Another victim of DD Pro Bad Quality

I am Kai Fung

Recently, I decided to upgrade my brake pedal to load cell. When I was doing all the setup for the rig and installation. I tried to pull my pedal cable out. The pedal "switch" (not sure what it's called) just came the shit out. It really screwed my mood, with all the hypes... I never touched or removed any cables after my initial setup.

After I searched online, I am not the only one happened, and I am sure I am not the last one. Some reports says fanatec will take this product back and return a new one/fixed one. However, after I raised a ticket through their website "My products" ----> "Supports" -----> bla bla bla as below

It has been 2-3 working days since I have raised the ticket. Does anyone knows

  1. How long does it usually takes for Fanatec to reply?
  2. Where are their customer service located? German? (Just wanna know so that I know what time should I expect them to reply)
  3. Does anyone has the same issue or needed to return to them? If so, what will they ask you to do?

Thank you very much.

P.S. English is not my first language, sorry for any bad grammar.


    1. For me it took about a week since opening my ticket and another week for them to fix their mistake in sending me the label for the shipment.
    2. Yes, their support department is located in Germany.
    3. My issue was different, but there isn't really anything they can ask you to do. Your port was cleanly ripped off the board, they will either fix it for you or they will ship you another base. I have seen reports of people being shipped used bases, so just be on the lookout.
  • 2 or 3 days! Kia I got some bad news for you. Your looking at 2 or 3 weeks minimum.

  • Thank you for your reply! I am kinda giving up and looking for any third part repairment shop. But I will wait for another week to see if there is any reply from them. At least I can still connect my pedal directly to PC via USB. Tho, I lost the mood to play, the broken pedal port is in back of my head. I will be really pissed if they sent me a used base...

  • Kai Fung ShekKai Fung Shek Member
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    Thank you for you reply. I assume you are in US? and therefore the repair centre is at US as well? I bought mine from JP store so probably need wait a bit longer. Thanks tho!

  • Are there any preventive measures that can be taken? The base feels very solid except for these ports. How about hot glue around the ports, filling all the gaps?

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    Quality control isn't it? They sourced components at a cheap price and did not ensure they were rightly made and this is what happens. There has been a lot of customers reporting this. Mainly from the GT DD Pro line. So sorry to hear all these issues. Is someone at Fanatec noting all this down and making steps to ensure QC is right in the right places.

    I mean how gentle do you need to be, to remove the RJ12 plug? Or do you need to download a pdf to show how to remove the plug safely.

    1. Hold the plug with your index finger at the bottom of the plug.
    2. Using your thumb, press the top tab, which acts as a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted disconnection, to unlatch the plug from the lip at the top of your connector unit.
    3. Gently pull the plug out. (The force needed to pull the plug out should not exceed that which you use to pull a standard USB (A) plug from its port or 1NM.)
    4. If the plug does not come out or there is some resistance, push the plug into the port first before pressing on the tab and repeat step 3.
    5. If the plug does not slide out after steps 1 to 4, holding the plug on its sides, check that you are able to wiggle it. This ensures that the plug has not been incorrectly wedge in the port. Do not use a force exceeding 1NM to do this.
    6. Repeat step 1.
    7. If you are not able to unlatch the plug at this point, please ensure that you are correctly positioned to be able to remove the plug. ie, you have a clear 1m access to the back of your base to be able to do this procedure correctly. You have to be able to visually see all the way around the plug before attempting to remove it. Please remove the power cord from the back of your base as it may obstruct your view.
    8. Repeat step 1.
    9. If the RJ12 plug is still not removeable at this point, mental health may not be right to do this procedure. Take a break before continuing to attempt to carry out this complex undertaking. Take a break for 12hrs. Have a KitKat.
    10. Repeat step 1.
    11. Contact support if you have exhausted all measures to remove the RJ12 plug from its port. Support will reply within 3 weeks.

  • Depending on how cleanly your RJ12 connector was ripped from the board, it can be an easy fix.

    And I have literally just received the replacement rim as I was waiting for. It looks pretty new, but there's a ding in the GT center jewel that tells me this is in fact used. At least I now have something that works, even if it doesn't look perfect

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    It's not a problem when it's user error.

    Your not a victim when it's self inflicted.

    Yes it could be more solid but something will give weather it's the base or what ever else is connected

    Seen so many of these post cable caught when moving base, foot caught cable, went to remove cable and port came out.

    It has a clip that holds it in place if you don't press the clip lever and just pull on cable something will break.

  • Newby to Fanatec - not to tech (25yrs as an enterprise network / datacenter engineer)

    I have just experienced the same issue. I dropped $2k USD (nearly $3k CAD with the extra shipping and duty) on a bunch of new Fanatec gear which included the CSL DD Pro GT wheel base.

    The RJ12 connectors on the back of the CSL DD Pro GT are very fragile. While tying down the cables to my stand I accidentally pulled on the handbrake cable and the socket was pulled off the PCB. This wasn't a tug on the cable, more of a slip of the hand...

    Dismayed at what had happened I made an extra effort to secure the pedal cable and tie it down securely to avoid any movement. In doing so, the top of the RJ12 socket parted from the PCB leaving the port hanging. It still works - but for how long?

    Reading the posts on this thread, I can understand the POV that this is a user induced issue as this appears to be an quality anomaly. The Fanatec gear appears to very heavy duty and way sturdier than the G25 that I just retired after 15yrs of solid service. The RJ12 ports on the CSL DD are a weakness to what otherwise appears to be a solid unit.

    My observations:

    • The RJ12 connectors on the CSL DD Pro GT have no support other than the PCB copper pads that they are soldered to.
    • The copper pads on a PCB (µm in thickness) are not designed to sustain any external stress and are therefore not a sufficient support mechanism for user accessible ports.
    • A user accessible PCB mounted port is typically secured by mounting the component through the PCB and soldering it from the back side. This provides the strength of the component's mounting pins, and the PCB board's strength.
    • In the case of the DD CSL, the only support for the surface mounted RJ12 connectors is PCB copper pad where the port attaches at the top, and the connector pins soldered to the PCB.

    I am a seasoned technology professional and have handled thousands of RJ11/12/45 ports / cables. This is the first time I have damaged a port/socket.

    This is my first experience with Fanatec gear and I am mostly impressed with the quality of the gear. This issues seems like an oversight during the design process.

    I am in touch with support to figure out a resolution.

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