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    Unfortunately I dont drive those cars so I wont spent time to make a profile for these cars as each profile takes around 1 hour or more time of work, sorry.

  • Yes, you can use those profiles as baseline and fine-tune from there.

  • Hi Maurice,

    I'm sorry if you have already clarified this but I just want to confirm something (in regards to your iRacing profiles). If I go from the BMW GT3 to the Dallara P217 I need to obviously change the profile in Fanalab from the BMW to the P217 but also modify the in-game iRacing settings for max force and wheel force as per the readme?

    So in this case in-game I'd be changing from

    Max Force: 60 nm

    Wheel Force: 17nm


    Max Force: 70 nm

    Wheel Force: 15nm

    I just want to make sure I am expected to change profile in the Fanalab app and modify FFB settings in iRacing when I change cars.


  • Yes but you only need to change in game once, just check the box to use seperate controls for each car, then the settings are saved per car in the game.

  • Oh that makes a lot more sense! Thank you very much, the handful of profiles I've tried of yours so far feel amazing. Appreciate your effort!

  • I noticed you changed ACC ingame FFB strength down to 50... why is this? 🤔

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    Because the last game update significantly increased overall FFB strength (and made the overall FFB much worse) so you have to lower the FFB gain to accomodate this.

    But this is already since months... ;)

  • Hi Maurice, hope you're doing well. I jumped on AMS2 yesterday for the first time in a while using your updated profiles and I turned off all the wheel vibration motors as well as the pedal motors on my CSP V3s. When I actually started driving though, I noticed the pedal motors are still active and working even though I disabled it in FanaLab. I can't remember if it was always like this.

    Do you think this is a FanaLab/Driver issue or is it something to do with the game itself?

  • This may have already been asked before, but hope someone can chime in. For iRacing specifically, if I am using iRFFB along with these profiles, since the FFB strength settings are greyed out in iRacing with iRFFB running, I am assuming that those settings wont matter and that I need to tune my FFB strength accordingly in iRFFB? Anyone else running these profiles with iRFFB together?

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    It's not an issue at all. It's a game "feature" which you cant disable. Fanalab vibration settings can not overwrite the native vibrations so there is no way to disable them.

  • Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for your good profile !

    But with my DD1 with iR 18 on Watkin and iRacing i'm getting a lot of oscillation in the first straight. What can I do?

    Also, do you have something like a tuto "how to make good profile"? I'm missing one for my Toyota TRD Nascar Truck. :(

  • you can try this

    Enable Force Feedback: checked

    Use Linear Mode: checked

    Reduce force when parked: checked

    Max force: first number of the profile name**

    Wheel force: second number of the profile name

    Damping: 0%

    Min force: 0.0%

    app.ini File changes (located in the users/“username”/documents/iracing)

    Changes to this file need to be made to diminish and/or remove some un-wanted effects within iRacing that cause oscillations with Direct Drive Wheels of any kind. The app.ini has descriptions about what each setting does in a generalize form.

    displayLinearInNm - Nm Display of force: (parameter = 1) -

    Changes the iRacing force slider to display the 100% point in Nm

    steeringBumpStop_Deg - Software Bump Stop: (parameter = 200.000000) -

    Sets how many degrees beyond the calibrated endpoints iRacing allows before initiating a 100% force to hold the wheel within calibrated limits. this should be set between 25 and 180 degrees to limit violence of the wheel at the in game bumpstop.. Set higher if you are getting violent bounce back in the wheel at the game bumpstops.

    steeringDampingFactor - Strength of Dampening Signal: (parameter = 0.0500000) -

    Sets the strength of the dampening applied to the signal when the iRacing dampener is used 1=100%

    steeringDampingMaxPercent - Dampening Percentage: (parameter = 0.0000000) -

    Sets the percentage of dampening added to the FFB signal. This is set primarily through the dampening slider and is over written if the slider is moved.

    steeringDampingParkedMaxPercent - Dampening Percentage “Parked”: (parameter = 0.2000000) -

    Sets the percentage of software dampening added to the FFB signal when the car is in parked mode and the Dampen Oscillations checkbox is enabled.

    steeringFFBSmooth - Percentage of Inverse Signal Smoothing: (parameter = 1.0000000) -

    Sets the percentage of RAW feedback signal passing through the filer 1=100% Raw signal lower numbers signify more signal averaging or smoothing.

    steeringForceParkedPct - Parked Force Reduction: (parameter = 0.500000) -

    Sets how much reduction in sim delivered force is applied when in parked mode and the Dampen Oscillations checkbox is enabled. 0.5 = 50% reduction. If you want to turn off feedback in the pits completely set to 0.

    **This is the slider above the 'Wheel Force' setting. If it is showing 'Strength' values, you can click the text to switch to 'Max Force' values.

    Calculation to adapt FFB settings to DD1: Tuning Menu FFB value of the Base multiplied with 1.25 (e.g. FFB 75 x 1.25 = FFB 94). No need to adjust in game settings.

    without guarantee because I don't have Iracing

  • Thanks for your answer,

    But it looks like the one Maurice already done right?

    So I will precise I'm having oscilation with Maurice's setup with a Formual 2.5x :x

  • That is absolutely normal and unavoidable in the iR-18.

    It's most likely caused by the low FFB update Rate of 60Hz which iRacing is still using in 2022... This easily leads to oscillations. Nothing you can do to prevent it.

  • Thanks for the answer,

    Is using iRFFB a solution to this ?

  • Dont know as I dont use that Tool but I doubt that it can eliminate the oscillations. It's just normal for this specific car.

  • Just saw that this software was giving 360Hz feedback... that's why i'm asking

    any ideas on a tuto ? :)

  • Hey I noticed the Porsche 992 in iRacing is set to “linear” instead of “peak” which all your other iRacing profiles have always been peak was this a mistake or intentional I tried both on my dd1 but peak feels better as it’s what I’m used too since using your profiles for along time

  • New ACC Profils also on Linear 🤔

  • Ehm, no, NONE of my ACC profiles is using Linear - ALL are set to FFS PEAK!

    Same for ALL my iRacing profiles, including the Porsche 992. EVERY car uses FFS PEAK!

  • i know, but after the last update my profils are going to linear 🤪

    np, i changed it.

  • Then you have either a very old FanaLab or a very old Driver installed which are not compatible with each other and the new FFS order since... 1 year or so...

    But glad you changed it already.

  • Fanalab 1.64.5

    Driver 442

  • @Maurice Böschen

    It's great to see that much that dedication Maurice. I appreciate it.

    I own a CSL DD, and you made clear that those profiles wouldn't work for it. Is there a reason for this?

    I ask because Fanatec recommended settings are almost always identical for CSLDD and DD1 except for gain and DPR.

    Anyway, Would it be possible for you to write a guide on how you approach FFB setup for a game/car?

    Thanks in advance,


  • I too own a CSL DD 8nm and look forward to Maurice commenting on this.

  • The profiles can not be adjusted 1:1 to CSL / GT DD, no.

    CSL and GT DD will ALWAYS have to run FFB in the Tuning Menu on 100, there is basically nothing to adjust on those bases.

    Also NDP works slightly different / with less strength than on Podium DD so those values also cant be taken.

    And lastly the iRacing profiles use specific in game settings which also can not even in the slightest be used for CSL / GT DD.

    You can still give them a try, they are for sure better than baseline settings, but as said, FFB will ned to be set to 100 on your bases at all times anyway and in game settings will need a lot of tweaking...

  • Ok Maurice.

    I understand they are different class of products. Thanks for taking your time!

  • Hi Maurice,

    Can I assume that the F1 2021 profile settings are pretty the same for F1 2022? I did already configure F1 22 pretty much using the recommended settings and profiles from F1 2021, and so far seems pretty good..

  • No, F1 22 needs COMPLETELY different settings compared to F1 2021.

    Profiles for F1 22 are ready but I will wait with the upload until the next FanaLab version got released.

  • @everyone:

    New profiles for todays new FanaLab version 1.65, has to be used with Driver 442/443 or newer.


    • Support for F1 22 with profiles for all the F1 cars, including the Supercars!
    • The [SEN] value for all other profiles was changed from AUTO to 1080 because of a current Driver issue where the Driver re-sends the previous SEN commands from a previous game to the next game when the next game uses the SEN AUTO value which can result in weird steering sensitivity. With this change such an issue can not happen anymore.

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