Completely shipped but no tracking number

I placed and payed my order on 29th of august. Order status is COMPLETELY SHIPPED since 1st of september, but no tracking number is available yet and no way to talk at phone with Fanatec. So I am trying to write emails and messages on feedback till now (just automatic answer).

Does anyone can be of help?




  • I can't offer any help but just to say I'm in the same boat. Ordered 1 day after you but also got the completely shipped update on the first. No updates since, no tracking, no replies from their 'support' routes. I'll update here if anything changes.

  • you can login inside UPS page with your contacts and look at there how far is your stuff

  • thanks, but I am not able to get any information in UPS.

  • to you looked at inside ups my choice? anyway Saturday and Sunday Ups is not working so you need count those days out

  • Thanks guys.

    This is the email just arrived to update my order status.

    In UPS mychoice it looks like no item is "in transit" linked to my email and shipping address (I guess)

  • I got the same email. I guess there's not much else to do except wait at this point.

  • yes, I think so. I will share anyway here next updates.

    thanks guys

  • After 1 week no news...and no way to get updates from FANATEC: no way to reach them at phone from 2 – 4 pm (CET), live chat ("Currently no agent is available"), social media, ecc. What is happening??!!

  • Yeah it's frustrating huh? I have a thread active over at reddit and there are others still waiting too. That said, there are also folks who are still getting their orders delivered in varying amounts of time, so at least there's definitely still activity coming from Fanatec's warehouse. I still haven't had any further update either.

  • Hi Ben, my order just arrived here WITHOUT TRACKING N. and order status still in COMPLETELY SHIPPED (single items are in OPEN status).

    I am happy I just got the GT bundle, but disapponted about FANATEC service....I hope everything will work fine, since the worying thing is that there is NO WAY to contact FANATEC.

    Let me know about you

  • Hi Alberto! You are very lucky. :)

    I ordered on the 29th but so far nothing, did UPS deliver to you?

    Thanks Kornél!

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    it could be some ups issue, or it was better send it for you without ups. i think most important part is, you to get your delivery and that matters much more than this tracking number

  • Yes Alberto! Thanks for the update, hope you enjoy it! QQ - did you have to pay any separate customs tax on that?

  • I'm in the same situation as Kornel, I'm based in the UK, ordered on the 29th August but haven't received anything. Disappointing but I guess I'll just have to keep waiting...

  • Uk here too - I ordered on 30th. I'll continue to update here if anything changes. Did you get any notification on Customs tax payments yet? Afaik, due to brexit, we're to expect an email from UPS to pay the VAT before customs will release it.

  • I wrote to them the day before yesterday and they replied that I should be patient, they have a lot of work to do. As soon as there is a change they will let me know. 

    I will wait patiently.

  • I am in Italy and they shipped my order from Germany with UPS standard. I confirm that order status is not yet updated (still on COMPLETELY SHIPPED, without any indication of tracking n.). It is really dissappointing to receive such an email some minutes ago (after receiving the goods!):

    Loooking at UPS labels, I got DD Pro GT bundle with its tracking n. and CLS load cell pedal + 8nm booster with another tracking; items have been shipped from Germany the 4th of september.

    I guess that there are communication problems between FANATEC and UPS.

  • I am in Hungary , but the fact that you got it keeps my hopes up :)

  • "ups my choice" should show the incoming delivery , if not then that was more like UPS self issue not a Fanatec issue

  • probably yes, since UPS did not show anything in incoming delivery at day 5 of September even if the goods labels indicate 4th of september as delivery date.

  • Ian McHardyIan McHardy Member
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    Same here, absolute farce this is....order showing as completely shipped and would be dispatched Monday....followed by the email regarding logistical reasons for delayed dispatch and still no update 3 days later with any tracking! Starting to lose patience a little. Seems like very bad customer service when spending so much money!! Is there an easy way to cancel orders once they reach completely shipped status?

    I'm starting to think I would have been better ordering some Moza Racing equipment instead.....

    I see a lot of comments about being patient....if you're buying goods, and you've been charged, surely there's a standard of service expected and its not like fanatec are "doing you a favour"!?

  • Ian McHardyIan McHardy Member
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  • Hello! I just wrote because I just received my order :) I still haven't received a tracking number from Fanatec.

  • For anyone trying to reach support today... Friday 8th sep. Phone line temporarily suspended to address high volume of emails.

  • Ah, another one of those wonderful Brexit benefits!

    Alas, I haven't received any customs tax notifications which probably means my new pedals aren't even in the country yet 😕

  • Sadly, I think you're right.

    I spoke to another guy who is in the UK, got his yesterday and also had no tracking info - he got it in 10 days. BUT, it was a replacement for a faulty unit, so no tax needed. He said on his original order however, UPS emailed him to pay the taxes. Apparently he had a nightmare with them too, paying twice, them saying he hadn't paid, struggling to speak to support etc.

    This whole process has been awful, ngl. What's the opposite of streamlined? That's what my experience has been ordering from Fanatec so far.

  • Kind of embarrassing to say the least, to take people's money, all items in stock, account says it shipped with no tracking number because it has not been handed over to UPS; doesn´t matter if you login in to UPS or not.

    I will wait a few more days, then simply cancel the order, if a company can't fulfill the very basics of commerce, it´d be hard to trust their product to begin with.

    Simply a dreadful experience from a buyer's perspective, if you have a week or more to deliver an item that is in stock, you'd be stupid not to communicate that before you take people's money.

  • Hello,

    Same thing for me but I order the 2 of septembre.

    Since the 6 the status is "completly shipped" but nothing from fanatec or ups... I try to contact the support but no news to.

    I saw few people talk about ups my choice but can't create an account for no reason...

    So I think all I to do is to wait some news from ups or the fanatec support...

  • hey, got same, ordered at 1.9 and completly shipped got from 3.9 i dont know what to do ,I bought dd1 bundle and i am starting to be a little but nervous

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