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  • Anyone have a profile for the dirt cars on iracing?

  • Maurice can you please double check your iRacing profile for the Dallara P217- 80 I 15Nm.

    ffb is almost no existent 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I know that car in particular has had a few updates.. cheers

  • Will do later today and, if needed, provide a new profile Together with new profiles for the new cars of todays Season 03 update :)

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    You were right, the FFB on the P217 was a bit light. Have adjusted some parameters and changed in game Max Force value.

    Attached new Profile Pack with the updated profile for the P217 as well as the 3 new cars from todays iRacing Season 03 Build (Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020, Mercedes-AMG GT4, Radical SR10).

    Unfortunately iRacing once again decided to use different RPM values for every gear on the two new Merc cars so its impossible to get the LEDs in FanaLab matching the ones in the game for those cars.

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    Hey Maurice, do you have any recommended settings for the dd1 on AC? Having a harder time dialing it in than I did with my csw v2.5. Thanks in advance! I’m not using fanalab, but may give that a shot and see if I have anymore luck.

    edit: I see a few pages back you don’t have ac settings. If that’s still the case, maybe you can give me some advice. I’ve got it close to feeling like I’d like, but have some strong occilations on the straights. Whenever I try to tame the occilations I lose too much detail and can’t feel any understeer.

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    Hello Maurice,

    I'm enjoying your ACC profiles since available and they are a perfect fit for my drivingt style until the 442 driver with 1.64.5 Fanalab appeared.

    If I'm not wrong and the car I looked into (Mercedes AMG 2020 EVO), except eventually the LED's, all other base settings are exactly same as 1.63.6 profiles.

    I did read that some Podium DD features are changed but can't find them in the profile settings.

    I feel the FBB and steering wheel is much more (too) light and much more reactive which is causing too much steering wheel inputs. The feel of under- and oversteering is coming quick and mostly too late.

    I went back to the 440 and 1.63.6 version and the feeling was ok again.

    I would like to use 442 and 1.64.5 due to the base display and jolt reasons, but wonder if with the new drivers and firmware the settings can be kept or need some adjustments.

    My ACC ingame settings are unchanged.

    Thank you!

  • @Maurice Böschen When I want to convert your Profiles to the DD1 should I be chnaging the Fanalab Tuning Menu FFB Value x 1.25 or should I be multiplying the iRacing Wheel Force setting by 1.25?

    The ReadMe says "Calculation to adapt FFB settings to DD1: Tuning Menu FF value multiplied with 1.25 (e.g. FF60 x 1.25 = FF75)"

    Is this chnaged in the Fanalab FFB or iRacing Wheel Force setting area?

    Just trying to confirm this, cheers for any info

  • As explained in the readme file: ONLY the Tuning Menu FFB value needs to be adjusted.

  • Ok so to cofirm for example if using the profile for BMW M4 GT3 that has the default FFB setting in Fanalab Tuning Menu at 66% I would multiply that by 1.25 and change it to 82.5% FFB.

    Then in iRacing have the Max Force setting at 60 and the Wheel Force value at 17

    Sorry we're just trying to make sure we are doing this right as I think we've been doing it backwards previously.

  • Yes exactly.

    Game settings need to be untouched, only change the FFB value in the Tuning Menu, never in the game.

  • Are there any mega zip files with profiles for the cars for AMS2? It's my primary software at the moment and haven't got much into ACC, I live the visuals in AMS2.

  • Ignore my comment above I've found them.

    Question though. What wheels were these profiles created with for GT and F1 types? I will only import the LED sections and I have Formula 2.5 and Clubsport RS for GT cars. Wondering if they will work correctly or if I need to tune them. I think the formula wheel variations have the same leds but I'm unsure of other round fanatec wheels. I'm looking specifically at the ACC and AMS2 profiles.

    thanks for all the free profiles!

  • hi Maurice i just started using your setting for iRacing yesterday on my DD1 and noticed they feel abit sloppy in the center and very strong after that even tho im just using your settings without changing the FF to x1.25 as suggested they still feel very strong but the detail feels great i am thinking maybe i am doing something wrong ? i am on the latest firmware but my fanlab is V1.63.6 could this be the problem ?


  • actually ignore that i tried your settings on a older car and it seem like the settings are only off on the GT4 AMG and the radical sr10 can you check them again please they feel far too strong

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    New profile pack with some changes.

    • increased the FFB strength by 1Nm for the iRacing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) profile
    • adjusted the Clutch Bite Point (CBP) value for the following cars according to latest iRacing Season 03 Patch 1 changes: Honda Civic Type R, Hyundai Elantra N TC, Hyundai Volster N TC
    • adjusted Normal Button LED yellow color of Button 3 (-) and all yellow Telemetry Pit Limiter Button LEDs for the BMW M4 GT3 Steering Wheel to get a better yellow (RGB codes R15, G11, B0) for all profiles
    • corrected Pit Limiter Button LEDs for the BMW M4 GT3 Steering Wheel for the 3 new cars of iRacing Season 3 (Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020, Mercedes-AMG GT4, Radical SR10)
    • removed auto-page-switch for ITM page 1 on all profiles as there could be a conflict if you set a new Best Laptime and you have the auto-page-switch trigger for this on page 4 enabled as well. As in my profiles page 1 is the favorite page the ITM will return to page 1 afterwards anyway so no need for the additional auto-page-switch triggers on page 1.
    • concretized FFB calculation to adapt for P DD1 use in readme file

  • Hi!

    This is weird, i'm a long time Fanatec user but i don't use Fanalab and i don't understand how the profiles work.

    I already have the new BMW GT3 wheel, I just downloaded that last pack from Maurice, but when i import a profile it doesn't work because looks like they are for the Formula V2 rim (that's what it says in "device" when i select one of those profiles), nothing changes in the leds of the BMW GT3 wheel. The thing is you said "Pit Limiter Button LEDs for the BMW M4 GT3 Steering Wheel for the 3 new cars of iRacing" so i assume you can select that rim in the profiles you share, but i don't know how. And yes, i have the lastest Fanalab version (1.64.5).

    What am i missing? 😅

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    Yes, the profiles were made with either Formula v2 or P Hub + P BME but loading any profile will still work just fine also with other wheels like the BMW M4 GT3 as the Button LED settings are saved to the pws file and are not bouind to any specific Steering Wheel.

    Just load the profile, accept the device mis-match message and overwrite the profile, which will then overwrite the profile with the devices you have and use.

  • Ohhhhhh i see, i was selecting the imported profile in the left column and nothing else, i didn't know you had to click on "load" too 😂

    Now it's working, thanks Maurice!

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    can someone please explain me why we should go with steer lock 1070?

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    You shouldnt.

    Newest readme says 1080 because too many asked why 1070...😅

    So just set it to 1080 and you are (more or less) good.

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    Then you did not downloaded the latest profile pack as I have changed this only on the latest upload 3 days ago.

  • Hi Maurice,

    I really like the small changes you did to the IRacing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)! I noticed you also went from 10% to 15% on the NDP. Car really feels good now!!

    Thanks so much!


  • Aaaah Yeah true, forgot to mention, the NDP on all iRacing profiles which had just a value if 10 were increased to 15. :)

  • Just i quick question: The profiles that are in the ziped files, what wheelbase are they for? DD or CSW 2.5 or others?

  • Hi Maurice. I noticed you don't have a setup for the Supercars Mustang or the Next Gen NASCAR Toyota and Ford. Are the cars close enough in iRacing that I could use your Commodore and Next Gen Chevy setup on the Supercars Supercars Mustang and Next Gen NASCARs without issue?

    Thanks for all your amazing setups.

  • @Maurice Böschen

    Thank you for the amazing profiles!!

    Please make a profile for iracings RUF cars.

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