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How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver and firmware you are using
  • Cross check with other settings, games and wheels to see if it's a general issue or specific with to a game, wheel or setting.
  • Is it happening with just one game (which one) or all you tried.
  • Go into detail how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • In case of a FanaLab crash, use the "Collect Logs" feature under "Settings" and upload them here.

Changelog of FanaLab 1.65

  • Fixed: Crash on startup.
  • Fixed: PBME not being detected.
  • Fixed: CBP not working when TM is on Standard Mode or when Profile Idx is on Auto.
  • Fixed: CBP behavior. Enabled even when TM is on AUTO SETUP mode.
  • Fixed: FFS value on steering wheel plug/unplug.
  • Fixed: ITM issues:
    •  Added: Possibility to change the Analysis Screens on the PDD Display when loading a Custom Game.
    •  Fixed: ITM favorite page on BME is saved as PDD favorite page instead.
    •  Fixed: Radio button on the ITM page is not synced with the actual page in device.
    •  Fixed: Analysis page save/load function.
    •  Improved: Auto-page-switch and return-to-favorite-page features.
    •  Improved: ITM performance. Reduced the chance of a possible freeze of the ITM values.
  • Added: F1 22 support.
  • Added: ACP on profile preview for BMW M4 GT3.
  • Updated: Wheel lock behavior. Disabled on games that supports in natively.
  • Updated: ITM-LedDisplay Support.pdf

Known Issue:

  • Sometimes rev limiter vibration for the steering wheel stays active after once getting triggered.


Driver 443 or higher is required for this FanaLab version:

Only download if you also use driver 443 or higher, as it is required for this FanaLab version.



  • @everyone:

    New profiles for this new FanaLab version 1.65, has to be used with Driver 442/443 or newer.


    • Support for F1 22 with profiles for all the F1 cars, including the Supercars!
    • The [SEN] value for all other profiles was changed from AUTO to 1080 because of a current Driver issue where the Driver re-sends the previous SEN commands from a previous game to the next game when the next game uses the SEN AUTO value which can result in weird steering sensitivity. With this change such an issue can not happen anymore.

  • ThX @Marcel and @Maurice

  • Thankyou!

  • Hi Marcel, Maurice. Thanks for the new package. Could you please elaborate a little on the following?:

    • Updated: Wheel lock behavior. Disabled on games that supports in natively.

    What does it mean, precisely? I went through the PDFs but didn't find any obvious answer but maybe I didn't pay enough attention.

  • AMS2 for example controls the Wheel Lock vibrations natively which would interfere with FanaLab (the native vibrations for example cant be disabled so when you disable it in FanaLab it would still vibrate as the game supports it natively). Therefore this vibration setting is grayed out for this game now.

  • This has happened to me with the last few releases.

    Is there some delay for when Fanalab detects an available update?

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    Fanalab checks the version of an online file which needs to be updated. This was simply not done for 1.63.6 as that version was identical to 1.63 and only added Button LED features for the BMW.

    1.64.5 needed Driver 442 which was taken offline and therefore the online file was also not changed as it's useless to trigger an update notification when that update needs a driver which is no longer available.

    1.65 now still needs at least Driver 442 and today the re-upload in Form of Driver 443 just happened and that Driver is Beta so the online file will only be changed when no big issues of the Driver are found in the public beta test.

    When the Driver is released to the webshop pages, then the online files for update notifications will be changed.

    So yes, there is always a delay when Fanalab can detect any new version.

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    ITM on DD1 Base still shows initial Brake Bias as 77% regardless regardless of the actual value for all cars in ACC. When changing the BB the value does change incrementally but it is still the wrong value.

    Latest Fanalab and Driver installed

    Win 10

  • Hi Folks,

    No probs with 165 or 443 beta for me.

    Instead some more Fanalabs questions re iracing profiles. I cannot for the life of me get consistent results when trying to copy just the LED settings of a profile into another profile - is there an official instruction manual that goes through how to do this? I cant find it.

    Also, is there a way to know which wheel your particular profiles are made on? When I load some i get "Wheel different" messages (I swap between a FV2 and a PEW wheel). Is there an easy rule of thumb to convert FV2 profiles to other wheels?

    I have also seen a post on how to modify your profiles based on the specific in game Iracing FFB strengths used - is there a sticky to this as I cannot find it.

    thankyou sirs

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    And I still can not confirm this.. All Brake Bias values are 100% correct for me (and everyone else).

    Is FanaLab installed to the default Location in C or did you installed it to a different Location?

    You can try to reset Fanalab settings to default in the settings or delete the xml folder here: C:\users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Fanatec\Fanalab. The next time you start FanaLab the xml folder will be automatically recreated with the correct xml file for the Brake Bias offsets.

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    There is a readme Text file included for every game which explains how to adjust the in game settings.

    Also yes in the profile preview you can see the devices on the top which were used to save the profile. General rule of thumb : when the in game car uses a Formula or GT steering wheel then the profile is saved with a Formula v2, when the in game car uses a round wheel then the profile is saved with a P Hub + BME. When you want to change a Formula v2 profile to be used with a bigger wheel like P Hub + BME with a big round wheel then you need to increase the Tuning Menu FFB and NDP settings and maybe even a bit of NFR is needed and maybe decrease INT by 1 also improved feeling of the heavier wheel. But this is personal preference and no rule of thumb is applicable here.

  • ITM Support document is a year old and needs updated to reflect ITM changes since then. It also needs updated to include the supported games that were missed when it was least updated - like AMS2.

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    That document was updated over 2 weeks ago (also listed as a change in the changelog for this reason) but unfortunately the wrong old file was included in the Download.

    Was exchanged now, when you re-download the zip it now contains the correct new file with AMS2 and F1 22 support.

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    Thanks, download is updated.

    Here is the PDF so you don't have to download the full thing again.

  • What wheel base these profiles are for or are they universal?

  • DD1 and DD2, but for DD1 you need to make a conversion, but Maurice explains that in the TXT file.

  • Fanalab, this version and the previous one, deactivates the revstripe of my WRC wheel when switched off. Every time I use Fanalab (I have no automatic start option), the next time I restart the PC and CSL DD, the revstripe of the WRC wheel will be turned off, and I will have to reactivate it each time from the Fanatec driver software with the appropriate button.

    If I don't use Fanalab, revstripe will continue to work with every reboot.

  • Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for the update

    It looks like a minor issue with led.

    In iRacing using the F3 car, th leds should be only red when accelerating.

    But in fact I can see yellow and blue led flashing all over the range.

    Is that normal? What can I do to fix this?

    Thanks !

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    That is normal when you dont disable the native in game setting "Use wheel shift indicator" as described in the popup in FanaLab when clicking the "Enable FanaLab's Game LED/Hardware Support" button.

    With that checkbox disabled and a game restart the LEDs of the F3 profile will be all red, just tested.

  • I only get a splash screen, nothting happens afterwards.

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    With 1.65?!

    From which version did you updated?

    Please report an issue with a bit more detail as explained in the very first post and please provide Windows Event Logs of the Crash, otherwise it's impossible to analyze.

  • This won't even open for me. It keeps saying 'Please install Driver Package V442 or higher' which I have & restarted & nothing

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    And which Driver do you have installed?

    Are your devices recognized by the Driver UI properly?

  • Hi Marcel,

    do you already have an idea why the image of my V3 pedals in FanaLab is only displayed via USB and not via RJ12.

  • I have trouble starting Fanalab even though I have the latest drivers.

    Im running on windows 11

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