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  • Excellent news. I was surprised that the documentation was dropped after the initial launch. Will be good to see it back.

  • Good Evening Maurice,

    I didn't see a iRacing profile for the Ford GT3 and wanted to ask if there was a profile you recommended to use that should be similar or a close feel?

    Thanks for your time.


  • hello....which folder in fanalab i put the profiles ? Thank you !

  • Best is to Import them all at once directly from within FanaLab.

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for all these profiles, they are fantastic! Unfortunately there is only one profile for Rfactor 2. Do you plan to make more in the future?

  • Hi Maurice, the auto car select feature sounds amazing, can't wait! any ETA on the new Fanalab release?

  • @maurice - I have been using your profile for AMS2 (gen2 formula), and the steering is really light for both center feel and when turning the wheel. Can you recommend how to change the profile to feel more engaging - like your profiles for F1?

    note that I have properly configured in-game settings per your instructions, as well as installed the proper custom FFB file into the AMS2 profile.


  • Hey guys.... Just wanted to leave some feedback, as I think I might have uncovered a bug in Fanalab. I'm currently running V1.66, but have had this problem in all previous versions as well. The issue is specific to iRacing and using Maurice's Fanalab profiles. For the record, I did update the profiles when the big driver and Fanalab update rolled out a month or so ago, but I had the issue with the older profiles and pre-major update versions of Fanalab. I honestly didn't even think that there was an issue, as I've only has my DD2 for a few months, and though that maybe that's just how a direct drive wheel behaves, but after experimenting yesterday, and discovering that there was in fact a problem, it's a night and day difference in terms of fidelity and feedback with my DD2.

    The issue I had was that the steering always felt very heavy. Almost like the damper or friction settings were cranked up very high. My wheel would react extremely slowly, which would make it almost impossible to catch a slide, for example. Pre (I think 1.5) update, the feeling was pretty consistent across all cars, tracks, and each session. Post-update I started to notice that this feeling was becoming inconsistent. Sometimes I'd jump into the same car, same settings, and same track and the steering would feel much lighter. Other times, without making any changes, it would be heavier.

    Then, at some point the steering actually started to get heavier and heavier as I was turning laps in a practice session. To the point where it was becoming very difficult to turn the wheel. Very strange behavior, obviously. So I went back to the pits, took off my VR HMD, and went back into Fanalab and confirmed the correct profile was loaded, and even reloaded the profile. The only modifications I make to the profile is disabling the ITM and LED, since the ITM has been known to cause "pops" under load and the LED's are useless to me in VR. Went back into iRacing, and the steering was still extremely heavy.

    I opened the options menu in iRacing and confirmed I had all sliders set correctly per the profile, which I did. I then requested a new car as well, and still the steering was very heavy. I think exited out of my test session, and stated a new test session. Low and behold, the steering was back to "normal". I started turning a few more laps, practicing alternate lines, and after about 10 or so laps, I noticed the steering starting to get heavier again. I turned a few more laps, and the problem got worse with each subsequent lap. The feeling was, as I said, like the dampening or friction effects were cranked all the way to maximum. It was basically impossible to get any sort of acceleration from the wheel, and everything just felt very "muddy". Then, just by chance, I accidentally bumped the kill-switch for my DD2 with my knee as I recently moved it to a new location on my rig, and it was in a position where if I lifted my leg slightly sideways, I could bump the switch. Obviously, I lost all FFB and signal when that happened, and I instantly went off-track and crashed. I turned my DD2 back on, towed back to the pits, and when I took off driving again the wheel was back to "normal". No more heavy steering. Started putting in laps, and again, it started to get heavier, but I could "fix" it by going back tot he pits and power-cycling the wheel base.

    Obviously, something wasn't right. So, I started googling and seeing if anyone had any similar issues. I couldn't find anything that exactly matched my issues, but I found several other posts, some of them quite old, that mentioned various issues when using Fanalab to adjust wheel settings. So, I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I wrote down the tuning menu values from Maurice's profile that I had been using (Mercedes AMG GT4), along with the slider values for in-game option in iRacing, and then I closed Fanalab completely and rebooted my PC.

    After rebooting, I opened iRacing (I use native Open XR), loaded up the same test session, confirmed sliders were correct, and then switch to Setting 2 on my DD2 and manually set all of the same values from Maurice's profile into Setting 2, directly on the wheel base. I then went out on track and started practicing.

    INSTANTLY... I noticed a MASSIVE difference in feedback fidelity. I could now actually feel what the tires where doing, how much grip I had, how the suspension was compressing, the ripples in curbs.... it was a night and day difference. Within 3 laps, I bested my previous fastest lap by almost 2 seconds on the base iRacing setup. Then I decided to load one of my VRS setups, which previously I found impossible to drive consistently because it seemed to over-rotate and I could never move the wheel fast enough to correct it. Low and behold, I was easily able to keep the car under control, and even found almost another full second of lap time. I was completely blown away, and now I finally understand how a direct drive wheel should feel, and it finally feels like my real-life race cars.

    To be thorough, I went back into Fanalab and did the same test, and instantly the steering was heavy, sticky, and muddy and I lost all of the fidelity I previously had and the wheel became stiffer and heavier with more laps. I even tested this on the Porsche Cup car, which was previously undrivable for me, and I had the same results. The car was completely alive when I didn't use Fanalab and manually set the values on the wheel base, and heavy and dead when using Fanalab. So, at least in my case, there is a MAJOR issue with Fanalab and iRacing.

    I even went a little deeper, now that I was actually getting real feedback from my wheel, and built my own "profiles", but without using Fanalab. I'm simply using the Setting slots on the wheel base itself for each of my profiles. I'm not sure what the issue is with Fanalab, but for me at least, I won't be using it. I wanted to share this info not to complain, but because there might be others out there having the same issues. I was seriously considering selling my DD2 and buying a Simucube 2 Pro, because of this. Now, I'm unbelievably happy with the feedback from my DD2. I'd recommend anyone that isn't 100% happy with the way their wheelbase is performing to give this a try, because it was a game change for me. Hopefully this info might help to uncover what the problem might be, but I'm completely fine with manually setting up my wheel as well, if that's the what's needed.

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    There is currently a known issue where the DPR effect can be triggered even when it's set to OFF and when you then have the Dynamic Damper settings enabled in FanaLab the effect Doesnt get disabled again so the Damper Effect is constantly on and the steering feels heavy and sluggish. So exactly as you describe.

    That issue is under investigation.

    Workaround is to not use any kind of Dynamic Damper settings in FanaLab.

  • Wow, that's good to know. I couldn't find anything about it through Googling. Is there a forum post where I can keep up to date about these kind of things?

    So, to clarify, your AMG GT4 profile only has Dynamic Dampening enabled for reverse. If I disable that, then I should have the same FFB results that I'm seeing when manually setting the values on the wheelbase? Or do I need to do into Fanalab and "zero out" the Dynamic values as well?

    I will test this tonight, as having the ability to switch between profiles in Fanalab is definitely convenient.

  • @Maurice Böschen any chance of getting an iRacing profile for the Lotus 79 or can you recommend an existing one to use as a starting point please?

  • Yes, when you disable the FanaLab Reverse Damper then the issue should indeed not happening anymore.

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    I made a VERY big FFB Update to all my profiles and also added profiles for the Lotus 49, Lotus 79 and Ford GT3, however the profile pack wont be launched before the next FanaLab version goes live as I uploaded too many packs in the last weeks already.

  • How much do your profiles differ from the Fanatec recommended settings profile? Also, Is there a need for per car profiles, or is it better to have a single profile per game and allow the game’s physics engine to compensate for differences between different cars?

    Just curious, do you work for Fanatec, or are you a partner/tester, or a hobbyist? I ask because you always know what is coming next 😄.

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    They differ a LOT as they are customized and fine-tuned for each individual car instead of having just one global setting which works for one car but not for the other car.

    And I am a Betatester for Fanatec, since almost 11 years ;) Therefore I know things.... :D

  • Very cool and Fanatec should be glad to have your support.

  • Because of a current issue where sometimes the Reverse Damper effect is not cancelled properly so the Damping effect stays active even when you drive forwards again, I decided to disable the Reverse Damper in all my 246 profiles.

    This new profile pack also includes a MASSIVE FFB update to all the 246 profiles - by far the biggest FFB update since I initially shared my first profiles. Changes apply to both the Tuning Menu values as well as in game values so also open the included readme files for the new in game settings.

    The FFB strength now is maxed out to a value of 60, which means maximum peaks of 15Nm as I found that 15Nm is the perfect sweet spot of peak strength I want to feel.

    This also makes it easier now to adapt this DD2 profiles to use with a DD1 as for most profiles all a DD1 user now has to do is to increase the FFB strength from 60 to 75 and then the profile will already feel as intended. For lower FFB strength values the calculation rate is still 1.25 (so for example FFB strength in the profile of 52 x 1.25 = FFB strength of 65 for a DD1 user).

    For the iRacing profiles this also means Wheel Force is now always 15Nm and only the Max Force value needs to be adjusted in the game.

    As requested I also created new profiles for the iRacing Lotus 49, Lotus 79 and Ford GT GT3 cars and I also re-enabled the RPM LEDs of the Porsche 992 Cup car profile because iRacing changed the LED range in their Season 4 2022 update so the RPM lights now can at least be used to have (more or less) accurately working LEDs. It's still not synced because iRacing uses different RPM values for every gear which FanaLab does not support but it's useable now at least.

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    Cheers mate, will keep an eye out for it, outstanding!!! Edit, and there they are :-)

  • Hi Maurice

    I imported your Herculean amount of profiles into fanalab for AMS2. I am using a DD2 wheelbase with various wheels. I have 2 questions. 1 all profiles are written for the formula wheel. when I try to load I with a McLaren GT3 wheel I get an error. Am I doing something wrong? 2. So many cars….I must pick the profile prior playing each time and then change the profile when I switch to another car?

    please let me know if it is truly this cumbersome. The FFB in AMS was much better than the standard profiles though!

    tx vm


  • Actually, only a very few profiles were made with the Formula v2. Most profiles were made with P Hub + P BME.

    Its normal that you get a message on profile loading with a different wheel. Just click ok. You can overwrite the profile afterwards to save it new with "your" devices so you wont get the message again in the future.

    And yes, for now you have to manually choose the profile for the car you want to drive. In a future update this will be automated :)

  • @Maurice Böschen, mate can you confirm the profile for the iRacing Dallara F3 is really supposed to be 70 | 15 as per the filename? The 70 Wheel Force seems super light evenafter the 1.25 multiplier has been applied to FFB for the DD1.

    Cheers for any info

  • Appreciate all of your time and efforts in making profiles for the lotus and ford vehicles and all the other profiles. Keep up the great work and have a great day!


  • Hey Maurice, were there any AMS2 changes to the new profiles?

  • Yes. As said every profile was changed to not use more than 15Nm Peaks, that includes AMS2 profiles which had a FFB strength above 60.

  • Hey @Maurice, and everyone else. Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent starting point for DD2 iRacing Dirt Oval/Road FFB settings? I have something that works, but I find myself either too heavy or too light. I am primarily using this for Winged Sprints, and lately Pro4, but am adjusting in game FFB for difference in feeling.

    Do you have any recommended tweaks? I have been playing around with it quite a bit and would appreciate your expterise and 3rd party opinions as possibly fresh eyes will help :)

    Thanks and appreciate ALL your profiles, you have done a great job and have made my transition from GT DD Pro to DD2 flawless. You're the man!!

    SEN - 1080

    FFB 60%

    FFS - PEAK

    NDP 25%

    NFR 2%

    NIN 5%

    INT 5

    FEI 100

    FDR 100%

    SPR 100%

    DPR 100%

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