CSL DD it feels like I went from 8nm to 3nm. FFB Issues

I was @ redbull ring taking turn 6 when my FFB dropped to nothing mid turn. I waited a good 10 seconds and it came back on now it’s working what feels like 25% FFB even though it set to 100.

I tried resetting my pc. I removed my mclaren v2 no pins are bent plastic qr lite is normal and intact. All my firmware is up to date. PSU (boost pack) looks fine with a blue led light on the brick.

I hopped on ACC cause the FFB is way stronger there and it feels so muted now. To a point where I barely feel any in a turn. Anyone experiencing or has experienced these issues? any fixes? Really don’t want to RMA and really don’t know if it’s my wheels fault or the base.


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