game Developers that this groundbreaking issue is still there. And they do.

    There is not much more which can be done. Certainly helps when the playerbase keeps reporting the issue to the game Developers as well in their support forums...

  • Maurice Böschen I am honored to receive your reply.

    I tested it and it works fine if int is not FEI 100

    But I know that FEI 100 is a good value for P DD

    The int issue isn't part of the firmware you're working on right now?

    I'm glad the csp v3 firmware issue is on the list for improvement

    This is a separate question but I wanted to ask you

    In the recommended setting, iRacing and rFactor 2 are FFS is Lin.

    But in other games, FFS is Peak, do you know why?

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    I personally dont 100% agree that INT 100 is a good value for P DD. It's very grainy in some games which is something I dont like at all and lowering to 90 or 80 remove this unwanted grainy feeling and is what I personally prefer. And with such FEI values the INT Filter is also working fine on higher FFB settings :)

    But yes: this INT issue is part of the re-written Firmware and I just tested it on this re-written Firmware and the issue is fixed there :)

    As I dont made the recommended settings I have no idea why for those games FFS is recommended to be Linear. I personally never use Linear mode, always Peak in every game.

  • I have made a ticket to the Forza horizon5 support forum and inquired, but they are replying with a macro....

  • Hi

    Yesterday I upgraded my CSL Elite V1.1 Base to 440 driver. It was successful. Working fine.

    Base: CSL Elite V1.1

    Wheel: F1 eSport

    Pedals: V3

    Today I got my new Porsche Podium GT3 Wheel. 

    I put up it to my CSL Elite V1.1 and went in to the Driver Control Panel (440)

    On the start screen, it shows I can upgrade the Podium Hub firmware from 2 to 6.

    I want to upgrade, I went in to the upgrade panel. It shows my base has formware 690, up to date, also motor, and

    Podium Hub has upgrade from 2 to 6 firmware.

    Some seconds later, the situation changed, CSL Elite V1.1 firmware shows 0 (sometimes shows 256) Upgrade available to v690, and the podium HUB shows 255, up to date.

    Sometimes, this two situation is changing after some seconds.... Pictures above.

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    The Podium Button Module Endurance (BME) is currently not supported On the CSL Elite v1.1 Base.

    It's currently only supported by CSL Elite PS4 Base, CSW V2.5, Podium DD and CSL/GT DD.

    So for now you would need to detach the USB cable of the BME to P Hub and only use the P Hub until the BME might get support for it in the future.

  • The Cable was unplugged when I want to upgrade the HUB FW from 2 to 6.

    I know that, the CSL E v1.1 and The BME is not compatibile, but under Raceroom the BME working fine. I can se my racing position on the OLED, The rev LEDs, Flag LEDs, Buttons also working fine.... Interesting...

  • Thank you, your answer has cleared up many questions

    I like Peak too!

  • Hi i has installed the Firmware 439 at my dd pro and See this beta Version how i can Reinstall the old one to install the 440 ? Thanks

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    As i wrote in 439 discussion, i've the same UI driver crash when i enter the wheel page of Fanatec control panel, with CSW 2.5 and old P1 rim.Whhe wheel in game seems to work correctly.eel Base Model (product ID): CSW 2.5

    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): P1 (the first model 2015)
    • Driver Version: 440
    • Base FW Version: 690
    • Motor FW Version: 22
    • Wheel FW Version: unknown
    • FanaLab Version: 1.63
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: DRIVE C
    • With driver related issues collect log files and zip them from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs

    Here the LOG (FwControlPanelV2.log)


    FANATEC Control Panel

    Driver Package V440

    Call Date: 02/04/2022 11:09:10



    FCpl: FSDeviceSdk SymbolicLinkName:\\?\hid#vid_0eb7&pid_0004&col01#7&3e7f22e&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}

    FCpl: FanatecDevice::DeviceInfoGet

    FCpl: Device Product ID: 4

    FCpl: Device Name: System.Char[]

    FCpl: Device Type: 1

    FCpl: Firmware Version Wheel Base: 690.0.0.0 Status:0

    FCpl: Wheel Type: 13

    FCpl: Base Type: 2

    FCpl: Steering Wheel Type: 7

    FCpl: Pedal Type: 3

    FCpl: Firmware Version Rim: Status:0

    FCpl: Firmware Version Motor Major: Status:0

    FCpl: Firmware Version WQR: Status:0

    FCpl: IsAPMConnected: 0

    FCpl: IsPBMEConnected: 0

    FCpl: FirmwareVersionRimModule: Status:0

    FCpl: DeviceInterfaceQuery LED_REVS_WHEEL_BASE failed! -3

    FCpl: DeviceInterfaceQuery LED_BUTTONS failed! -3

    FCpl: DeviceInterfaceQuery RUMBLE_WHEEL failed! -3

    FCpl: FSWheelTuningMenu::FSWheelTuningMenu FSTmIsAutoSetupAvailable:True errorCode:0

    FCpl: Util::RegistryValueSet [int] IsNullOrEmpty = true!

    FCpl: FSCplCommandWheelConfig::IsSteeringWheelXboxCompatible SystemReport[0x2D] = 1

    FCpl: ++++++++++++++++++ PrivateDeviceArrivalHandler DeviceWheel hid:\\?\hid#vid_0eb7&pid_0004&col01#7&3e7f22e&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}

    FCpl: ShowFWUpdateHintCheck ShowFWUpdateHint: False

    FCpl: ShowFWUpdateHintCheck ShowFWUpdateHint: False

    FCpl: ShowFWUpdateHintCheck ShowFWUpdateHint: False

    FCpl: ShowFWUpdateHintCheck ShowFWUpdateHint: False

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  • I have a question, why can't my Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula v2.5x be updated? Whether automatically or manually, Fanatec driver 440 repaired or reinstalled, always get this message.

    Ich habe eine Frage,

    warum lässt sich mein Clubsport SteeringWheelFormula v2.5x nicht updaten?

    Egal ob automatisch oder manuell, Fanatec Treiber 440 repariert oder neu installiert, bekomme immer diese Meldung.

    Thanks for the help

  • I am unable to update my Formula 2.5X wheel. This all happened when I tried to install Driver 439. I have tried everything including trying a different PC to update it. I tried the holding the button for 10 seconds with no success. The wheel does not work and sometimes it will work for a few min then it just stops working. When you try to update it freezes and the update window goes right to "not responding" I have tried going back to an earlier driver and that does not work either. I opened a case and have only heard back once in a week. No response after responding to them 4 days ago. Here are my screenshots and info. Any help would be awesome!

  • Try an other USB Cable. I had the same problem with my DD Pro wheel. The Base updated successfully, but the wheel not.

    With an other cable the update of the wheel was successfully.

    Maybe this works for you also...

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    I have the DD Pro package but using CS v3 Pedals. and I had two disconnects with the v440 WB firmware while using with the PS5. about an hour apart, disconnecting the USB cable didn't restore it, I had to power down the WB and then it was able to be found again by the PS5. I've had the game since it came out & play 1-2 hours a day and never once had a disconnect, I was previously on v439. The PS5 & game hasn't had an update in a week, and I haven't made any changes other than the v440 WB firmware update and the required recalibration of the wheel. Fairly certain this is directly tied to v440. there were no messages on the wheel indicating something wrong, it simply went dead and in top right of PS5 it said controller disconnected.

    • Wheel Base Model: CSW2.5
    • Steering Wheel Model: Universal Hub for XBox
    • Driver Version: 440 x64bit
    • Base FW Version: 688
    • Motor FW Version: 22
    • CSP v3 FW Version: 1.32
    • Driver installed on C: drive, Windows 7

    None of my devices (CSW2.5 or CSP v3 pedals) are detected using version 440 driver software. The last usable driver version for me was 434.

    I believe commentor Emanuele was experiencing similar problems with the detection of CSW2.5.

  • I just tried that and still the same result. That was a great idea though, hadn't thought of that one yet

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    As already explained in the previous thread of 439: Windows 7 is not officially supported anymore.

    So maybe it's time to finally update your OS to at least Windows 10 as only W10 and W11 are supported and there is no support for any W7 related issues anymore.

  • installed the new driver this morning, it only updated the wheel base firmware to 4.40 on my Podium DD1, using the bme, with Porsche rim kit, everything else was fully up to date.

    played for five hours solid on GT7, didn’t have to restart the wheel base at all, no crashes, on 4.39, that session would have meant 10 power off restarts, 1 x every 30 mins to make sure it didn’t go haywire mid race.

    happy days, thank you Fanatec Team 👍👍

    will post my new settings under the GT7 thread

  • The pedals calibration Max button is missing in the new 440 driver?

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    That is intended, yes.

    It was not supposed to be there in the first place as it makes no Sense to calibrate a MAX value on BRF supported pedals because BRF Controls the Maximum Brake pressure needed and when you previously used the MAX button with BRF set to anything other than MAX then everything got screwed up and the BRF range was flawed.

  • Does this update fix the widespread issue of of the gas and clutch pedal not working after upgrading to the load cell CSL pedal? Anyone try it on the GT DD Pro?

    (I just reboxed everything because I have to send the pedals back to Fanatec.)

  • No because that seems to be a hardware and not a Software issue.

  • ok, wanted to know if it was worth unboxing and trying the update.


  • Still can't flash the firmware of Podium Hub. It was already a problem when using 439. BME also stopped working 2 weeks ago, don't know if it was related. Is this BME issue caused by firmware compatability? I tried to contact tech support but haven't got replied yet, hope to get a quick answer here, Thanks!

  • After i did the update, when i press the "Steering Wheel" menu in the Fanatec Control Panel, it shows me a different wheel and it instantly crashes!

    My wheel is the CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 - (CSL Lenkrad P1 V2 Black Friday Limited Edition)

  • I write the anomaly in this driver Post, but I am not sure when the problem started. I currently have a DD1 with the Formula Wheel 2.5. I switched yesterday from driver version 403 and engine firmware 40 to the current driver and now notice a very much changed FFB in RF2 (I additionally tested it in AMS2 as well). The FFB effects especially in steering and bumps are completely different than before. Steering feels like there are weights on the sides and the bump effects feel like the steering wheel is pulling into the bump. I can't describe it very well, but the fact is that the effects are very different. Is there an explanation for this? Has something already been changed in previous drivers that adjusts the FFB effects so much? The most important question is can this be turned back through settings? The new FFB feels terrible. The settings in Base (the recommended ones on this page) as well as in game are unchanged. Thanks in advance

  • I meant above of course the driver 402. I have now reinstalled this driver and everything feels normal again. The question now is what has been changed regarding the FFB effects and from which driver version? I think this feels terrible and I would be very interested in getting the previous feeling back. If this is not possible I will probably not install a driver update anymore.....

  • So the DD1 works better with driver 402?

  • My personal opinion is that the general driving feel and the FFB effects are very different with the 402 driver and I like them much better. I do not know from when the change was made, I noticed the change only with driver 439 (there it is clearly more noticeable). With driver 440 the behavior is less but still there. I have now reinstalled driver 402 and am happy again. It would only be interesting to know what changes were made because the new driving experience is terrible in my eyes.

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